Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toe Curling


Hello and welcome to a rather belated Wicked Wednesday. The prompt given by Rebel this week was.


Beneath my feet sheets bunch
As you lap at me my body arches and writhes
My fingers twist into your hair
The sound of my pleasure is loud in my ears
Beneath me the bed is soaked with my juices
Over and over my body spasms with pleasure
As your tongue and fingers work me tirelessly
Until I push you away from me
But you are not finished
You pull me onto my knees
With my head resting on my arms
Kneeling behind me you slide your length into me
Filling my soaking, quivering cunt
Your belly makes a slapping sound against my arse
Your cock makes wet noises as you pump into me
Again I feel the pleasure writhing through me
Again I scream out at the intensity of it all
Just when it becomes unbearable everything stops for a moment
Then I hear your grunt of pleasure
And feel the warm splash of your cum on my back

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