Friday, December 28, 2012

Shopping Part 2 - The Dress

A couple of weeks ago I started writing a fantasy about a shopping centre. Just for your pleasure the adventure continues this weekend.

With her new purchases stowed safely in their boxes Rosie let Luke on a meandering course through the shopping centre. In her mind she had already chosen the perfect dress to match the red shoes Luke had suggested. She knew what shop she had to visit but she wanted to draw things out a little so she led him on a meandering course through stores stopping every now and then to look in windows. Luke pointed out crazy, frumpy outfits that made Rosie wonder if the choice of shoes had been a fluke. Two doors down Rosie spotted the shop she had been working towards. In the window she noticed a red dress. She smiled a little to herself and moved with a bit more direction until they were both looking at the dress. 

"Right!" Luke said firmly, "Play time is over, now it is time to get serious."

As they walked through the door Rosie felt a flutter of nerves in her stomach. Looking at a dress like that in the window was one thing. Putting it on in front of a man she was starting to have serious fantasies about fucking was something else. Unerringly Luke moved towards the back of the store and immediately located the dress from the window. 

"Size 12 right?" he held up a specimen. Suddenly all Rosie could see was how short the skirt was and how low the neckline plunged. No bra she owned was going to go with that dress. She looked at Luke for a moment. The goofy guy who seemed to have such bad taste had disappeared. In his place was a guy who knew stuff about dresses and knew what he liked. What is more he knew what he liked to see on HER. His eyes challenged her, she knew she couldn't back down now. Without speaking she stepped forward, took the dress from him and headed towards the change rooms in the back of the store. 

Standing in the little cubicle she stripped down to her knickers and slipped the dress over her head.

"Do you need some help with the zip?" Luke's voice drifted through the curtain. 

Rosie smirked to herself, "Yes please," she opened the curtain a little and stood with her back to Luke. When the zip was completely closed she turned towards him, "What do you think?" she pushed past him and stood looking at herself in the mirror. Behind her she could see Luke's eyes looking at her hungrily. He reached out and tucked in the tag at the back of her dress, letting his fingers linger for long moments on her skin before stroking her shoulder blade with the back of his fingers. A shiver went through Rosie and she felt her nipples harden inside the dress. 

"Hmmm it is nice," Luke answered thoughtfully, "but not quite right. I'll be back in two secs." He disappeared back into the store and Rosie made her way back into the cubicle.

Moments later another dress appeared around the curtain. Rosie's heart leapt as she stroked the smooth, satin fabric. Like the first dress the neckline was low and the skirt was short but somehow it looked classy. She slipped into it, admiring the way the fabric clung to her body and the way the cowl neckline hung so that you could see her breasts without them being shoved out for everyone to see. 

"That is better," Luke's head appeared around the curtain. He slid inside the cubicle and stood next to Rosie fiddling with the shoulder strap on the dress. "It makes your tits look HOT." Luke's hand slid down over her shoulder and into the neckline of the dress. Rosie exhaled slowly as she leaned back against him, inviting his hand to slide further into the dress. Her breast rested in the palm of Luke's hand and his fingers pinched her nipple gently.

"The question is," his voice was hot in her ear, "Would you wear underwear with this kind of thing or not?" As he spoke he pinched her nipple harder making her give a low moan. Rosie bent forward pressing her butt against Luke's groin. "Fuck, when you do that it makes my pants feel funny," Luke thrust against her. Rosie paused, enjoying the moment. Luke's hand reached down and pressed against the front of her pussy. A tingle of pleasure shuddered through her before he pulled away from her. 

"You better get dressed again," his voice was hoarse. "I don’t want the girls outside to come in and catch me fucking you." He stepped outside and drew the curtain closed. Alone again Rosie looked at her reflection. There was no question in her mind now. She was definitely going to buy this dress and she was going to wear it next time she saw Luke, and she wasn't going to wear any underwear. The dress fell to the floor around her feet. Unable to resist she slipped her hand inside her panties. Hungrily her finger sought out her soaking wet opening. She pressed her lips together to supress a little whimper as she slipped two fingers inside herself, but it wasn't enough. She needed cock and she needed it now. Longingly she gave two hard thrusts before she slipped her fingers out of her panties and licked them clean. Quickly she dressed and collected her things before she opened the curtain and walked demurely past Luke to the counter. 

The sales assistant took the dress and gave her a sideways glance as she typed the purchase into the computer. Rosie struggled to keep her face straight and kept the chit chat to a minimum as she made her purchase and walked out the shop with Luke close behind her. Outside they paused for a moment looking intently at each other.

"You didn't answer my question," Luke spoke first. "Would you wear any underwear under this dress?" 

Rosie looked at him challengingly, "A lady never gives away all of her secrets on the first date." She tilted her chin defiantly. "You will have to wait until I wear it to find out." 

She walked off leaving him standing looking at her for a few moments before he was suddenly beside her again. As Rosie made her way past another shop Luke caught up to her and then pulled her into a fire escape. The wall tiles were cold against Rosie's shoulder blades as Luke pressed his body against hers. Keeping her pinned with his body he leaned down and kissed her, softly at first and then with more intensity opening her lips with his tongue and exploring her mouth. Rosie felt her knees almost give away beneath her as his hand reached down to lift the skirt of her dress. Her whimpers fell into his mouth as his fingers slipped into her panties. Slowly he stroked her labia teasing around her swollen, throbbing clit before they slid into her opening. Rosie was oblivious to the shoppers walking past just meters away, all she could think about was Luke's fingers pressing inside her opening, enticing and promising all the pleasure in the world. 

Then, without warning, he stopped. His fingers slid out of her panties and he fastidiously straightened her dress before he lifted himself off of her. They stood looking at each other for a few moments before Luke raised his fingers to Rosie's lips. Looking him straight in the eye she licked her juice from his fingers before she sucked each finger fully into her mouth.

"I do like a girl who wears nice underwear," Luke's hoarse voice broke the silence, "And I think you should have some." 

Rosie didn't answer as Luke took her hand and led her back into the bright lights and elevator music of the shopping centre.

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