Monday, February 25, 2013

Releasing Control

In my Wicked Wednesday post last week I mentioned another story that I was working on that had resulted from a recent adventure. As promised I am delivering some word porn. 

Melanie knew she was a control freak, most of the time it wasn't really an issue. But sometimes it bothered her that everyone always expected her to come up with all the ideas and do all the organising. The truth was that deep down inside she liked it that way but occasionally she wished someone else would step up and do the thinking. When her birthday rolled around she decided to take the plunge and push the issue a little bit.

"I don't want to be involved," she told her husband. "Just work out what you are doing and let me know where to be and what to wear."

"Really?" he was a little incredulous. 

"Yes really," she stated firmly.

"OK then," Brad raised his eyebrows at her. He had known Mel long enough to know not to question this turn of events. His only hope of survival was to run with it. 

The next week followed. Mel noticed texts and every now and then Brad would drop a couple of hints but she remained steadfast in her original position. 

"I don't want to know," she re-iterated steadfastly ignoring the slightly smug smile that played at the corners of Brad's mouth.

For a moment she found herself desperately wanting to know. Just in time she caught herself opening her mouth to ask for more details but fortunately she pressed her lips together in time to stop the deadly question from spilling out.

"You are going to love it," Brad allowed himself the luxury of a grin.

"I told you. I don't want to know." She repeated.

The night rolled around and Mel found herself dealing with unexpected butterflies. She had remained true to her word and had not asked for any more details. Brad laid out the dress he had picked out for her on the bed. Beside it was his favourite bra but she noticed no panties. She looked at him curiously.

"No panties tonight," he smirked deeply. The butterflies in Mel's stomach fluttered excitedly.

Like a good girl she dressed as requested and presented next to the car.

"Hawt!" Brad approved. 

The next couple of hours sped by as they dined with some special friends. The conversation was predictably racy. Underneath the table the smooth freshly waxed skin of Mel's pussy slid delectably past her thighs whenever she moved. More than once during the night she felt a hand sliding between her legs to stroke her slick, wet slit. More than once the hand did not belong to Brad. Earlier there had been a flurry of texts. She knew that something else had been planned for later in the night a warm feeling of anticipation spread through her belly, between her legs her pussy throbbed in anticipation.

Travelling home after dinner Mel sat in the back seat between her special friends. The short dress Brad had chosen for her rode up over her thighs and exposed her smooth bare pussy. Two sets of hands stroked her thighs. The husband of the couple slid his hands down between her legs and stroked the lips of her pussy before he slid his fingers into her. Mel sighed and let her legs fall open, the feeling of anticipation increased, she ached for a cock buried deep inside her.

The car pulled into the driveway of their friend's house. The five of them, Mel and Brad and three close friends, Simon, Camilla and Delphine made their way inside where Camilla mixed drinks for them and began making some kind of preparations with Brad making preparations. As she made small talk with Delphine Mel could see Camilla through the bedroom door lighting candles and arranging items from her toy chest. She began to seriously wonder what was going to happen. Earlier in the night there had been joking conversation about safe words. It occurred to Mel now that Camilla had been more serious that she had realised when she asked that question. 

Brad ushered Mel into the bedroom leading her over to a massage table. He gently helped her out of her clothes and indicated for her to lie down on the massage table. Mel lay face down and Simon and Camilla began to tie her hands to the legs of the table. A blindfold made of soft fabric was placed over her eyes and the headphones of her iPod were slipped gently into her ears. For what seemed like long minutes Mel lay in the darkness with music playing in her ears. The sense of disconnectedness was surreal. She remembered Brad talking about other people arriving soon. Was there going to be a crowd? What was going to happen now? Nerves and worry about being helpless increased her arousal.

She felt hands on her back, more than one pair. Fingers trickled over her shoulders, down her back and over her legs. She recognised Brad's hands and the firmer massaging of Camilla. Further down her back she felt another pair of male hands and the softer skin of a lady's hands stroking her ass and thighs. Her legs were held apart by the ties and her pussy was exposed to exploration by fingers. She felt tentative touches opening her lips and exploring her clit and her soaking wet opening. On her shoulders she felt the stroke of hair sliding over her skin. Every sensation was amplified making it like a jangling noise in her ears. 

Source: Carpe Noctem
The sudden shock of the ice on her pussy made her gasp but the coldness was gone quickly, leaving a tingling memory. Her whole consciousness focused on her pussy now. The stroking and touching on her shoulders became like the music on her iPod, background noise. The ice cube came back, pressing against her lips, as if it was as if it was asking for permission. A trickle of cold water made its way down her slit a soft moan came out of Mel's lips. The ice slipped between her lips sliding down over her labia and clit. Coldness spread through her pussy increasing her arousal as it drenched her heat. Unexpectedly she wanted more. She wanted the coldness to fill her up. Through some intuition the fingers slipped the ice inside her vagina filling her whole body with shivery coldness. 

For a few moments the ice cube slid in and out of her but she felt it shrinking with each thrust. The icy water warmed against her heat trickling down over her clit. The coldness was replaced by a vibrator sliding easily into her opening. The stroking and teasing had made her hungry for more and the vibe filled her but left her wanting more. 

After a few moments she felt fingers entering her. She wasn’t sure but it was definitely more than one. She desperately wanted to open her legs and invite the hand in but she was tied firmly and couldn’t move. For the first time the ties bothered her. Her hands twitched, aching to slide over the bodies around her. Her mind wandered a little fretting against her bonds. She realised that Brad had chosen this task because of her nature. 

Her wandering attention was brought sharply back to the room she was in and the table she was on by the sensation of her pussy being stretched wide from several fingers sliding inside her. She moaned into the table. Her cunt felt full but she wanted more. The hand pushed against her gently pressing her open stretching her wider. The feeling was warm and almost painful but the urge to press against the knuckles and stretch herself even further was stronger. Just when she felt she couldn't take any more the knuckles slipped inside her. For a moment the hand paused as she adjusted around it. An orgasm hovered around the edges of her mind and then as the fist began to twist and turn inside her she felt the waves washing over her. Every sense and nerve in her body focussed on the fullness inside her cunt as the hand moved in and out of her. Her moans had turned to little screams as her body writhed on the bed. Just when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore she felt the hand easing out of her body the intensity of the moment passed and she relaxed against the table wondering what was coming next and how much more she would be able to take.

Happy Birthday Mrs Fix It. 

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