Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - Proud


Welcome to Wednesday for another week. This week the prompt given to us by Rebel was; 

I have something to be exceptionally proud of this week. I have had published on Amazon through House of Erotica my latest novella "Into the Blue" 

The story is a sensual romp set on the beaches and a yacht in a dream tropical island with a little twist at the end. You can purchase "Into the Blue from Amazon and all good E-book retailers. Here is a little excerpt just to whet your taste buds.

Further down the beach, island children played in the water. Their white teeth glowed against their brown skins. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking that if there ever was a paradise on earth that he had certainly found it. As his eyes opened he noticed a woman making her way out of the water.
With elegant grace she waded through the water. Her hair hung in dark honey colored waves around her face and over her shoulders. For a moment he frowned, wondering where she had come from but his mind was distracted by the sight of her walking up the beach towards him. Beads of water glistened on her tanned skin, trickling down into the bikini that covered her pert breasts. Her nipples pressed against the fabric. His eyes followed the droplets running down her smooth belly to a line of fine dark hair that protruded from the tiny triangle of fabric between her legs.
As he stared at the bewitching triangle of fabric Jared felt his cock stirring. Thoughts of what he would find if he moved the fabric aside filled his mind. He imagined stroking silky hair as he moved his fingers downwards towards the damp pussy between her smooth thighs. Unconsciously he licked his lips thinking of the sweetness of the juice in her pussy.
The girl walked up the beach and sat down next to him. The spell was broken as her body neatly folded into a sitting position on the beach beside him. Painfully aware of his throbbing cock he was forced to look at her face.
"Hello," her voice was unusual. It was melodic but strangely, it made him think of the sound of the ocean when he was diving.
"Hello," he held out his hand to her. "My name is Jared."
She took his hand solemnly between hers, "My name is Nicola."
He looked deeply into her eyes. They were a brilliant blue, not the turquoise of the water close to the beach but deeper navy like the ocean further out.
"Nice to meet you Nicola," he smiled. "You have amazing eyes." She laughed, he listened intently. Why did everything about this woman remind him of water?
"Well it is nice to meet you too Jared." She glanced downwards. "You have amazing shorts."

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  1. OH WOW!!!!

    Congratulations luv. This is so cool!!!

    Rebel xox

  2. I'll be buying my copy soon. You've given me so much Gem. Time to give something back.