Friday, December 7, 2012

Shopping Part One

 It is still Friday somewhere in the world right? This is the first part of a little idea I had recently when visiting a shopping centre and reminiscing about an encounter I had earlier this year that you can read about here.  

Rosie looked at Luke over the top of her coffee. She never got tired of looking at this boy. No matter what time of the day it was he always had this tousled look, like he had just gotten out of bed. Warmth spread across Rosie's belly as she imagined him in bed, naked, sprawling across white sheets waiting for her. 

"Sorry?" She was jolted back to reality by a pair of blue eyes piercing into her across the table. 

"I was just wondering what you were up to after this." A slightly disconcerted frown puckered Luke's brow. 

"Oh not much," Rosie answered, fidgeting a little in her seat. "I might just bum around the shops a bit. Do a bit of Christmas shopping or something like that."

"Do you want a shopping buddy for a while?" Luke smiled, seeming to enjoy her discomfort. 

Rosie looked at him incredulously. "Really? You want to come shopping with me?" 

"Why not?" Luke replied. "It is hot and it will give me an excuse to stay in the air conditioning for a while. Besides," he leaned forward conspirationally, "I have this thing for watching women try on shoes." 

Rosie studied Luke carefully looking for signs he was teasing her. His face remained completely straight. A hint of a challenge lurked at the corners of his eyes. The silence between them lengthened and Rosie wondered if she was the only one who was feeling a little warm. An inkling of a wicked idea came to her.  

"OK then." She replied before she drank the last of her coffee and put the mug down on the table. "Let's go. It will be good not to have someone to carry all of my packages for once." 

The coolness of the shopping centre air conditioning enveloped them both as they walked through the sliding doors. Rosie spied her favourite shoe shop and made a beeline for it. At the front door she felt a moment of hesitation and she wondered if her plan was too reckless. She glanced over her shoulder. Luke's eyes glimmered with delight as he looked at the shiny black platforms she had been pondering over for weeks. 

"What do you think of these ones?" Rosie walked straight over to the shelf and lifted the shoes up for inspection. 

Luke smiled at her. There was no question about it now, he was definitely challenging her. "They are pretty hot. You should try them on."

"OK then," Rosie found a seat and proceeded to slip her foot into the shoe. Luke sat beside her watching intently. Fervently Rosie thanked the wardrobe gods that she had chosen to wear a sundress today and that she had on impulse shaved her legs. She stood up in front of Luke, enjoying that for once he had to look up at her. 

"What do you think?" she asked, turning her foot out slightly. 

"I want to see you walk in them," Luke smirked at her.

Rosie walked towards the mirror against the wall. Forgetting the other people in the shop she exaggerated her hip motion as she strutted and lifted her feet more than she normally would. When she reached the mirror she stood for a few moments admiring the shoes before turning back towards her seat. She was more determined than ever to have this pair of shoes. She was a little nonplussed when she reached her seat and Luke was gone. Frowning she bent to unbuckle the strap. A pair of male hands pushed her hands away. 

"I want to see what these would look like on you," Luke's voice was a quiet and a little husky.

 He held up a pair of red high heeled platform sandals. They were even hotter than the black ones she had just decided to buy. Quickly his hands unbuckled the strap and removed the black shoes. Almost reverently he placed them into their box before he took her right foot and slipped it into his choice. His head bobbed downwards and for a moment Rosie thought he was going to kiss her toes. It wasn't an unpleasant thought, but he caught himself just in time and continued to fit the shoes onto her feet giving the shiny patent leather an almost loving caress before sitting back on his heels and offering his hand to help her up. Rosie stood for a moment looking down at him kneeling beside her feet. A strange deep yearning in his eyes made her press her thighs together to supress the twinge of pleasure. 

She walked slowly towards the mirror feeling a little like a stripper but more like a sex goddess. Feeling the power she had over Luke was intoxicating. She paused in front of the mirror giving herself time to still her heart and catch her breath. When she turned and walked back towards him the look on his face made her determined to buy both pairs. She didn't care about how she was going to pay for them, all she could think about was the look on his face and the thought of him sitting naked at her feet kissing her toes as he removed them. 

Without speaking she returned to the seat, where she sat like a queen, waiting for him to remove her new shoes. Without any prompting he bent willingly to carefully and lovingly unbuckle the strap of her shoe. His fingers lingered over her foot before they gently removed each shoe and placed it into the box with a lingering, loving caress. 

"I will take both pairs." Rosie told the sales woman firmly as she approached. She looked down at her feet, encased in flat sandals, they seemed a little drab after the shiny glitzy heels of earlier. 

Luke held out his hand to help her up, "I think a lady with two new pairs of shoes definitely needs to see if she can find a new dress."  
Source: Hoejael

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