Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Dark

This week's fantasy was told to me by a great local friend who has been a long time follower and supporter of mine. I loved the sensuousness of his scenario, just the kind of thing that gets me going.

It was a regular Friday night. Music throbbed through every pore of Billy's body. Around him bodies pressed together, pulsing in time with the music. Usually Billy craved this release of stress and being able to give in to the music but tonight the beat felt oppressive and the press of bodies around him was making him feel claustrophobic. With effort and determination he manoeuvred himself towards the edge of the dance floor and then towards the wall of the room where he stood in relative isolation clutching his glass of iced water. He was filled with restlessness that he didn't know how to calm.

Beside him he noticed a doorway. It was unmarked and almost completely hidden in the wall. He didn't ever remember seeing it before. Driven by an insane curiosity he tested the handle. It moved slightly and then the door slipped open. For a few moments he peered into the darkness before he looked over his shoulder expecting some bouncer to come and move him on. The club pulsed on oblivious to him standing there with his hand on the handle of the partly open door. Drawn by an irresistible force Billy slipped through the door shutting it behind him.

Darkness enveloped him. The doof, doof sound of the music came faintly through the door behind him giving him a tenuous link to the club he had stepped out of. All around his body darkness pressed against him like an unseen creature. He waited for a few moments for his eyes to adjust but there was no light at all in the room. All of Billy's senses strained outwards seeking information about his surroundings. Soft giggles and little whispers reached his ears. He wasn't alone in the room! Curiosity tinged with a little fear surged through him as he took a step forwards into the dark space. 

A pair of hands stroked his face. The faint flowery scent of a woman's perfume filled his nostrils. 

"Welcome," a voice whispered in his ear.

The sound of the music was drowned out by the thundering of Billy's heart in his ears. He felt as if every tiny hair on his body was standing on end. The woman stroked his face and ran her fingernails down the side of Billy's neck to the collar of his shirt. She followed the line of his collar to the first button of his shirt. There was a pause for a moment as the woman leaned forward to whisper kisses down Billy's neck where her fingers had just been. Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt kissing down his chest as she released each button. Behind him A second woman kissed the back of Billy's neck before reaching up to pull Billy's shirt down off his body. 

"Hello there," a lower seductive voice whispered in his ear as she pressed her breasts against Billy's back and stroked his arms. Out of the darkness another pair of hands reached out to explore his body, sending tingles through him. The sound of the women's sighs and giggles surrounded him like a blanket. 

There was a quiet jingle of a belt buckle as a pair of hands reached up and caressed his waist before releasing his belt and slowly unzipping his trousers. With a gasp Billy stiffened, as they slid inside his waistband to explore his hips and knead his ass through the fabric of his boxers. The hands eased the trousers over his ass and then pushed his pants down his legs as another body pressed against his back and slid a second pair of hands under the waistband of his boxers. Slowly the second pair of hands slid around to his belly stroking downwards before wrapping around his stiffening cock as the body pressed against him. A pair of soft lips nibbled to side of Billy's neck as the woman stroked his cock. The woman in front of Billy reached up and slid his boxers down over his hips and to the floor of the room.  

Moist velvety warmth encased his cock as a pair of lips slid downwards. A pair of hands cupped Billy's balls before gently stroking him. Several hands caressed Billy's torso from behind. He couldn't count the number of women in the room. He was completely surrounded by soft whispers, sighs of pleasure and the caress of hands, breasts and other bodies. A tongue licked at his balls as the first pair of lips sucked him deeply, moving sensuously up and down his shaft. Billy gave himself in to the pleasure of what was happening to him. The club on the other side of the door became a distant memory as he immersed himself in the press of bodies around him and the sensuous pull of the lips around his cock. 

After long moments the hands and bodies guided him out of the garments around his ankles and across the room to a couch. He was laid down on his back by the unseen hands.
"We want to fuck you," a voice whispered in his ear. 

A long slow breath sighed out of Billy's mouth as a hand stroked his cock.

"I want to feel that cock buried deep inside my wet pussy. Can you feel how horny I am?" Billy's hand was guided to a warm hot pussy. Tentatively he pressed his fingers into the welcoming wetness.
"Ohhhhhh, can I fuck you?" the woman whispered in his ear. 

"Yessss," Billy's voice sounded hoarse and out of place in the darkness. 

A pair of legs straddled him and Billy caught a faint scent of musky, female arousal as the woman lowered herself slowly onto his shaft. He groaned as he was encased in her warm wetness. In the darkness he felt another woman pressing her face against his belly as her tongue stroked over his cock and the pussy that was grinding into him. He heard the sound of kissing and giggling as the women around him began to fondle each other. 

The woman straddling Billy lowered herself onto Billy's cock with agonising slowness. Her pussy was slick with arousal and Billy fought to resist the urge to thrust upwards into her. She sat for a moment clenching her muscles around him and a second woman whispered in his ear. 

"I am sooo horny. Feel how wet I am," she guided his hand between her legs. "Do you want to taste me?"

"Uh-huh," Billy replied softly as she slid his fingers into her slippery wet cunt. 

As the woman on his cock began to ride him with a slow rhythm a second woman straddled his face and lowered her musky pussy down to his open willing mouth. Billy lapped at her, savouring the taste of her as she reached out and leaned her head against the shoulder of the woman on Billy's cock. He reached up and fondled the breasts above him as other women stoked his body with their hands and sucked on his nipples. 

Billy buried his face into the woman above him, fucking her pussy with his tongue as the first woman increased her rhythm on his cock. It felt as if all the women around him were pulsing in time with her and feeling the rhythm of her pleasure.  She gave a loud cry as an orgasm shuddered through her. A stream of juice flowed from the woman above his face. Billy's upper body was saturated as he drank her greedily. She lifted herself off of him as another woman took her place to add her own unique scent and taste to the juice that was covering Billy's face and chest. He felt a second woman slide herself onto his cock as his hands were guided to more wet hungry pussies. 

The room was thick with the smell of women and the juice of their arousal. Billy felt as if he was rolling in women and their sex like some luxurious dream. As the night passed by in a stream of women's bodies, fucking and sucking Billy hoped that it would never end. 

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