Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You Bi?


This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt was entitled 'sexuality' and features the following illustration.

 For a little while I considered sharing my ideas and thoughts on this area as I identify myself as somewhat bisexual and I believe in the concept that underlies the Kinsey Scale and other similar theories. But then I thought that the last thing you all needed to hear was me pontificating and this wicked little story popped into my head. So here is my little tale about a woman exploring the possibility that she may be bisexual.

"Are you Bi?" the man's voice penetrated above the pulsing music of the club. Sian looked him over, taking note of his body and the way he held himself. His eyes captivated her as she looked over his face and she felt a pull deep inside.

"I am not sure," she answered honestly. "But I will try anything at least once." 

"It's just that my wife and I both like you," the man gestured to a woman who was sitting on a bench with her hands chained to the wall behind her. "I want to watch you eat her out and then fuck you as she cums."

Source: Mr Tiki
Sian looked over at the woman sitting on the bench with her hands chained to the wall behind her. Like the man in front of her she was athletic and looked fit and healthy. Glossy black hair fell down over her ample breasts that were pushed up out of a shiny black corset. Her legs were spread apart showing her pink pussy to all the patrons in the club but her deep brown eyes were fixed on Sian. A trickle of wetness formed between Sian's legs as she allowed herself to imagine burying her face between those thighs. Briefly she looked downwards at the crotch of the man. He was wearing tight leather shorts with a lace across the crotch. Underneath the lace she could see his cock straining against the lace. The wetness increased to a pool. 

"Only if you both eat your cum out of me afterwards," she replied to the man. 

The man nodded to her before she turned and walked towards the woman. When she reached the bench she stood in front of the woman for a few moments looking down at the breasts heaving out of the corset. Sian lifted her skirt to display her own naked pussy underneath before she lifted her leg to place her foot on the bench beside the woman. With her pussy inches from the woman's face she slid a finger inside herself briefly before removing it and placing it on the woman's lips. 

As the woman licked Sian's juice from her finger she closed her eyes in pleasure. Sian leaned down and looked into her eyes. "When you lick my pussy it will be filled with your husband's cum," she whispered.

The woman whimpered and twitched against her bindings. Sian knelt down in front of her watching her face intently as she leaned forwards. Still with her eyes on the woman's face Sian touched the top of her slit with the tip of her tongue. The woman moaned and writhed in anticipation. Sian could smell her arousal and noticed that there was a small pool of juice forming on the seat where she sat.

Dropping her eyes to look at the woman's pussy Sian ran her tongue first up one side of her then the other side. Carefully she slipped her tongue into the folds, just beneath the hard node of the woman's clit. The woman bucked slightly under her tongue but Sian did not remove her tongue. With slow rhythmic strokes she licked the folds of skin surrounding the clit but she resisted the urge to stroke the clitoris that was swelling with anticipation.

Standing beside Sian and his wife the man slipped his hand into the top of his wife's corset to ease out one her her breasts. Looking directly into Sian's eyes the man teased his wife's nipple between his finger and his thumb. He had released the lace of his shorts and his cock stood out in front of him. Leaning forward, Sian lapped at the woman's making her moan in pleasure. Burying her face deeper into the woman Sian touched the tip of her tongue to the woman's swollen clit. 

"When you start cumming I am going to fuck this beautiful girl," the man whispered to his wife. Sian paused for a moment and turned to take the man's cock into her mouth sucking him down to the back of her throat. Slowly she pulled her head back looking up into his eyes as the soft skin of his cock slid past her lips as the head of his cock slipped from her lips a string of pre-cum formed between his cock and her lips. Sian took one long look at his cock before she turned her head back towards the woman. She placed her lips against the woman's pussy and teased the swollen clit with her tongue. The woman pressed her thighs against the side of Sian's head as she licked and sucked and teased her. Sian felt the man's hands on her ass parting her cheeks. He rested the tip of his cock against her pussy. 

"Look at me when you cum baby," he murmured to her. "I want you to watch me cumming inside her while she is making you cum." The man pressed his cock slightly inside Sian. Sian felt herself clenching against the man craving his cock to fill her as she sucked at his wife's pussy. The woman moaned louder. Juice coated Sian's chin and filled her mouth. Slowly the man slid his cock deeper into Sian. 

"Fuck her baby," the woman almost screamed. "I am cumming!"

Sian sucked at the woman as she came, groaning against her pussy as the man pumped her hard. She clenched her own pussy around him as he emptied himself into her with a loud grunt. For a few moments the three of them rested against each other before the man stood up and released his wife from her bonds.

Together the couple helped Sian up onto the bench and spread her legs. Her pussy was slick with the juice of her arousal and the cum from the man. 

"So fucking hot seeing my cum in there," the man said before he leaned forward and lapped at Sian, sliding his tongue deep inside her before he sucked some of his cum out of her.  Slipping his fingers inside Sian, he leaned over and kissed his wife deeply on the lips. As they pulled apart a string of cum formed between them before the woman leaned forwards towards her,

"Time to return the favour," she whispered as she slipped her tongue into Sian's opening before stroking her way upwards over Sian's folds. As she lapped and sucked at Sian's clit the man slid his fingers inside Sian to fuck her slowly. Sian slumped back against the wall giving herself into the feeling of being pleasured by a man and a woman. Juice flowed from her as the first orgasm shuddered through her body. The couple increased the pressure of their stroking and licking. The man murmured in Sian's ear as she came again and again over his hand and his wife's face. 

Afterwards the three of them slumped together on the bench with Sian in the middle. 

"So have you decided?" the man asked. "Are you bi?"

Sian smiled, "I don't think so," she answered. "I just like lots of different types of sex from lots of different types of people." 

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  1. So very sexy... oh and I would love to hear you thoughts on bi-sexuality.


  2. That is so f***ing horny!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. That was seriously hot!!! and the pic is amazing :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. What they all said. I can't put it any better myself. You've outdone yourself Gemma.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. I really loved writing this one!