Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gemma's 2013 Wish List

Welcome to the first Wicked Wednesday of 2013. No matter what happens there is always room for some wickedness in your week. To see what other adventures are happening make sure you head over to the Wicked Wednesday page and click on some of the other luscious entries. 
The prompt for this week was;
 I have not made any New Year's resolutions this year but rather I decided to start my year off with a naughty wish list. I am hoping that these things come to pass sometime during this year. Some of them perhaps more than once. 

1. You know that feeling when you have a night of sex, usually involving several people, that leaves you gagging for more but knowing that if you give in to the temptation it will probably hurt because you have just been fucking that much. I do love that feeling and due to circumstances out of my control I have not had the chance to experience that for a while. I am hoping that changes very soon. 

Source: XXX Nude GIFs
2. During our New Year's adventure I had the very delightful experience of pleasuring a woman who had a gorgeous pussy to look at, feel and taste. I am a little bit particular about pussies and if there is a good cock on offer I will usually take that rather than the pussy but my experience left me with the desire to have my face buried in a woman's pussy while her husband has his cock buried deep inside me.

3. Jake is a rather good looking guy with some impressive equipment. I would love to be a spectator in a room while he gets worked over by a group of enthusiastic women whose goal is to leave him wondering what the hell happened. 

4. A few years ago at a club I experienced a massage in a public area that involved several pairs of hands on me at once. I would very much like to have that experience again. 

5. I once owned a Wee Vibe that Jake seemed to be able to work with to give amazing results. I would very much like to upgrade to a Lelo Tiani 2. I am sure Jake and I could have some fun with that! 

LELO LYLA 2 - The Premium Bullet Vibrator Controlled Remotely
6. In the same vein of expanding my toy collection, after a couple of recommendations from people in the know I would also like to get my hands on a Lelo Lyla 2 and go on a date with Mr Jake to some kind of vanilla place while wearing my new toy. I need to sell many copies of my about to be released book so that I can fund this new adventure me thinks. Unless there is some generous sugar daddy out there who would like to donate one. 

7. Despite what you may all think about me I am actually a very reserved person and sometimes find it quite hard to approach people at a club or party to tell them I am interested in them. My resolution if you like for this year is to be brave enough to go up to the super hot couple in the room, even if I think they are way out of my league, and hit them up. 

8.  I had a small dalliance with a short piece of rope in 2012 and I find the art of Shibari facinating. In 2013 I would like to continue in this vein and maybe even enrol in a class. 

None of these items seems impossible right now so it looks like 2013 is going to be a whole lot of fun.


  1. The best of luck with your list it certainly seems very exciting!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. What a wonderful and intriguing list! I have a friend who attended Shibari classes and said it was an amazing and almost spiritual experience to learn the art and technique of rope tying in that way. Now, I'm off to browse the lelo site and considering my own upgrade... ;-) Happy New Year gorgeous. Hope it's all you wish for! xx

  3. I share your #7. Wish I had the guts...but big parties are usually quite overwhelming for me. I tend to be shy and reserved - unless well lubricated with alcohol. Good goal.

  4. So many fun things on your list! Some of them I would definitely want to do to, such as your number 7. And the Tiani 2? We have bought it, but I still need to try it. Soon... very soon :)

    Happy New Year, and hope you reach all your goals!

    Rebel xox

  5. What an exciting list! Good luck with it