Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This week for Wicked Wednesday I have chosen not to use the prompt provided. I was instead inspired by an experience that Jake and I had recently and decided to share it with you. 

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If you asked me I wouldn't tell you that I am a watcher. I would tell you that I am a doer for other people who like to watch. That when I tick the box exhibitionist / voyeur I am thinking exhibitionist, but sometimes I stray onto the voyeur side of the fence. Especially when you find something or someone that is pretty to watch.

Delilah was one of those kinds of people. She was stunning and not a watcher at all. Her whole persona was about being pleasured for other people to watch. I found myself sitting beside her one night and I couldn't help staring at her beautiful, coffee coloured skin, her dark almond shaped eyes and the way her teeth gleamed when she laughed. The other men in the room were drawn to her like moths to a candle. Like me they wanted to touch her soft skin and kiss those beautiful lips. 

We chatted and flirted for a while and then I put my hand on her thigh. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, 

"I do like the women,"
Across the table her husband nodded to me smiling his encouragement. I slipped my hand inside the neck of her dress and cupped her breast. Her nipple hardened against my palm as I kissed her softly on the lips. Fascinated I pulled her dress aside so that I could see her beautiful nipples that were like chocolate drops against the smooth caramel of her skin. There was a little sigh and her husband made an encouraging comment as I leaned forward to take her nipple into my mouth. My hand wandered over her thigh, exploring her soft skin and stroking upwards as her legs fell open, inviting me in. 

Encouraged I kneeled on the concrete between her knees. There was a shuffling of chairs behind me as the men in our group shuffled around to get a better view. She wasn't wearing any panties over her freshly shaved pussy. I ran my fingers over her smooth mound for a second before I slipped them into her wet slit. I found her hard node and stroked it gently before I leaned forward to taste the sale of her. I slipped two of my fingers inside her as I lapped at her hard clit working her into moaning pleasure. Her pussy was neat and clean and I pushed my face hard against her craving her taste as my fingers continued to fuck her. Juice flowed out around my hand wetting my palm and my wrist. 

I paused for a breath and looked over my shoulder at the men behind me.

"I think it is time to get a room," Delilah's husband's eyes were glittering with desire. There were nods of agreement from Delilah and my own husband and the four of us made our way into a bedroom. 

We all shed our clothing making four neat little piles against the wall before Delilah lay down on the bed. Her dark skin contrasted with the white sheets in the dim light. I kneeled between her legs as before, taking time to look at her neat pussy. The darker outer lips opened under my fingers to show the pale pink of her opening. I pulled back her hood and sucked on the little hard node I found there as she moaned in pleasure. Sitting on the bed a little way away from her, her husband watched. His hand shuffled up and down his erect cock as he looked into my eyes. 

I moved aside allowing my own husband to explore her pussy in his own way. For a while I focussed on Delilah's husband, sucking his cock and allowing him to stroke my own aching pussy. For a while I forgot about my husband pleasuring the dark skinned beauty on the bed beside us and concentrated on my own pleasure. But it wasn't long before Delilah's moans of pleasure caught my attention. I was drawn back to her, wriggling over towards them so that I could stroke her and suck her nipples while he fucked her.  Underneath me her husband watched, whispering instructions and encouragement while his cock was buried deep inside me. 

"Don't you love the way the white contrasts with her?" he whispered in my ear. "Sit on her face and let her taste you." 

I let his cock slide out of me and moved so that I was kneeling over her face. Greedily she reached up and lapped at my pussy. Her hands gripped my hips pushing me down onto her probing tongue. Warm waves of pleasure washed through me and I groaned as I orgasmed into her mouth. Wetness trickled down my legs. Hungrily she continued to lick me until I could stand it no longer. I lay beside her husband and watched my husband fucking her.  
The two of us lay in the dimness watching our partners fucking like rabbits. Delilah groaned in pleasure calling out in her own language and screaming with pleasure as my husband pounded into her cunt. Her legs were held high in the air and her knees were spread widely for his pleasure. They were like two wild animals rutting between the sheets. I fondled myself as I watched them, beside me Delilah's husband stroked his hard cock but our attention wasn't on our self pleasure, our full attention was focussed on the other two people in the bed. Their pleasure was for our own personal viewing pleasure, like our own personal porno. One that we could smell, taste and touch.

When my husband was spend he collapsed onto Delilah. The two of them lay together panting and glowing with pleasure. After a while we got up and dressed. I was aching to be filled by a cock like Delilah had just been but I knew it would come for me, later. 

Source; daddy is in charge

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  1. This is hot! I can only imagine how it must feel to be part of this! As always, well written :)

    Rebel xox