Friday, February 1, 2013

My Good Girl

A friend of mine wrote this little story recently and I thought I would share it all with you because it is so sexy.

I stand helpless against the wall as you stalk past me in a corset, stockings and THOSE heels. You turn and your hair brushes against my face, the very scent of you driving me wild. You know what that look and the sound of those heels striking the floor does to me and you use it to full effect. Though unrestrained I am still fixed to the spot by your intoxicating appeal. But it takes just two words from your lips to induce movement

 “Follow Me.”

Dutifully I follow you down the long hallway to your bedroom, my anticipation building with each step that you take. You open the door and we enter...the air is different in here. You walk slowly towards the edge of the bed allowing my gaze to follow your delicious curves as your body moves further away. You reach the bed, climb up on to it and kneel on the edge facing away from me....waiting. I step forward, closer, I am behind you now. Then, brushing your hair to one side, I slip one hand around your throat in a firm grip. The other reaches down to remove THOSE heels, the symbol of your power over me...I let them fall to the floor and I am released. Like the changing of the winds the balance of power shifts and I press you forwards onto the bed. My will holds you down as I retrieve a length of rope from a nearby cupboard, and starting at your shoulders begin to bind your arms behind you, reaching your wrists I tie the rope off, then step back to admire you bound form.

Source: Tumblr

The night is hot and I trail my cool breath up your legs to your inner thighs. Your back arches and you raise your hips, the scent of your sex fills me as taking a grip on your bound wrists I pull backwards and my tongue enters your waiting pussy. Your form bucks against me as I lick you, my fingers circling your clit. I can taste you on me now as I stand then slide a finger inside you. Stroking you from the inside your pelvis gyrates as my rhythm increases, a wild motion rocks the bed, you shudder as I withdraw my finger then spank your pussy, and crying out you wet my hand.

You are allowed but a brief moment then; taking my throbbing cock in hand I rub the tip against your swollen clit…before slipping smoothly inside. I take my grip on your bound wrists again and lift your chest from the bed as I drive myself into you hard. Your body responds with each thrust and that beautiful sensation is only moments away. A tilt of my hips and the angle is enough to push you over the edge. Your body loses all control and you climax as I pull you back onto me filling you and holding you there as the sensation takes you. Again and again I give you all that you can take.

But it isn’t over, the time it takes me to circle the bed is your only respite. I stand before you, take your head in my hands and enter your mouth. Using long slow movements of my hips, the length of my hard cock glides down your throat. You poke out your tongue and take all of me. I am so close, the sheer sensation of taking you has brought me close to the end. My whole body tenses, I release you to roll onto your back as a hot, white jet fills the air, my cum rains down all over you glistening in the moonlight.

The tension ebbs from my body as I look down on you with a knowing are my very good girl.

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