Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toe Curling


Hello and welcome to a rather belated Wicked Wednesday. The prompt given by Rebel this week was.


Beneath my feet sheets bunch
As you lap at me my body arches and writhes
My fingers twist into your hair
The sound of my pleasure is loud in my ears
Beneath me the bed is soaked with my juices
Over and over my body spasms with pleasure
As your tongue and fingers work me tirelessly
Until I push you away from me
But you are not finished
You pull me onto my knees
With my head resting on my arms
Kneeling behind me you slide your length into me
Filling my soaking, quivering cunt
Your belly makes a slapping sound against my arse
Your cock makes wet noises as you pump into me
Again I feel the pleasure writhing through me
Again I scream out at the intensity of it all
Just when it becomes unbearable everything stops for a moment
Then I hear your grunt of pleasure
And feel the warm splash of your cum on my back

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Blogland


 One of the joys of writing a blog is that you can fantasise that there are millions of people out there in the world who live for their morning coffee and your pearls of wisdom. So much so that the world of blogging can be a bit like Hollywood. 

Of course Blogland is littered with hopefuls working in cafes waiting to be discovered but don't burst my bubble yet. 

And now for the questions.

1. Do you write / manage another blog?
I have thought about this occasionally but the reality of my life is that researching and writing for this blog takes up more than enough time. I do have to spend at least part of my life doing something that doesn't involve the internet or sex. 

2. Pick 3 random blogs from your blogroll and tell us why they are on your blogroll.
As a qualifier for my answer to this question I don't have a particularly long blogroll on my actual blog. This is partly due to laziness. I just don't take the time to update the list when I find an exciting new blogger or when one I followed regularly drops off the radar. Consequently I have some blogs I visit regularly through memes like this one or Wicked Wednesday and I share their posts through Facebook when I find one that resonates with me quite strongly but I don't list them on my blogroll.

Journey to the Darkside: I stumbled accross this one a couple of days ago. The Star Wars theme attracted me even though I am not particularly into Star Wars as such. After reading her I have become a little addicted to the very frequent posts about her daily life in the same way that I watch a soap opera. She seems a very passionate person who loves deeply and I love that. 

Stranded in Toronto: I came accross @stranded_in_to in the early part of my Twitter journey. Like many of my fatalistic attractions in life Chris has a mind that I find endlessly facinating. His writing is off the wall and humorous in a way that I wish mine was.

Sexy Northern Angel: I just realised that all three of these blogs are written by Canadians! I knew that there was a reason that country was in the top five countries I want to visit before I die. Andee is in many ways like myself. She is married, a mother, in middle life, has bisexual tendencies, and is on a journey of sexual discovery.

3. Look around your blog. Tell us about two pages or links you want us to visit. 
I am not sure exactly how to answer this question but I am not going to miss a chance for shameless self promotion because this is my blog and I can. So the two pages I would like you all to click on are my E-book listing. Of course I would very much like you all to click through the links and click the Buy Now button you find there. I promise to love you forever if you then proceed to write a review for me. 
 In all honesty I don't have another link for you. Jus visit the above one twice to make sure you have looked at everything.   

4. Do you have any unique interests that you have never shared before. What are they?
Avid readers of my blog and Facebook page will know that I am currently in the process of qualifying as a High School Biology teacher. Now while I am passionate about educating young people to be sex positive and knowledgable about their bodies and what they do with them, my reasons for this career change are also rooted (yes I know I said a double entendre) in a passion for Science in general and Biology in particular. My family will tell you that I have a weird facination with fungus that extends to photographing mushrooms wherever I find them. One of my most cherished souvenirs is a book published by a very talented lady documenting, complete with hand drawn botanical illustrations, the fungus native to the Margaret River region of Western Australia.  

5. What is your current obsession?
Pole dancing. It probably takes up more time and money than most other things in my life at the moment. I will not go into my endless frustrations about my inability to invert properly. Let's just say that I thought saw the light at the end of the tunnel but it turned out to be an oncoming train.

Bonus: Has blogging helped or hurt your sex life?
Blogging has been an interesting journey. It has possibly led me to meet new partners that I may not have otherwise enjoyed. Jake just commented that he doesn't think it has improved sex between us all that much. I disagree a little. I think it has opened my mind and prompted me to think about certain things in a different light.

Make sure you visit the TMI Tuesday page to check out the other confessions. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Releasing Control

In my Wicked Wednesday post last week I mentioned another story that I was working on that had resulted from a recent adventure. As promised I am delivering some word porn. 

