Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Delivery Man


The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday is;

Different is good, very very good. And sometimes it is unexpected. 


"Morning Ladies," Fred greeted Julie and Lisa.

"Good morning Fred," Julie stood up to sign the delivery docket. "Only one this morning?" her eyebrow raised.

"Yep one little monogamous parcel for Mr T Watt." Fred winked. 

Beside Julie Lisa made a strangled sound as she struggled with her composure while talking to a customer on the phone, "I am sorry sir," she apologised to the customer, " yes of course I will get Mr Fuchs to call you as soon as he is in." 

"I think monogamy is overrated," Julie continued, ignoring her colleague's plight on the telephone beside her. "Why limit yourself to one flavour for the rest of your life?" 

Fred nodded. His face revealed nothing but in his eyes was a smirk as he waited for the punchline,

"You know my favourite flavour milkshake?" she asked Fred, looking as innocent as she could. 

"No," Fred replied as the smirk on his face deepend

"Cherry Ripe," Julie replied, "Because it is two completely different flavours mixed together to create one amazing experience."  There was silence from Lisa's side of the desk.

"Personally I prefer carrot juice," Fred replied. "The carrot is such a versatile vegetable, many different uses." He nodded at Lisa, "Have a good day luv," and then he left.

As the door swung shut behind him Julie collapsed in a fit of giggles. 

"You are impossible," Lisa shoved her friend gently. 

"You are just as bad," Julie replied. "Do you think I haven't noticed those little tops you have been wearing to impress him. And sitting there with your arms pressing your tits together while you were on the phone this morning. I don't know why you don't just ask him to go into the stationery room and fuck you?" 

"Shaddup!" Lisa's face flushed red. 

Their banter was interrupted by a series of ringing phones. Thoughts of milkshakes and carrots went out of the window as the two girls answered phones, directed visitors, photocopied, typed and filed. The morning passed in a flurry of activity until a lull a half an hour before lunch. Lisa gathered a sheaf of papers that had been dumped in her in-tray and stood up from her chair,

"I am just going to do this photocopying while it is a bit quiet,"

Julie was immersed in her computer screen, "OK see you in a bit." 

Ten minutes later Lisa stood beside the photocopier, lost in her fantasies. She had the hots for Fred right from the first day he had walked through that door with four parcels and those shorts. Mmmm those shorts, they looked just as good coming as they did going. Every time he walked through the door she couldn't help looking at the bulge there and wondering what she could do with that. Every time he left she thought about gripping that ass as he fucked her hard. Julie came past on her way to the lunch room,

"I am just going for lunch now," Julie stopped and stood very close to Lisa. She looked down at her colleague's cleavage before stroking the neckline of her top with one finger.  "Yep two flavours at once is definitely the way to go." She murmured before she walked off. 

Lisa gripped the photocopier to steady herself. Thoughts of Julie and Fred naked in bed with her whirled through her mind. A slow steady ache started in her groin and her nipples throbbed in response to the fleeting touch of Julie's fingernail. 

Back at her desk she noticed a carrot sitting in front of the keyboard. If she hadn't been so horny she would have laughed out loud. Instead she shivered as she sat back at her desk. Absently she stroked the soft skin on her inner thigh underneath the desk. The throbbing in her groin grew and her fingers worked their way upwards until they were brushing the lace on the edge of her panties. A loud ringing phone interrupted Lisa's fantasies and made her jump. The phone rang making her jump. Exhaling sexual tension she answered the phone in her best professional voice. The carrot was pushed to the side.  

The following morning Julie greeted Lisa with a smug look. Almost immediately after the computers were booted up Lisa's IM pinged. 

There is a load of stationery due this morning.

Lisa frowned, of course she knew that but why was Julie reminding her?

So? She typed back.

Wanna see what Fred keeps down his shorts? Lisa stole a sideways glance at Julie who was looking straight at her. A jolt went through Lisa. 

Maybe she responded.

Julie's smile deepened. When the paper gets here just do the helpless female thing and get him to help you put it in the store room. I am sure you will be able to work out what to do from there. 

Lisa felt her insides turn to hot liquid as she watched Julie deliberately take her handbag from underneath her desk and head in the direction of the stationery room. Lisa had seen that bag before. This was certainly going to be an interesting morning. 

The buzzer announced Fred's arrival. 

"Big load of paper this morning," he commented, presenting his delivery docket to Lisa. "Where's Julie?"

"Oh she said she had to go and look after something." Lisa replied smoothly. "Listen can I get you to help me with the paper? Bloody Julie knew you were coming and skipped out I bet."

"Sure," Fred replied.

Lisa looked down for a moment. His shorts seemed more enticing this morning. "The stationery room is this way." She opened the doorway beside their desk.

Fred wheeled his trolley through, "Now I feel privileged." He quipped, "I am seeing how the other half live."

Lisa led the way to the store room and opened the door. Fred wheeled his trolley through and Lisa followed him in, shutting the door behind her. 

"Just stack it on that shelf," Lisa directed. Fred began stacking paper on the shelf. For a few moments Lisa allowed herself the luxury of watching his butt stretch out his shorts as he bent and lifted. Then, without a word she stepped forward and slipped her hands around his waist.

Fred paused for a moment in his work straightening up before he reached down and released his belt and zipper. He guided her hands downwards pressing them against his hard cock.
"Is that what you wanted?" his voice was hoarse. 

"Yes," Lisa whispered. With one hand she gripped his cock and with the other she guided his hands up her thighs to her crotch.

"You are a dirty girl then aren't you?" Fred's fingers caressed her silky wetness. Lisa gave a soft moan of pleasure. Fred turned so that they were facing each other. With his spare hand he slipped inside her bra and pinched her nipple gently. "You know I can't stay long, I have to get back to my other customers,"

Lisa turned so that she was bent over the table in the middle of the room. Her skirt rode up over her round butt, displaying her inviting, wet opening.  "Lucky that I am ready then," she looked over her shoulder at him standing there with his cock in his hand. He stepped forward and teased her opening with his cock before sliding his whole length deep into her.  

Behind Fred, Lisa saw a semi naked Julie approaching. "Mind if I join in?" she asked playfully. 

Fred did not miss a beat. "I was wondering when you would show up," he commented.

"You know me too well Freddy," Julie stepped forward and cupped Fred's butt cheeks in two hands. "You have such a great ass," she murmured sliding her finger down the crevice between his butt cheeks. 

"Thanks," Fred panted.

Julie pulled his cheeks apart a little, "I do love assholes," her finger stroked his tight hole gently. 

Fred gave a muffled groan, "Don’t make promises you are not going to keep," he slid out of Lisa and re-inserted himself. 

Julie picked up a small dildo and teased Fred's ass with it. "I know this isn't a carrot but I am sure it will do the job just fine," she purred. 

"Oh God," Fred groaned. 

"That's it," Julie purred, "Give it to Lisa she has been so horny for you for so long now." She slid the dildo deeper into Fred's ass fucking him in time with his thrusts into Lisa who pressed her mouth against her hand as she whimpered in pleasure.

"Oh God I am gonna cum," Fred grunted. 

"I wanna see you cum over Lisa's pretty ass," Julie whispered urgently.
With a groan Fred obliged spraying cum over Lisa's round cheeks.  The three of them sighed in pleasure for a few moments before Fred began quickly zipping up his pants. "Well that was certainly a different way to start the day." He commented flippantly.

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