Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Movember Part 3


To join in for last minute fun and support of this great cause make sure you check out the Movember website. 

1. When was the last time you or your loved one had their prostate checked?
 Jake is not sure if he has ever had his prostate checked. I may have had it checked sometime but certainly not recently. 

2. Besides a medical professional houw many other people have had their finger up your ass.

Jake: Not many and not too often. Gemma has once or twice and I don't really remember anyone else doing it   

Gemma: I am a bit cautious about anal play. I really like Jake to put his finger in my ass when he is fucking me but I am not entirely keen on other people especially when it is not specifically requested. So really Jake is the only person who has been there with the occasional visitor. 

3. Have you ever given or recieved a prostate massage? Did you like it? Did you cum or orgasm?

Jake:  Gemma purchased a prostate massager for my birthday recently and wrote a little story about our experiences with it here. I loved the whole experience and it made me cum really hard.    

Gemma: I am a MASSIVE fan of having my prostate massaged. Although the resulting mess can sometimes be a little bit of a nuisance to clean up. 

4. Do you enjoy anal play, rimming, fingering, penetration etc.

Jake: Yes, yes, yes and as recently discovered OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSS (PS there will be a post on this experience in the near future).

Gemma: I think I have described my feelings about anal play in previous posts. It is something I don't naturally crave and so it happens when it happens. 

5. Ever had anal sex?
a) No and I don't want to
b) No but I am dying to try it
c) Yes but it is just OK
d) Yes, love it.... I can't get enough
e) That is the way I like it. Anal sex is the best sex.

Jake:Honestly my answer lies somewhere between c) and d). I wouldn't say that I can't get enough other than I would perhaps like more than I get sometimes but it is definitely more than just OK

Gemma: I am the same as Jake. I think the best way to sum it up is to say I have had enough good experiences to make me push past the not so good ones. 

6 You are about to have anal sex. Which method would your choose?
a) Finger in the ass
b)Prostate stimulator
c) Penis, real or strap on.

Jake: If I had to choose one I would go with b). But as I said in No 4. I recently had an experience that has made me wonder a little

Gemma: a) does it for me. It gives the best orgasms. 

 Bonus: This week the bonus was a post of our Movember photos. Because we had internet issues last night we didn't take a photo of Jake but I did one for myself. 


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