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TMI Tuesday - The Games People Play

Happy New Year and Happy TMI Tuesday. As always make sure you visit the TMI blog and check out who else is playing this week. Thanks also to Virtual Sin for this week's questions. 
1. Did you ever play strip poker (or spin the bottle or similar)? Did nudity result? Where there further developments. 

Jake: From what I remember playing strip poker as a young adult most people ended up getting naked but then the couples kind of went off and had sex privately. We weren't adventuous enough to start an orgy or anything exciting like that. 
Later in life Gemma and I attended a small party at a friend's house and we played spin the bottle as an ice breaker. One of the women (the hottest one there in my opinion!) kept trying to rig the results so that she got to kiss me. Later after the ice was broken she dragged me off into the corner and had her way with me. I wasn't complaining. I didn't really get the chance to interact with anyone else that night. 

Gemma:I once attended a ladies only night at a local swingers club. As often happens at this kind of thing there were a whole lot of people who were new to non-monogamy and who didn't know each other at all prior to the night. Everyone sat around a looked at each other until the club owner finally got out a bottle and we played spin the bottle. Everyone eventually stripped down to their knickers and then the kissing began. It didn't take long before the girl on girl goup sex started in earnest.

2. Did you ever play a nude party game such as Naked Twister? Did it lead to anything further. 

Source: Boogily - deviantart.com

Jake: I have never played Naked Twister. At swingers parties that Gemma and I have attended we do play some naked / semi naked games as ice breakers. One that I remember involved the women lap dancing all of the men for thirty seconds while the men were blindfolded. Gemma and I think that the men had to guess which one was their partner but neither of us can remember wether I got it right. The game of course led to sex at some point but that is not really relevant as the party was a swingers party and sex would have ensued anyway. The only part of the game that I didn't really like was that all of the women had to give a lap dance to all of the men in turn. This meant that some women who I wasn't attracted to danced very intimately with me. One in particular tried to get me to touch her in places I didn't want to. Apart from that the game was a lot of fun. Gemma wants to add that her attention span did not hold out long enough for her to give an individual lap dance to 10 different guys one after the other. By about guy number seven she was ready to just grab the object of her affection and find a private corner.

Gemma: My story is similar to Jake and involves an ice breaker at a party run by the same people who organised the party he described. This particular night the game involved the blindfolded women passing through a circle of men and feeling their butt. At the end of the line (about 10 men) the women had to state who they thought was their partner. For the record me and one other woman were the only ones who got it wrong.

3. Did you ever play a game of Truth or Dare that led to nudity or fondling or more?

Jake: My answer is the same as Gemma and she is more articulate than me so I will let her answer. Except I didn't girls boarding school like Gemma. I probably would have thought differently of being involved in that particuar game. 

Gemma:I remember playing Truth or Dare with a group of girls at a school camp at about age 15. We did get topless but the whole experience was more about bullying and the other crap girls that age carry on with than sex. I didn't really play the game again until Jake and I were dating other couples. The most memorable game of truth or dare was one that we played with a couple we were seeing a few years ago. It was the kind you buy from the adult shop and involved some funny stuff like doing a strip tease for the group, sexy stuff like imitating your favourite position with your partner and such like. Yes sex ensued but again that was kind of the reason we were all there so it was kind of inevitable. Afterwards we all decided that the dares were not daring enough and spent a bit of time inventing our own dares for the next time we played the game.

4. Did you ever attend a party that led to sex with a more or less randomly chosen partner? i.e a swingers lifestyle party or key party.

Jake: Again my answer is the same as Gemma's

Gemma: As we have already mentioned we have attended several swingers parties. At these parties we do hook up with people who we don't know or who we haven't met before. We may also hook up with more than one couple or person at a given party (I have been known to have sex with all of the available men at a party and maybe a few of the women but that is a story for another day.) The hook ups are not completely random. There is a level of consent involved. If a person approaches me or Jake for sex we have the option of saying no and choosing who we wish to play with. Neither of us are sure that we would be interested in going to a party where your partner is determined by a random draw like a traditional key party. 

5. Did you ever participate in unexpected co-ed skinny dipping in a group?

Jake: We are pretty relaxed about nudity in our house so we swim partially dressed all the time. We had a vanilla party with some quite straight laced people who ended up staying the night. After everyone else had gone we did go night time swimming in our pool sans clothes. There was definitely no interaction between the couples at all. Gemma and I were at one end and they were at the other. Much to our amusement I think they went back to their room to have some unusually good sex. 

Gemma: I can't

Bonus: Do you have a favourite fantasy about a sexy party?

Jake: Is there anything left that I haven't already tried? Maybe me being the only guy in a room full of hot women but as fantastic as it sounds I think that would be a bit intimidating and not as fun as some people imagine. 

Gemma: I do have a fantasy that involves me sitting on the floor against a wall and performing oral sex on a whole string of men some of whom I have not met before. Even though this is a fantasy I have actually had a similar experience at a party. At this particular party several women began to perform oral sex on the men in the kitchen of the unit we were in. Maybe this was the seed for my fantasy.  

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