Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wicked Wedneday - Down the Rabbit Hole


The prompt this week from the wonderful Rebel was;


The prompt was interesting and I did stuggle with it for a while but the thing that rang in my head was Alice following the rabbit down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. And so the following story was born. 

Kieran leaned back against the leather of his seat and took a sip of his drink. In front of him a woman writhed and gyrated around a brass pole. With each sip of his drink and every twist of the girl's hips he felt the tension of the day sinking out of his body through his feet. The dimness of the club enveloped him like a womb, soothing away all the irritations of the day and letting him focus on the thing that was most important right now, the long legs and enticing figure of the woman dancing on the stage in front of him and the icy coldness of the drink in his hand. The twists and turns of her body around the brass pole were mesmerising in a way he could never explain. It was like a form of hypnosis. Every fibre of his attention was focused on  this woman. 

His concentration was broken briefly as he felt a new drink being slipped into his hand. Almost irritated at the interruption to his meditation he turned towards the drinks waitress. She was a replica of the woman on the stage, same blonde hair, same bunny ears, same slender waist and legs that seemed to go on forever. The irritation eased and he slipped her a note to cover the cost of the drink and a tip. As she turned and walked back to the bar he watched the little white rabbit tail in the middle of her ass wiggling in time with her hips. It seemed to be inviting him to follow her but he resisted. He didn't want to be one of the losers who drools after the girls hoping to get some status out of scoring with the strippers.

She became lost in the patrons of the bar and Kieran turned his attention back to the woman on the stage. The song was coming to an end but her eyes locked onto his and he felt the world of the bar receding back again. He allowed himself the luxury of fantasising about her and what it would be like to be truly alone with her.
The song ended. Kieran watched as the girl stepped gracefully down from the stage. She began walking towards him still looking straight in his eye, the way she had when she was dancing on the stage. She came to a stop a short distance in front of him. Beckoning him with her finger she said,
"Follow me,"
The night took on a surreal, dream like quality. The girl did not wait to see if Kieran was following, she turned and walked away to the back of the club, the white bunny tail on her ass imitating the beckoning of her finger. As if he had been hypnotised Kieran stood up and followed her swaying ass with its bunny tail in the centre. They walked down a darkened hallway at the back of the club. For a moment Kieran felt like Alice In Wonderland following the white rabbit down it's hole. They reached a door with "Staff Only" written on it. The girl opened the door and stepped inside. Kieran hesitated in the doorway trying to see past the girl.
"Come in," she stepped aside and held the door aside for him to enter. "We won't bite," she gave a little giggle, "much."
Kieran felt like a sleepwalker as he stepped through the doorway. Sprawled across the couch was the Drinks Waitress. She had shed her costume from the bar and was lying in her knickers with one hand casually caressing her nipples. The Dancer closed the door behind him and then made her way across to the couch. As she walked she slipped out of her costume revealing a pair of underwear that were identical to the woman on the couch. She leaned down and kissed the Drinks Waitress on the lips before settling on the opposite end of the couch. Sitting together on the couch the two women looked even more alike. They were so alike that they could have passed for twins.
The Dancer began to stroke the thighs of the Drinks Waitress with long slow strokes. Looking up at Kieran she began to kiss the other woman's thighs. The Drinks Waitress sighed and opened her legs inviting the Dancer to kiss her more. Kieran stood, watching dumbfounded as the Dancer continued her journey up the shapely leg. At the top of her thigh she paused for a moment before she pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slipped her tongue inside the slit. She lifted her head and smiled warmly at Kieran. 
"She does taste nice. Would you like a taste?"
Kieran stepped forward and kneeled beside the couch. With the Dancer looking on he bent his face towards the enticing crotch. For a few moments he rested his mouth against the fabric of her panties before he slipped his finger under the lace and moved it aside. He looked in reverence at the smoothly shaven pussy in front of his face before her leaned down and slipped his tongue into the folds. 
Beside him on the couch he heard a gasp and he looked up for a moment to see the Dancer sitting beside them with her hands inside her knickers. He was torn between worshipping the smooth wetness in front of his face and watching this gorgeous woman pleasuring herself. For a moment he wished he could press these two pussies together so that he could lick them both at the same time. Almost reluctantly he turned back to the meal in front of him. He pulled the lips of her pussy apart so that he could tease the lips of her labia one by one, moving his tongue around the node that was swelling and hardening in response to his attention. He flicked his tongue softly over her hardening clit before sucking it into his mouth.
Moans of pleasure came from both women. Kieran became aware of the Dancer pressing against her friend's thigh. He lifted his head and turned towards her swollen pink pussy. He buried his face in her licking and sucking at her juice like a starving man. It felt as if he could drink the juice of these two women all night. After what seemed like an eternity he felt a hand on his forehead, pushing him away. He rocked back on his heels as the Dancer laid her body on top of her friend. Their naked breasts pressed against each other and their blonde hair mingled together as the two women kissed. Kieran moved so that he could see their pussies pushing against each other. The room reeked of their arousal. 
The Dancer ground against her friend, her knickers had stayed pushed to the side showing her gaping, hungry cunt swollen and open with her arousal. Kieran could hold back no longer. He slipped out of his jeans and boxers freeing his throbbing cock before he knelt between their legs. For a moment he was undecided as to who to fuck first but his cock pressed into the Drinks Waitress slipping easily into her silken, wet opening. Her eyes opened wide as he began to fuck her. The Dancer whispered dirty things to her as she moaned and writhed from his pumping. Without warning he withdrew from her and slipped into her friend watching the face of the Drinks Waitress as the Dancer now writhed and moaned in pleasure....

The alarm jolted Kieran out of his sleep. Frowning he rubbed his eyes and looked at the ceiling. His brain felt like it was full of cotton wool. Looking down he saw that he was still dressed in his jeans from the night before. He couldn't remember getting home. All he could remember was two blonde women kissing and fucking two sweet wet pussies in all a manner of configurations. Did all that actually happen? Or did he just come home shitfaced after paying for too many lap dances and dream it all?

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  1. Hmmm.. Twins. Very Naughty and Very Nice.

  2. I hope that it wasn't a dream!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. If it was a dream, it definitely was a HOT one!

    Rebel xox