Wednesday, February 13, 2013

High Tea


I couldn't get my head around the prompt this week and floundered around for a bit. Then I saw this image and it was just the little push I needed. I must admit I have not experienced this kind of thing. But one day I might. 

Source: Undiscovered Limits

Monica slipped the invitation out of the thick cream envelope. With a slight frown she read the slightly cryptic note.  

Your presence is desired at the home of Evelyn Palmer
To share in an afternoon of decadence
Dress; Semi formal daytime wear, heels essential, no trousers.

She was a little intrigued. Her friend Amanda, from next door had told her about Evelyn's afternoon teas. She had insisted that they were an experience not to be missed but had stopped short when giving details about what exactly made them so important. When Monica showed Amanda the invitation she was enthusiastic,

"I thought she liked you. This afternoon is going to be something that you will not forget for a long time. "

Amanda's words rang in Monica's ears as she made her way up the stairs to her bedroom. Standing in front of her closet she considered what to wear. 

"It needs to be something very feminine." Amanda had advised. "Nothing too revealing though. Make sure you wear some noteworthy shoes though and maybe even some pearls if you have some." 

Monica had wondered about the specific nature of the dress requirements but Amanda had been typically vague. The whole thing made Monica wonder if she really should be on the guest list. She envisioned an afternoon spent with haughty women who had more money than they knew what to do with and who spent their days gossiping and stabbing their friends in the back. Amanda was insistent,

"You HAVE to go!" The idea of Monica passing up this opportunity scandalised her. "I will never speak to you again if you don't" 

It turned out that Amanda was not on the invite list this time. She had been philosophical. "It happens, she will only invite seven ladies at a time so the guest list changes quite a bit with each event."

Standing in front of the mirror Monica studied her reflection for flaws. She worried that her dress would not be quite right or that she was wearing too much makeup, or not enough. Glancing at the clock on her bedside table she realised it was time to leave, a surge of nerves rushed through her stomach,  

"Really!" she scolded herself in the mirror. "It is afternoon tea with a group of other women. How bad could it be!" She picked up her purse and made her way down the stairs.

Stepping out into Evelyn's garden Monica felt vindicated for scolding herself. Six other women were seated at a perfectly decorated table. Evelyn guided Monica to an empty chair and pulled it away from the table for her. Once she was seated Evelyn introduced Monica to the other guests who welcomed her warmly. The conversation began to flow and Monica found herself relaxing completely. The women were nothing like her fears. In her wildest imaginings she never expected to find herself seated at such a perfectly decorated table in such a manicured garden with such intelligent and entertaining women.
"Excuse me, how would you like your tea?" a male voice at her elbow startled Monica. She turned towards the voice with a response in her mind. All rational thought went completely out of her head when she realised that the young man standing beside her, patiently holding a tea pot was completely naked. There was a brief pause in the conversation and Monica felt a blush creeping up her neck. Then the conversation resumed. Glancing out of the corner of her eye Monica saw everyone chatting as if there was nothing unusual happening. Taking her cue she took a deep breath and composed herself.  

"Black with one sugar thanks," she managed to squeak. The young man gracefully filled her cup and added the sugar. His actions were perfectly natural as if he served women tea fully naked every day of his life. He moved on to the next guest filling each cup with the same grace. Hoping that she wasn't being too obvious Monica observed his body. His looked fit and athletic but not over muscled. Very pleasant to look at. As he made his way to the other side of the table Monica couldn't help but notice his penis. It was not fully erect but not completely flaccid. The way it moved when he walked made Monica press her thighs together to supress a delicious shiver.  

"You know it is OK to look," her neighbour, Belinda spoke conversationally. "That is part of the fun, so to speak but you must never touch unless Evelyn invites you to."
"OK," The afternoon was slowly becoming more and more surreal and erotic. Monica had never thought that sitting here dressed in one of her best dresses and wearing her mother's pearls while watching naked men serve her would be so arousing. Between her legs she felt a trickle of liquid. She knew it wasn't perspiration caused by the warm afternoon.  

