Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season to be Jolly. Welcome to this week's Christmas themed edition of TMI Tuesday. Are Jake and Gemma on Santa's Naughty list? Read on and let us know what you think.Of course, as always, make sure you head on over to TMI Tuesday to check out what the other deviates are up to.

1. During the December holiday season do you,
   a) go away to join other family
   b) have holiday fun with your immediate family
   c) get to be alone with a lover
  d) enjoy the peace and quiet and down time of being with yourself 
Jake & Gemma: Having children kind of precludes any alone time either by yourself or with a lover. We don't go over the top about Christmas in our house but we do have a tree and lights on our house. Gemma's closest immediate family member lives about 500km away and so often our Christmas is dominated by travel to meet up with family. This year however Gemma has decreed that we will be at our house. That means the masses are coming to us which is kind of a mixed blessing. 

2. What is your favourite holiday tradition or thing you like to do every holiday season.

Jake:Like Gemma I don't have a lot of traditions. In fact I can't think of a single one.
Gemma: My family is not huge on tradition. Consequently I have carried that on into the family unit Jake and I have created for ourselves. The only thing that we have routinely done for the last few years is make our own Christmas cards out of cards that we have re-cycled from previous years. Otherwise every Christmas is a new and exciting adventure. 
 3. You are walking down the street and a sexy person is standing with a sign that says "kiss me" and a mistletoe hanging above their head. 
   a) Would you kiss them? Yes or No
   b) Why / why not?

Jake: Good question. I am not sure if I would be game enough to or not. I probably would I think. I would hope I would be brave enough to do that kind of thing these days.

Gemma: I would like to think that I would kiss them. I think if they approached me I may but if I had to actually walk up to them then I would probably chicken out and just walk on by. All the time kicking myself for being such a wuss. 

4. Santa made up his list and he has checked twice. It turns out that you are on the 'naughty list' What is the naughty thing that put you on the list?

Jake:I won't go into specifics but there was an occasion earlier this year when I thought with my smaller head and got involved with a woman that I probably should have left alone. If the opportunity arose I would probably make the same decision so I guess I will be on the naughty list for a few more years to come.

Gemma: Well I think that if I was on the naughty list it would be because Santa made a mistake. I think he needs to check his list again! Of course it wasn't me who snuck into that office with Mr Fix it and had hard fast sex during his lunch hour and it wasn't me at that party leaning over the couch sucking that nice man's cock while his friend fucked me. That was definitely not me!

5. For being naughty (I already said I WASN'T!) you have been locked in a room where you will be forced to learn about holiday cheer.You will have to watch 24 hours of a holiday movie. Which movie would you choose to watch (you can only choose one).
  a) A Christmas Story
  b) It's a Wonderful Life
  c) White Christmas
  d) A Christmas Carol (either the original 1938 verson or 1992 Muppet version) 
Jake: If I had to choose it would be the Muppet movie but it would be truly a punishment.

Gemma: I would be choosing the 1992 Muppet version of A Christmas Carol if I had to choose from this list. However if I could choose my own it would be The Santa Clause trilogy. It comes on TV every year and our kids love it. So we end up watching at least one of them.

Bonus: The holdiays can be a hectic time of year. So much so that romance might take a back seat to festivities and such. Give us YOUR sexy tip for keeping away the chill and heating the holiday season. 
Jake: Just get as much sex as possible when ever the opportunity arises and always make sure you have sex on New Year's eve. With more than one person if you can!

Gemma: Living in a country that experiences Christmas in the middle of Summer but that still retains a lot of Northern Hemisphere traditions (pictures of snow, baked Christmas dinners, pictures of poinsettias and holly etc) can be a little challenging. Warm weather can be a blessing though. After all the children and family members go to bed it is usually warm enough to indulge in a bit of late night skinny dipping in the pool.   


  1. You know, I've never seen any of the Santa Clause movies. I've been told for years how wonderful they are, and I'm sure they're great. I've just never bothered to put one on. Being in a particularly Christmasy mood, I think we'll give one (or more) a shot one evening. Thanks for reminding me. :)


  2. I love the recycled Christmas card idea!