Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Describe It

Welcome to Tuesday! Due to some rather interesting weather conditions that resulted in problems with our power supply I have not posted for a few days. But I couldn't stay away from TMI Tuesday. Although I think I am going to struggle with this week's questions. 

all apologies record

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1. Describe your lover's or your own penis with a movie title.
Gemma: "Godzilla" Jake owns a promotional T-shirt for this particular movie that states "Size Does Matter!" Now he is not a donkey by any stretch of the imagination but he does fill you up rather well. I have commented before and stand by my philosophy it is not generally the penis or the size of it that I have the problem with but the owner of the penis and his attitude to his size or lack of. Having said that, if you are going to ask me for a preference I am going to say "thick"

Jake: I don't know how to describe my penis other than "I love my penis, I never go anywhere without it" I think Gemma's description is pretty flattering. 

(That comment made me think of this really out there one hit wonder from a few years back and I just had to share it with everyone. Gemma) 


2. Describe your lover's or your own pussy with a movie title.
Gemma: Mr Fix it actually came up with an awesome answer for this one so I am going to post his answer as well as my own; "The Never Ending Story" because there is always something new about them (mine and Mrs Fix It's) every time I see them, touch them or whatever I do with them. 
For me I would answer "Pretty in Pink" just because well that is what it is.

Jake: "Water World" because sometimes you need gills when dealing with Gemma's pussy.

3. Describe your last sexual encounter with a song title.
Gemma: Good Charlotte's "Sex on the Radio". I recently had a brief encounter with an incredible woman who was like sex on a stick. This song reminds me of her especially this line... "I love to hear her scream. And when I push play she's screaming in stereo" 

Jake: I really struggle with this type of thing but I did have an encounter with a dark eyed beauty recently whose last words to me as she walked up my driveway were "Thanks for the Fuck hey!" I know that sounds bad but in context it was a compliment. The song that makes me think of this is by an Australian Band, Machine Gun Fellatio, "Pussy Town". An interesting fact with this song is that our son was hooked on this song when he was about two and used to request it frequently in the car. 

4. Describe your body with a song title.
Gemma: This song is one of the most sexy songs in the world I think. So maybe I am flattering myself just a little bit but hey if I can't blow my own trumpet on my own blog then where the hell else can I. So here is a clip of The Cat Empire with "The Rythm" 


Jake: Rolf Harris' "Jake the Peg". I don't think I need to say any more really.

5. Describe your sexual apetite with a book, song, or movie title. 
Gemma: Like many women my age who have kids, mortgage etc my sex drive can come and go a bit. So when it is in town it is like The Cat Empire's  "Hello, Hello". Sometimes it feels a bit like Britney Spears "If You Seek Amy". Maybe that's just my ego speaking again. 

Jake: "Go Girl" by Pit Bull.

Bonus: Recommend your favourite sexy, sensual or kink oriented book.
Gemma: Well I recently stumbled accross this little title on Amazon; 'Into the Blue'. I kinda liked it. Otherwise I am also a bit partial to 'Love and Kink' by Guy New York.

Jake: The old Standby "Sleeping Beauty Chronicles" by Anne Rice. (I am also a bit partial to Anne Rice. Her writing is so voluptuous. Gemma.)  


  1. I love Jake's description of his penis. No movie title necessary!

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