Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012

Today is the last day of 2012. New Year's eve is always a good time to look back over the year, take stock of what has happened, remember the good times and learn the lessons from the bad times. I have been fortunate to have had some pretty amazing experiences this year so here is a list of ten fantastic adventures I have been on this year in no particular order. 

1.) Jake and I started out 2012 at one of our favourite places to hang out. As always we didn't plan or expect anything but we did have a bit of an adventure. I turned the experience into a post for Wicked Wednesday.

2.) Mrs Fix It's birthday is very early in the year and as 2012 was the year she turned 35 she decided to throw herself a special party. This was the night when I gained a full appreciation of the sport of spitroasting.   

3.) Early in the year I started participating in TMI Tuesday. Through this I discovered a few other favourite bloggers and was privaledged enough to be given an award for my outstanding blogging.

4.) Sometimes things start out to be a little bit ordinary and then they turn into something you don't expect. When Jake and I were fortunate to organise some long overdue child free time we had ourselves a date night to remember. It turned out to be such a marathon that it took three posts to describe it all, Entree, Main Course and Dessert.

5.) Jake and I don't normally play apart. For us our lifestyle is very couple oriented and so individual adventures are very unusual. However after chatting to a particular gentleman for quite some time I did meet him alone for a coffee one day. I swear that I had absolutely no intention of doing anything more than having good conversation, a coffee and then going our separate ways. I really don't know how I ended up on my knees in a Myer's men's changeroom but I did. It was so good I wrote a story about it that you can read here

6.) Around August was Jake's birthday. Feeling the pressure of being a recipient of many fabulous presents from Jake I purchased a toy for his pleausre. It has become one of his favourite items and I posted a description of his introduction to Lelo's Bob here.

7.) A Google search has revealed that men can train themselves to have multiple orgasms. Mr Fix It it turns out doesn't need any training. One night Mrs Fix It and I took it upon ourselves to find out how many orgasms he CAN have in a row. 

8.) I am not sure if this happened on the same night as the multiple orgasms. I suspect not but one night during a hot and heavy foursome with the Fix It's I did help her tick something off her fucket list that had been on her mind for some time. For me it was merely curiousity about wether I could fit my entire hand inside a woman's vagina rather than some erotic fantasy that I was fulfilling. Potato, potato the result was the same. My hand does fit inside Mrs Fix It's vagina. 

9.) Somewhere in the later half of the year Jake and I were on a series of dares. Jake gave me a rather challenging task. I am proud to say I rose to the occasion, completed the task and lived to tell the tale

Last but not least no. 10.) For a treat I organised a very nice surprise for Jake. I am proud to report that he had ABSOLUTELY no idea what was coming until the very last moment which is a major achievement for me all on its own. The fact that I was able to give him a completely unrequested but nonetheless completely out of this world experience was a bonus. I realised today that I had neglected to tell this story to you all. I will add it to my to do list for January. 

Of course there were more adventures had than these ones but you guys don't need to hear about absolutely everything I do. I hope wherever you are in the world you all have a great night and I will be back in 2013 with more adventures



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