Melanie knew she was a control freak, most of the time it wasn't really an issue. But sometimes it bothered her that everyone always expected her to come up with all the ideas and do all the organising. The truth was that deep down inside she liked it that way but occasionally she wished someone else would step up and do the thinking. When her birthday rolled around she decided to take the plunge and push the issue a little bit.

"I don't want to be involved," she told her husband. "Just work out what you are doing and let me know where to be and what to wear."

"Really?" he was a little incredulous. 

"Yes really," she stated firmly.

"OK then," Brad raised his eyebrows at her. He had known Mel long enough to know not to question this turn of events. His only hope of survival was to run with it. 

The next week followed. Mel noticed texts and every now and then Brad would drop a couple of hints but she remained steadfast in her original position. 

"I don't want to know," she re-iterated steadfastly ignoring the slightly smug smile that played at the corners of Brad's mouth.

For a moment she found herself desperately wanting to know. Just in time she caught herself opening her mouth to ask for more details but fortunately she pressed her lips together in time to stop the deadly question from spilling out.

"You are going to love it," Brad allowed himself the luxury of a grin.

"I told you. I don't want to know." She repeated.

The night rolled around and Mel found herself dealing with unexpected butterflies. She had remained true to her word and had not asked for any more details. Brad laid out the dress he had picked out for her on the bed. Beside it was his favourite bra but she noticed no panties. She looked at him curiously.

"No panties tonight," he smirked deeply. The butterflies in Mel's stomach fluttered excitedly.

Like a good girl she dressed as requested and presented next to the car.

"Hawt!" Brad approved. 

The next couple of hours sped by as they dined with some special friends. The conversation was predictably racy. Underneath the table the smooth freshly waxed skin of Mel's pussy slid delectably past her thighs whenever she moved. More than once during the night she felt a hand sliding between her legs to stroke her slick, wet slit. More than once the hand did not belong to Brad. Earlier there had been a flurry of texts. She knew that something else had been planned for later in the night a warm feeling of anticipation spread through her belly, between her legs her pussy throbbed in anticipation.

Travelling home after dinner Mel sat in the back seat between her special friends. The short dress Brad had chosen for her rode up over her thighs and exposed her smooth bare pussy. Two sets of hands stroked her thighs. The husband of the couple slid his hands down between her legs and stroked the lips of her pussy before he slid his fingers into her. Mel sighed and let her legs fall open, the feeling of anticipation increased, she ached for a cock buried deep inside her.

The car pulled into the driveway of their friend's house. The five of them, Mel and Brad and three close friends, Simon, Camilla and Delphine made their way inside where Camilla mixed drinks for them and began making some kind of preparations with Brad making preparations. As she made small talk with Delphine Mel could see Camilla through the bedroom door lighting candles and arranging items from her toy chest. She began to seriously wonder what was going to happen. Earlier in the night there had been joking conversation about safe words. It occurred to Mel now that Camilla had been more serious that she had realised when she asked that question. 

Brad ushered Mel into the bedroom leading her over to a massage table. He gently helped her out of her clothes and indicated for her to lie down on the massage table. Mel lay face down and Simon and Camilla began to tie her hands to the legs of the table. A blindfold made of soft fabric was placed over her eyes and the headphones of her iPod were slipped gently into her ears. For what seemed like long minutes Mel lay in the darkness with music playing in her ears. The sense of disconnectedness was surreal. She remembered Brad talking about other people arriving soon. Was there going to be a crowd? What was going to happen now? Nerves and worry about being helpless increased her arousal.

She felt hands on her back, more than one pair. Fingers trickled over her shoulders, down her back and over her legs. She recognised Brad's hands and the firmer massaging of Camilla. Further down her back she felt another pair of male hands and the softer skin of a lady's hands stroking her ass and thighs. Her legs were held apart by the ties and her pussy was exposed to exploration by fingers. She felt tentative touches opening her lips and exploring her clit and her soaking wet opening. On her shoulders she felt the stroke of hair sliding over her skin. Every sensation was amplified making it like a jangling noise in her ears. 

Source: Carpe Noctem
The sudden shock of the ice on her pussy made her gasp but the coldness was gone quickly, leaving a tingling memory. Her whole consciousness focused on her pussy now. The stroking and touching on her shoulders became like the music on her iPod, background noise. The ice cube came back, pressing against her lips, as if it was as if it was asking for permission. A trickle of cold water made its way down her slit a soft moan came out of Mel's lips. The ice slipped between her lips sliding down over her labia and clit. Coldness spread through her pussy increasing her arousal as it drenched her heat. Unexpectedly she wanted more. She wanted the coldness to fill her up. Through some intuition the fingers slipped the ice inside her vagina filling her whole body with shivery coldness. 

