Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to School


For this week's prompt Rebel chose:

som It seemed for a little while that it was going to be one of those prompts that didn't bring anything to mind that was worth sharing with you guys. Then I had one of those mornings when I woke at 3.30am and lay staring at the ceiling for about an hour. Being one of those people who like to be doing something all the time I got up, fired up the computer and the following little gem came out. 

Ever since he was in kindergarten Mark had hated the first day of the school year. When the alarm shattered his dreams that morning he consoled himself that this would be the last time he would have to turn up for the first day of another school year. He lay on his back for a moment, collecting his thoughts, preparing for the day. As it was every day his cock was hard and ready for action. Automatically he reached down and stroked himself. Warm pleasure overtook him as he fantasised about the woman who lived across the street, the one who watered the garden in her tiny shorts and tank tops. His mind drifted imagining her inviting him inside as he trudged home from the bus this afternoon. His strokes quickened as his fantasy continued. Once inside the door she shed her top revealing a set of perfect breasts with hard pert nipples. Then she took him through to her kitchen. As he stood at the bench she went to the fridge and bent over to get the bottle of cold water right from the bottom shelf. Her shorts slid higher revealing her pantyless crotch underneath. Still bent with her pink flower winking at him she looked over her shoulder and asked would he like water or juice. Mark stepped forward and placed his hands on her hips. His school pants fell down around his feet and his cock pressed against her wetness as he murmured, "Juice," right before his cock slid into her silky warmth. 

Warm cum splashed over his belly just as his mum knocked on the door and called out to him. 

"You will miss the bus!" 

He lay panting for a few moments before he responded, "Coming." 

The school bus was the same as always. At least this year he was the oldest one on the bus. The downside was that half of his friends had bought cars with money earned from Christmas holiday jobs and were driving themselves to school. As he climbed the steps and pushed past the younger students he wondered if his decision to hold out and keep saving for a better car was the right one. Maybe owning a shit box was better than having to catch the bus every day.  

At school he collected his locker number and timetable. 

"What have you got first?" his friend Jared looked over his shoulder. 

"Maths B," Mark replied.

"What teacher did you get?"

"The new one," Mark replied. "Miss Spinks." 

"Oh my God," Jared punched him on the arm. "Miss Spinks, I bet she is like one hundred years old and wears granny specs." 

Mark pulled his text and notepad from his locker, "Buddy I really don't care what she looks like, as long as she teaches me Maths and I pass so I don't end up doing Maths A with idiots like you."

"Whatever!" Jared replied to Mark's retreating back. 

Miss Spinks, as it turned out, was very far from 100 years old. Her arrival into the untidy line of young adults waiting outside her classroom had been spectacular. One moment Mark had been responding to a shove from Bailey and getting yelled at by Vanessa and the next there was this woman standing next to them waiting patiently for Mark and Bailey to notice her.

"When you are ready gentlemen," her voice was one of those quiet ones that trick less intelligent people into thinking the owner is going to be a pushover, "we can go in and start." 

As the class filed in Mark noticed that he wasn't the only male student in the class who checked her out; almost every other boy did as well. The girls of course rolled their eyes in disgust. Miss Spinks didn't seem to notice. She followed her class into the room and began her lesson in complete oblivion.  

Mark slipped into student mode faster than he expected. As Miss Spinks began writing formulae on the board he completely forgot about the fact that she looked a lot like the woman from across his street that he had fantasised over that morning. Silence descended as every student began working on the problem Miss Spinks had set. Quietly she walked up and down between the desks.  All the heads in the room, Mark's included, were bent over the problem she had set for them as she wandered between the desks. As she passed Mark he looked up. She stopped at the desk in front of him and bent forward to help the student. As he took in the perfect roundness of her butt all thoughts of Maths went completely out of Mark's head. His palm itched to grab the firm roundness in front of him. He felt his cock stirring. Quickly he looked back at the board and refocussed on the equation she had written there for him. 

In front of him the teacher straightened up and made her way to the front of the room. She leaned against the desk and looked around the class. Her eyes fell on Mark. He felt his heart skip a beat. For a split second he felt that she knew exactly what he was thinking. Then he saw a tiny glint in her eye as if she were responding to his fantasy. Then it was gone, "What was your name again?" she asked,

"Mark," he managed not to croak.

"Mark, would you mind sharing with the class your answer please?" she smiled sweetly at him. Mark felt his insides melting as he looked down at his working and began explaining his answer to the class. 

As the class filed out the door she beckoned to him. Awkwardly, aware of the jealous glances of the boys and the smirks of the girls he made his way over to her desk. Standing beside her as she sat he got a glimpse inside the neckline of the soft clinging fabric of her blouse. Soft, round breasts nestled in creamy lace. She finished writing in her diary and sat up to look at him. Her eyes fell on the zipper of his shorts for a lingering moment before they travelled slowly up his torso. Was she checking him out? Mark shuffled a little on his feet unsure of what to think.

"That was good work in class today," She smiled up at him. "I think you are going to be one of my best students this year." 

Mark couldn't take his eyes of her breasts. Sitting in class he hadn't noticed them but standing in front of her desk he couldn't stop thinking about them. Miss Spinks looked down at her diary for a moment. Her hand came up from under her desk and casually plucked at her top button. When she looked back up again her body moved slightly and her blouse fell open a little giving Mark a bigger glimpse of the smooth white skin covered in white lace underneath.

"I just want to let you know that my door is always open for any questions you may have." Miss Spinks looked up at him with her eyes wide and earnest through her black rimmed glasses. Finally Mark got the teacher with glasses stereotype. This woman was like living breathing porn. His eyes dropped back to her neckline. Her fingers stroked the soft skin along the edge of her bra. 

"I am thinking of starting a Maths club after school, maybe on Tuesdays," she continued as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. "I would like you to be the first member." Her finger slid under the lace ever so slightly.

"Uh sure," Mark stammered.

"Great!" she smiled at him. "Now you better get out of here before you get swamped by year eights and I get in trouble for making you late for your next class."

As he lay in bed that night stroking himself Mark didn't fantasise about the lady across the street with her fridge. His head was full of blackboards with equations all over them and women wearing glasses and soft clingy blouses. 

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  1. Someone has the hots for the teacher, and I think the teacher has the hots for him too... nice story!

    Rebel xox