Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Fill in the Blanks


Welcome to another week of TMI shenanigans. As always make sure you check out the other entries for more TMI goodness. 

1. I'm the type of person that likes to be imaginative in bed.
If you want to get me into bed there has to be more than physical attractiveness and smooth talk. There has to be that spark that comes from thinking a little bit outside the box. 

2. If the sexiest person I know porpositioned me for sex I would say yes????
I really don't know what else you would say. Why in the hell would you say no to the sexiest person you know? 

3. The worst part about looking at myself in the mirror when I am naked is looking at all the wobbly bits.
Anyone who knows me well will know I am a little self conscious about my body. It is a great source of frustration for many people in my life that I insist on referring to my ass as fat and my belly as wobbly.  

4. I regret my first fuck.
 I think I have spoken about this before. But losing my virginity was not the life changing or heaven opening experience that some people have. I didn't chose my partner well and the whole experience was icky and embarrasing. At least I knew what NOT to look for in the future.

5. The last sexual / kinky thing that I expected to like was cum facials.
 For a very long time I had a very firm, don't cum on my face policy. I am still not entirely comfortable with the concept but at the right time and place having a guy cum on my face is incredibly hot.

6. Recently I fisted someone.
This was another of those sexual  / kinky things that I didn't think I would like. When I had my first fisting experience as described here I wasn't expecting it to turn out to be as sexy as it was. During the weekend just passed I had the pleasure of pleasuring someone with that treat. Stay tuned for details. 

Bonus: You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged to a lesbian orgy. What are you going to do?
Well I think this is another of those questions with only one answer. Join in!!! With a strap on if there is one available, or a double ended dong.   

I apologise if the standard isn't up to the usual. I started uni again today and suddenly my blogging time is shrinking away. 



  1. Really enjoyed the answer to #1. I also like someone with a creative mind when it comes to sex. And we definitely share thoughts on #4 - same answer as mine this week.

    Good luck in school!


  2. 1. I here ya.

    3. The best part about being naked is nothing is constrained so it all looks good and feels good too :)

    5. I hold firm on that one.

    6. *blink, blink*
    Must go read.

    I want to kidnap you. :)

    Shush! Your TMI is as enjoyable as before, just no funny graphics.


  3. funny should have been fun