For a few moments the ice cube slid in and out of her but she felt it shrinking with each thrust. The icy water warmed against her heat trickling down over her clit. The coldness was replaced by a vibrator sliding easily into her opening. The stroking and teasing had made her hungry for more and the vibe filled her but left her wanting more. 

After a few moments she felt fingers entering her. She wasn’t sure but it was definitely more than one. She desperately wanted to open her legs and invite the hand in but she was tied firmly and couldn’t move. For the first time the ties bothered her. Her hands twitched, aching to slide over the bodies around her. Her mind wandered a little fretting against her bonds. She realised that Brad had chosen this task because of her nature. 

Her wandering attention was brought sharply back to the room she was in and the table she was on by the sensation of her pussy being stretched wide from several fingers sliding inside her. She moaned into the table. Her cunt felt full but she wanted more. The hand pushed against her gently pressing her open stretching her wider. The feeling was warm and almost painful but the urge to press against the knuckles and stretch herself even further was stronger. Just when she felt she couldn't take any more the knuckles slipped inside her. For a moment the hand paused as she adjusted around it. An orgasm hovered around the edges of her mind and then as the fist began to twist and turn inside her she felt the waves washing over her. Every sense and nerve in her body focussed on the fullness inside her cunt as the hand moved in and out of her. Her moans had turned to little screams as her body writhed on the bed. Just when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore she felt the hand easing out of her body the intensity of the moment passed and she relaxed against the table wondering what was coming next and how much more she would be able to take.

Happy Birthday Mrs Fix It. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - The Love Connection


The prompt given this week was the following sweet picture;


I had no inspiration based on this even though I tossed around a few ideas, which may come to something at some point but weren't crystallising the way I wanted them to. So I elected to tell a story based on an experience that I was involved in recently. Then something happened which was a rather cathartic experience and I felt the need to share with you all. So I apologise if you have tuned in for a dose of word porn because the ramblings of my mind may not cut the mustard in that department. 

I wouldn't classify myself as a classic insomniac but I do have insomniac tendencies (insomniac is so hard to spell). I do spend chunks of time awake at three and four am. Typically Jake sleeps through these sessions which most of the time is fine. I do some of my best thinking at that time of the day because I am not interrupted. Sometimes though Jake manages to be awake and we can have some of our best conversations. 

Anyway I was awake on this particular day tossing things through my mind, musing about writing the OTHER story which I will post, just not today, when he stirred beside me. 
"Are you awake?" he asked 

"Yes," I replied

"Hmmmm" Jake is not a morning person he finds it hard to get going any time of the morning. "What are you doing?" 

Interesting question for 4am. I told him the truth. I was lying in bed with my hand on my cunt pondering the mysteries of the world. I don't mastubate a lot but of late I have been exploring myself more freely. Something which I find relaxing and kind of arousing is pressing against my clit through the outer lips of my labia and sometimes also through my undies or even a pair of shorts, especially if there is a nice thick seam in the right place (OK there HAD to be word porn sometime.

 Jake suddenly became much more awake, under the blanket I felt his hand resting against my crotch, 'seeing' what I was doing with his fingers. I smiled to myself and after a few moments I felt the small telltale movements of his body against mine which told me he had joined me in some 'exploration' of his own. We lay like that for a while in the dark, masturbating slowly with our bodies pressed together. Then I wanted more so I pulled his body towards me and wrapped my legs around him so that his cock could slip inside me. This is one of our favourite intimate positions. Both of us on our sides but with my legs around him and his cock inside me. We lay together talking about all sorts of things not related to sex particularly but with him gently pulsing in and out of me and me flexing my pelvic floor against his hardness. It was like the perfect cuddle. 

After a time of course Jake's mind became more focussed on things sexual while mine continued to wander all over the place. I was reminded of an advertisement I saw recently, 


 We started to talk about what each other was thinking about. Often when we do this we share our hot fantasies of the moment which spawns some very passionate moments but this time in the spirit of the moment we shared more general things, comparing our own different approaches. We talked about the ad above and what that meant for us personally with our different rythms and then what we usually think about during sex or when we are masturbating alone. Some of the things we shared were deep dark secrets, the things we kept buried deep in our psyche because we are afraid to bring them out. The things we are scared to admit even to ourselves because we are convinced they make us weird. I don't know if I revealed anything to Jake that he hadn't already worked out intuitively. He has this knack of being able to see into my mind even when I think I am having a private thought. I do know that he shared with me some thoughts about a particular fetish that I was aware of but didn't fully understand how much of a fetish it is. 

