Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some People are Awesome!

For the last couple of weeks TMI Tuesday has been running Movember themed posts to show support for this great, worldwide concept that raises funds and increases awareness of men's health problems including prostate and testicular cancer. Two diseases that, like breast cancer, have a high recovery rate if detected and treated early. Unlike breast cancer which recieves a lot of media attention and has some extremely high profile public events supporting it, prostate and testicular cancer are considerably lower profile. In the last few years Movember has increased in popularity, at least in Australia, and is starting to fill this gap. 

So with Movember on my radar I was really chuffed to hear an interview on my radio station as I drove my children to school last week. The interview was with of all people a WOMAN who is participating. Yes you did read that right a WOMAN. If you still don't believe me you can check out the photos here

I am white. My ancestors came from Ireland, England and Denmark. A few years ago I discovered one blonde whisker on my chin that freaked me out and every time it dares poke it's head up I get the tweezers and pluck his ass out. I never really gave much thought to the millions of women accross the globe who deal with facial hair every day. After hearing Losa's interview on the radio I really changed my thoughts about women with facial hair. After looking at her photos I am feeling a little ashamed about my reaction to my one, mostly invisble hair.

As I reflected on Losa's participation in Movember I realised another dimension to her participation. Losa is a lesbian and yet she is participating in an event that is dedicated to men's health. I am inspired by her so hop on over to her Movember page and check out her photos and dontate people!! Just because she is such an awesome person!!     


  1. That's totally awesome! I've also been growing my beard for the month - I wrote about it here.

    xx Dee

  2. Great post. Thank you for your continued support of prostate cancer awareness. As millions of men are affected by this disease so are the women in their lives. As you know from my previous posts 3 men in my life have survived prostate cancer.