Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - The Love Connection


The prompt given this week was the following sweet picture;


I had no inspiration based on this even though I tossed around a few ideas, which may come to something at some point but weren't crystallising the way I wanted them to. So I elected to tell a story based on an experience that I was involved in recently. Then something happened which was a rather cathartic experience and I felt the need to share with you all. So I apologise if you have tuned in for a dose of word porn because the ramblings of my mind may not cut the mustard in that department. 

I wouldn't classify myself as a classic insomniac but I do have insomniac tendencies (insomniac is so hard to spell). I do spend chunks of time awake at three and four am. Typically Jake sleeps through these sessions which most of the time is fine. I do some of my best thinking at that time of the day because I am not interrupted. Sometimes though Jake manages to be awake and we can have some of our best conversations. 

Anyway I was awake on this particular day tossing things through my mind, musing about writing the OTHER story which I will post, just not today, when he stirred beside me. 
"Are you awake?" he asked 

"Yes," I replied

"Hmmmm" Jake is not a morning person he finds it hard to get going any time of the morning. "What are you doing?" 

Interesting question for 4am. I told him the truth. I was lying in bed with my hand on my cunt pondering the mysteries of the world. I don't mastubate a lot but of late I have been exploring myself more freely. Something which I find relaxing and kind of arousing is pressing against my clit through the outer lips of my labia and sometimes also through my undies or even a pair of shorts, especially if there is a nice thick seam in the right place (OK there HAD to be word porn sometime.

 Jake suddenly became much more awake, under the blanket I felt his hand resting against my crotch, 'seeing' what I was doing with his fingers. I smiled to myself and after a few moments I felt the small telltale movements of his body against mine which told me he had joined me in some 'exploration' of his own. We lay like that for a while in the dark, masturbating slowly with our bodies pressed together. Then I wanted more so I pulled his body towards me and wrapped my legs around him so that his cock could slip inside me. This is one of our favourite intimate positions. Both of us on our sides but with my legs around him and his cock inside me. We lay together talking about all sorts of things not related to sex particularly but with him gently pulsing in and out of me and me flexing my pelvic floor against his hardness. It was like the perfect cuddle. 

After a time of course Jake's mind became more focussed on things sexual while mine continued to wander all over the place. I was reminded of an advertisement I saw recently, 


 We started to talk about what each other was thinking about. Often when we do this we share our hot fantasies of the moment which spawns some very passionate moments but this time in the spirit of the moment we shared more general things, comparing our own different approaches. We talked about the ad above and what that meant for us personally with our different rythms and then what we usually think about during sex or when we are masturbating alone. Some of the things we shared were deep dark secrets, the things we kept buried deep in our psyche because we are afraid to bring them out. The things we are scared to admit even to ourselves because we are convinced they make us weird. I don't know if I revealed anything to Jake that he hadn't already worked out intuitively. He has this knack of being able to see into my mind even when I think I am having a private thought. I do know that he shared with me some thoughts about a particular fetish that I was aware of but didn't fully understand how much of a fetish it is. 

I remember reading somewhere that a true fetish results in the owner of the fetish being unable to climax without the item or eveny being present. My reading since that time doesn't exactly re-enforce this but my understanding is that modern day, common reference to fetishes are like everything human; there is a scale ranging from mild interest right through to an obsession that causes social and possibly mental health issues. 

What I got out of my conversation wasn't that Jake has a mental health issue but I certainly have a completely new understanding of his attachment to his fetish and I hope that this means I will have a more positive reaction when he mentions it in the future.  

Oh you want to know about the sex now right? Well of course all that sexy talk started a predictable chain of events. It wasn't the nails down the back, screaming orgasms muffled by the pillow kind of sex but it was sexy, intimate and totally valentines day worthy. Now even though I have been awake since 4 am I am smiling that dreamy totally in love smile and when I go to meet Jake later for an appointment together I will be wearing my brand new sexy undies.  

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  1. That was a really interesting post. Love that you're able to combine conversation and deep thoughts and intimate touch in such a loving way :)

    xx Dee

  2. This is so wonderful, having sex and a conversation at the same time. Only two people who know each other inside out, can manage to make this work :)

    Indeed, Valentine-worthy :)

    Rebel xox