I remember reading somewhere that a true fetish results in the owner of the fetish being unable to climax without the item or eveny being present. My reading since that time doesn't exactly re-enforce this but my understanding is that modern day, common reference to fetishes are like everything human; there is a scale ranging from mild interest right through to an obsession that causes social and possibly mental health issues. 

What I got out of my conversation wasn't that Jake has a mental health issue but I certainly have a completely new understanding of his attachment to his fetish and I hope that this means I will have a more positive reaction when he mentions it in the future.  

Oh you want to know about the sex now right? Well of course all that sexy talk started a predictable chain of events. It wasn't the nails down the back, screaming orgasms muffled by the pillow kind of sex but it was sexy, intimate and totally valentines day worthy. Now even though I have been awake since 4 am I am smiling that dreamy totally in love smile and when I go to meet Jake later for an appointment together I will be wearing my brand new sexy undies.  

If you want to read some more Wickeness make sure you head on over to Rebel's page and clickety click on the links you will find there.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Fill in the Blanks


Welcome to another week of TMI shenanigans. As always make sure you check out the other entries for more TMI goodness. 

1. I'm the type of person that likes to be imaginative in bed.
If you want to get me into bed there has to be more than physical attractiveness and smooth talk. There has to be that spark that comes from thinking a little bit outside the box. 

2. If the sexiest person I know porpositioned me for sex I would say yes????
I really don't know what else you would say. Why in the hell would you say no to the sexiest person you know? 

3. The worst part about looking at myself in the mirror when I am naked is looking at all the wobbly bits.
Anyone who knows me well will know I am a little self conscious about my body. It is a great source of frustration for many people in my life that I insist on referring to my ass as fat and my belly as wobbly.  

4. I regret my first fuck.
 I think I have spoken about this before. But losing my virginity was not the life changing or heaven opening experience that some people have. I didn't chose my partner well and the whole experience was icky and embarrasing. At least I knew what NOT to look for in the future.

5. The last sexual / kinky thing that I expected to like was cum facials.
 For a very long time I had a very firm, don't cum on my face policy. I am still not entirely comfortable with the concept but at the right time and place having a guy cum on my face is incredibly hot.

6. Recently I fisted someone.
This was another of those sexual  / kinky things that I didn't think I would like. When I had my first fisting experience as described here I wasn't expecting it to turn out to be as sexy as it was. During the weekend just passed I had the pleasure of pleasuring someone with that treat. Stay tuned for details. 

Bonus: You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged to a lesbian orgy. What are you going to do?
Well I think this is another of those questions with only one answer. Join in!!! With a strap on if there is one available, or a double ended dong.   

I apologise if the standard isn't up to the usual. I started uni again today and suddenly my blogging time is shrinking away. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Will I Meet You?

 A short while ago I had a meeting with a young man that turned out a little differently than either of us expected.
"I will meet you at the Coffee Club, the one in the new shopping centre behind Bunnings."

"OK. No worries. Looking forward to it."

And so my morning was reserved to meet a guy for coffee. A guy who was a bit younger than me and who I wasn't entirely sure about. I am not enough of a veteran of such meets to be completely jaded by them. Hell I could probably count the number of this kind of meeting I have been to on one hand. Oddly I can't think of one that has actually ended in sex. Scrap that, there was the time I went to Myers, and then there was the time I …. OK you get the picture. 

So I am a bit ambivalent about these meetings. I have yet to meet someone in person who matched what I thought they would look like, even after seeing their photo and somehow the image of a person you build up after chatting tho them for a while doesn't always match the actual person. 

He was on time. That was a plus. He was taller than me, which was also a huge plus. It's not that I don't like short guys as such. But if you ask for my preference, taller is better. We recognised each other and he made his way over to the table where I was sitting. The first few moments were that awkward getting to know you kind of conversation. It is always interesting with these meetings. The questions burning in your mind are not usually "How was your weekend?" or "How has work been this week?" The burning questions are more like "Does he still want to fuck me?", "Do I still want to fuck him?", "What really gets him going" etc.

Somehow we got around to the sex talk. By this time the café was full. The tables were pretty close together and I am sure that the people at the next table could have easily eavesdropped on our conversation if they chose to. They would have had their minds opened if they did. We talked about everything from cock size to dogging. At one point in the conversation he pushed his chair back from the table a little and I could see into his lap. It wasn't really obvious but I could see his erection through his slacks. I didn't try to hide that I was looking at him. The fact that he was so turned on just made me even more turned on. 

