Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Close Shave


In honour of Movember Rebel has chosen the following prompt for this week;

 In a post earlier this week I spoke about Lorsa, an Australian woman who is participating in Movember. I urge all of you Australians and overseas people to get behind her and donate to Movember. She is one inspiring woman. 

Now back to the smut.

Source: Run Fly Run

Tessa sat on the edge of the bathroom bench with her legs spread wide. With circular motions she spread the shaving foam over herself before she dipped her razor in clean warm water and took the first stroke. The blade left a trail of smooth, hairless skin as it cut through the dark crinkly hair. Tessa reached over and dipped the razor into the bowl of warm water beside her, rinsing the blade clean before making a second stroke. After she had shaved all of herself, Tessa investigated her handiwork stroking the smooth hairless skin with her fingers, enjoying the smooth baby softness of it. She carefully parted her lips and made sure all of the small hairs were removed. When she was finished she laid the razor aside and picked up a cloth. With gentle strokes she wiped away the excess shaving cream and smoothed lotion over herself enjoying the way her fingers slid over her mound before they dipped into her slit. 

She gazed at Carlos, sitting on the bed, watching her. Slowly, provocatively she slid her fingers in deeper caressing herself before she slipped two fingers inside herself. A long sigh escaped from her lips as she slowly fucked herself. Her teeth bit down onto her bottom lip and a little furrow formed between her brows as she brought herself to the brink of orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked Carlos squarely in the eye as she slid her fingers out of her wet, smooth cunt and licked them clean.

"Your turn now," She turned and emptied the basin beside her, refilling it with clean warm water. Carlos seated himself between her legs, resting his head against her thigh. Lovingly Tessa lathered his face. Tendrils of hair framed her face as she looked down at him, her naked breasts dangled enticingly just out of his view. She reached down and picked up the razor and cradled his face gently as she took the first stroke. 

Neither of them spoke as she stroked the hair from his face, dipping the razor into the warm water between each stroke. When she had finished one side of his face she turned his head slightly to work on the other side. Carlos could see the soft tender flesh of her thigh and an enticing glimpse of her freshly shaved mound. He stretched his tongue trying to taste the enticing treat that his freshly shaved chin was resting on. Tessa smiled lovingly, 

"Good things come to those who wait," she chided him as she finished the last stroke. He turned and faced her as she rinsed a face washer in warm water and wiped away the last patches of shaving cream from his face. When she finished she spread her legs a little wider and stroked her fingers over her smooth skin and opened the lips of her pussy showing him the folds and swollen node inside.

"How would your smooth skin feel against mine?" she purred. One of her fingers slid enticingly over her node and downwards towards her opening. Carlos's tongue touched his lips. Tentatively he reached out and stroked her outer lips. He looked up into her intense blue eyes as his finger delved deeper into her, stroking around her labia before he leaned forward pressed his freshly shaven cheek against her smooth mound. He slid his tongue into the top of her slit as his fingers pinched her labia together and caressed her swelling clit through a cloak of skin. 

Tess moaned softly and twisted her fingers into his hair as he increased the pressure moving his fingers back and forth over her. When she started panting he released her and looked up into her piercing blue eyes before delving down to caress the area around her clit with his tongue. His fingers slid inside her slick opening stoking the sensitive area teasing the juice out of her. She thrust her hips upwards coaxing his face closer to her. He resisted the pressure on the back of his head for a moment, teasing her with his fingers and tongue before he pressed his lips over her clit and sucked it into his mouth like a tiny penis.

Source: Whateverthefucklike
Tess felt as if she were going to melt off the bench. Carlos slid his fingers inside her opening and bent them to press against the hard swollen node just inside her opening. Warmth spread through her and she felt the pressure increasing in her groin. She clenched herself closed, fighting what she knew was coming, teasing him. Carlos sucked a little harder teasing her clit gently with his tongue and pressing his fingers harder against her g-spot. The pressure was intense and Tess could resist no longer. The orgasm surged through her in a spasm as a jet of liquid covered Carlos' face. He released her clit and looked up at her face for a few moments as his fingers continued to work her pussy.

"That's a good girl," he whispered. "Just let it go."

A low moan came out of Tess as the second spasm gripped her. A jet of liquid covered Carlos' hand. He smiled as he pressed his face against her and continued to nibble and caress her as spasm after spasm jerked through her. His face and chest were saturated and the bench was covered in a pool of her juice. When she was almost spent he gave one last gentle suck of her and slid his fingers out of her slick pussy. Tenderly he picked her up and carried her over to the bed where he spread her out on the clean, white sheets.

"Fuck me baby," she begged. "I need to feel your cock inside me." 

Carlos spread her legs and rested her feet on his shoulders. Slowly he slid his cock deep inside her enjoying the slick feeling of her wetness and teasing himself by resisting the urge to pound deep inside her. When he was buried deep inside her he paused for a moment moving his hips from side to side feeling the smoothness of her pussy against his belly. When he could not stand it anymore he withdrew before pounding into her.    

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  1. The Moustace graphic is corny it is laugh ot loud funny :D

    Seeing that razor so close to labia lips makes me wince!

  2. I love when I get shaved by S. I have never done him, I twitch. But I love the feeling of both of us freshly shaved, smooth skin on skin. Your story is very sexy!