Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mrs Fix It's Fucket List

The other night the Fix It's came for dinner. We hung out, put the kids to bed and then had some adult time, as you do.  We were finished round one of proceedings and Mrs Fix It and I were mucking around together while the guys recovered. Over the course of the last few weeks we had been talking about fisting. Jake hadthe opportunity to fist a woman we met at a club several months ago. 

Personally fisting is something that I ever really thought about. Even after Jake's experience and I had done some research I was still very happy for Jake who was really buzzed out about the whole thing but I wasn't convinced that it was for me. I have a thing for double vaginal penetration as discussed here, but somehow the idea of being fisted isn't something that appealed to me, not at first. 

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Mrs Fix It is the opposite. Two penises and one vagina was not something she considered initially. Fisting however was high on her list. She had a friend who was a massive fan and had described the joys of fisting in great detail so Mrs F was really keen. Unfortunately Mr Fix It, while a very willing partner in the adventure is not built for it. Mr Fix It's hands are great for fixing things and catching footballs. Bunching them into a fist and putting them inside a woman, not so much. 

We have digressed a little. I was sitting on the bed with naked, relaxed Mrs Fix It and I was fucking her with my fingers. I was teasing out her g-spot and seeing how much I can make her moan. A bit like myself, if she is having quiet sex, then someone isn't doing things right. After I teased her with two fingers for a while I slipped in a third. She was still really aroused from having sex earlier. Her pussy was really wet so I was easily able to slip my last finger inside. It was at this point I thought to myself "I wonder". I tucked my thumb under my palm and slid my hand in as far as I could but my knuckles met with some resistance. 

I got off the bed in search of some lube. It was around this time that the guys got the idea that there might be something unusual going on and they began to pay more attention. Once I had lubed up my knuckles I resumed my position. Much to everyone's surprise my whole fist disappeared inside Mrs Fix It's opening. The most surprising thing was that I didn't have to push very much my hand just kind of got sucked inside. Judging by the moaning at this point I was pretty sure that it was feeling REALLY good. Women's vagina's are amazing things. They are really stretchy and you can fit much more in there than you first think. I began to turn my hand around pushing against her g-spot which made more moaning. 

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Around this time Mr Fix It realised that there was more than a finger or two inside his wife and suddenly all the men in the room were entranced by the show in front of them. Mrs F's pussy was so horny and swollen and she was VERY wet with how horny she was. I slipped my hand back inside her, filling her as much as I could. Mr F stroked her clit, stimulating her more. She moaned louder and louder as we all watched her and stimulated her. I don't know how many times she came but I know that the last orgasm was a doozy. I felt like my hand was in a vice and I wasn't getting it back any time soon. 

Afterwards we were all hyped up by what had just happened. What was planned to be a pretty ho-hum night turned out to be something to be remembered for a long time. In the aftermath we agreed that the spontaneity of the whole thing was one of the things that made it work so well. Mrs Fix It also feels that smaller hands are sometimes better for this kind of thing. Jake is keen to try and see if his hands are not too big. I did enjoy giving that much pleasure to my friend and I would love to try it again sometime. As for being fisted myself. I am still not sure. I think it will be one of those things that happens sometime when someone is finger fucking me and thinks "I wonder?"


  1. I'm fairly sure Mrs Fix It loved it given it was so hot just reading about it. I think it's awesome that something so erotic can happen between friends in such a spontaneous way. And I bet Jake and Mr Fix It were enjoying the show. Thanks again for sharing Gemma.

  2. Hmmn...Nice! I hope to fist-fuck a hot female someday......someday!

  3. GREAT story! Love the ending.

    I am not really wanting to be fisted nor have I thought about fisting someone. However, this line has me intrigued:

    " I felt like my hand was in a vice and I wasn't getting it back any time soon. "