When I had discussed this meeting with my husband I had stated that there would be no sex. It was just platonic coffee and if we were both interested sex would follow at a later date. But that morning as I chose my dress I kind of wished that sex was on the table. My body had other ideas and chose that day to start my period. Sex was definitely out of the question now. Being told by the gods that I wasn't allowed to have sex just made me want it more. In a fit of pique I was determined that there would be no pleasure. Not even a head job. I had done that one other time, given a guy a head job after we met, for pretty much the same reason. But today if I wasn't allowed to have fun neither was anyone else!

As we finished our coffees and talked and twisted each other's minds a little I felt that I needed some kind of sexual interaction or I was going to explode. In my mind I thought about the café and the shops next door. There wasn't really anywhere private here, unless….
He came back from paying the bill. 

"Where are you parked?" I asked.

"Out the front." He replied. "Why?"

"Nothing," I replied, still arguing with myself about whether this was a good idea or not. 

"Where did you park?" He asked. I could see he was a little intrigued. 

"In the car park near Bunnings." I don't want to look at him, especially not his pants. I don't want to think about the cock in there. 

"What are you thinking?" he is smiling now. He knows that I am not thinking about the chores I have to do that afternoon.

"Just stuff," I reply. "I was just thinking about how many people would be out in the car park. That is all."

He holds out his hand towards me. "Let's go and find out then shall we." 

We make our way out of the café and to the car park. As I thought there are a few people around but not a massive number. We sit on the bonnet of my car for a few moments, talking crap. I am nervous and excited, and horny. So frigging horny. For about the millionth time that day I cursed Eve and the red visitor.

We sit in the front seat of my car for another few moments. He is a little hesitant. I watch a couple of people coming and going in the car park before I turn to him and say,

"Well, let's see it then." I ask in a semi -joking sort of way. I really suck at asking for things politely but he obliges. He is hard. I don't waste a lot of time. I don't know if it is me or if I am absorbing how horny he is but I just want to suck him right down the back of my throat. The feeling of him in my mouth is incredible. I haven't been this turned on by giving a head job in a really long time but I am almost orgasming just from sucking this guy's cock. 

It is a warm day and there is no shade in the car park. The sun beams down through the sunroof of my car but I really don't care. All I care about is sucking this guy as deep as I can. The skin of his cock is so smooth against my lips. It slips in and out of my mouth easily. Between my moans of pleasure I hear him whispering to me how good it feels to have my mouth on his cock. My cunt aches to feel his hand on her. He tells me how he wants to feel me and put his fingers inside me. I want that too but I stop him from touching me. 

Sweat is pouring out of my forehead and running down my face. Normally I can't stand the sensation of trickles of sweat but today I don't care. A flood could be running over me and all I would want is this cock. I taste a drop of pre-cum and a spasm goes through me. I cannot wait to taste him. 

Finally I come up for a little air. I hold his cock in my hand; it is slippery and wet from my mouth. Even though he has barely touched me I am wound up with such pleasure it is incredible. He reaches down and flicks my nipple through the fabric of my dress. I am not wearing a bra underneath and my nipples are like rocks in my dress. I twinge in pleasure at his touch. I wish I could take him home so that he could undress me and worship my nipple properly. 

"If you keep sucking me like that I am going to cum in your mouth," he says softly.

"That is OK." I reply. "I like that."

He seems surprised, "Really? You are OK with that?" 

"Definitely," I reassure him. If only he knew how much I am craving the taste of him.
I lean down and take his cock into my mouth. 

"You do that so well, I love the feel of you sucking my cock." He murmurs to me. "Are you sure you want my cum in your mouth?"

My mouth is a little full but I nod and moan "Uh huh" over his dick.
His hands are resting on my back, I taste a little jet of pre cum in my mouth. "I am so close now," he tells me. 

The first small jet of cum shoots over my tongue before he says "I am gonna cum," I keep sucking, holding his cum in my mouth. I don't want to swallow it yet. I feel his cock throbbing as his climax takes over his body. There is so much cum. I kind of wish he was spraying it over my body. 

When he finishes I let his cock slip gently from my mouth. I reach for my handbag and take out my phone so that I can take a picture to send to my husband. This image and the sharing of my adventure will be like living the morning all over again. 

As we said our goodbyes he commented to me "I will never be able to drive past Bunnings without a smile on my face again."

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