"Excuse me," another male voice interrupted Monica's reverie. She turned towards the voice. If the first server had been pleasant to look at this one was positively pornographic. His skin had a slight sheen to it and she noticed that his nipples were firm. Inside her bra Monica felt her own nipples hardening and a slight throb echoed between her legs. The young man held a tray of petits fours. With a slight quiver Monica indicated two cakes and the man neatly transferred them to her plate. 

"Thank you" she said quietly. The man did not reply but nodded his  acknowledgement without raising his head. Like the first boy the second man made his way around the table serving all of the guests in turn. When each plate was full he set his tray on the side table and stood beside his friend with his hands behind his back. His cock was slightly firmer than his friend and as he stood there completely open to the scrutiny of Evelyn and her guests Monica could have sworn that it grew larger. 

The afternoon passed pleasantly, cups were emptied and replenished. More cakes were offered. No one in the group touched either of the young men even accidentally and as far as Monica could observe none of the ladies took the slightest notice of their servants. After a little while there seemed to be a slight air of expectancy growing amongst the group. Monica noticed a couple of the guests glancing at Evelyn as if they were waiting for something. With no apparent cue Evelyn drained the last of her tea from her cup and placed it upside down on her saucer. 

Without any other signal from her the two young men stepped forward and stood on either side of her chair. The conversation around the table frittered away to silence as every pair of eyes was turned towards Evelyn.  

"Monica's shoes are the most exquisite things I have ever seen," Evelyn commented to the group as if she were continuing the conversation. "Turn your chair out so that we can see them." she smiled encouragingly at Monica. Embarrassed Monica turned her chair so that her legs were pulled out from under the table. 

"Eric just adores beautiful women's shoes don’t you?" Evelyn questioned the young man who was now standing beside Monica. There was a small sigh from the women around the table. Monica noticed that the ladies on the opposite side of the table were standing now to get a view of her shoes.  "Show Monica how you feel about her shoes Eric." Evelyn commanded Eric. 

Monica's heart almost beat out of her chest as Eric made his way towards her. When he was standing beside her he kneeled gracefully in front of her and reverently took her left foot in his hands. Monica could barely supress a gasp as he bent down and placed his lips on the toe of her shoe. Gracefully Eric kneeled on the tiles before Monica's feet. Reverently he took one of her shoe clad feet in his hands and bent to kiss the toe of her shoe. A flush crept up her neck and into her cheeks and she wanted to push his head away.
"Don't," Belinda hissed urgently in her ear. 

Monica looked at her neighbour. Her eyes glittered with desire as she watched Eric kissing every inch of her shoe. 

"Isn't that the most beautiful thing?" Belinda asked, "A man like that adoring you so perfectly." 

Monica looked down. Eric's fingers had slipped inside her shoe and were pressing against her instep as he kissed along the edge of her shoe. His lips brushed against the skin of her foot and a shudder went through her. Unconsciously Monica pressed her clenched fists against her pubis. 

Eric stopped kissing and rocked back on his heels. His cock was fully engorged and it stood out proudly in front of him. His hand remained, resting on her foot. Beside Monica Belinda made a small sound of desire. At the head of the table Evelyn remained impassive.

"If he pleases you," She spoke clearly and firmly. "You may borrow him for the afternoon. He is quite attentive and will tend to your every whim." 

Monica was nonplussed.  "I don't know what to say," she stammered
"You don't need to say anything," Evelyn smiled warmly at her. "Just enjoy yourself. Eric won't do anything you don't ask him to do." 

The other women around the table began to collect their handbags and say their goodbyes. As Belinda bent to kiss Monica on the cheek she whispered, "Welcome to the club, have a fantastic afternoon." 

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  1. I hope there is more to this story. I like how Monica wasn't privy to what was going to happen yet in one way or another everyone else way.

  2. Ooooh I too want to know more about this. Damn, where can I find a ladies' club like this ;)

    Rebel xox

  3. How do I get an invite to this afternoon tea?

  4. I'd love to attend a club like this..

  5. Oh yes please can I have an invite!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx