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The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was Peace;

This week has been a bit hectic for me and I wasn't sure that I would make this week's "Wednesday Appointment" but this little blurb came to me during the course of a conversation this morning. So thank you carpark man for being my muse. 

Meryl jerked herself back to her work. Today it was like pulling teeth, the figures she was looking at didn't make sense at all, the brilliant ideas that had filled her head in the shower this morning all seemed to be in hiding. The only stuff left in her head was childish, nonsensical rubbish. For the fourth time she made her way to the kitchen for a coffee and stood next to the sink, sipping the hot liquid hoping that the caffeine would jolt her mind into a productive state. Her colleague, Stella joined her,

 "How is your presentation going?" 

Meryl inhaled, trying to fill herself with confidence and project an image of someone who has it under control, "Fine," she replied brightly.

"That is awesome," Stella's face lit up in an excited smile, "I got mine finished today and Meg is really happy with it. I am so looking forward to this conference thing. It will be great to catch up with the other departments and see what everyone is planning for this year!" 

All of Meryl's positivity drained out through her feet, "Honestly I think the whole thing is a massive waste of time!" she snapped. "The company would be better off spending their money on some decent equipment than sending all of their middle managers on a junket to pat each other on the back for a couple of days." She poured her coffee down the sink and marched back to her office leaving a stunned Stella in her wake.

"What is up her ass," another manager who often joined Stella and Meryl for a morning chat over coffee.

"I really don't know," Stella shook her head in amazement, "I have never seen her act quite like this before."

Tim shrugged, "Probably noting a good root wouldn't fix." He filled his cup with coffee.

"Oh my God!" Stella punched him on the arm. "You are the only person I know who reduces everything to sex."

Tim winked at her, "I just say what other people are thinking Stella darling." He took a sip from his cup, "and then I do the things they wish they had the balls to do."  He wandered away in the direction of Meryl's office. As Stella watched him leave she pondered his ass covered by perfectly fitting pants. 

"I wouldn't mind doing those balls someday," she murmured to herself.

Meryl looked up from her papers as the door to her office clicked shut. Her brows pressed together in a displeased look. "I am working Tim," her voice reflected her face perfectly.

"That's OK," Tim made his way around the desk to stand beside her, "This won't take long."

Meryl's face changed from displeasure to a slightly alarmed look. "What are you doing?" she asked as she pushed her chair away from him. 

"Stand up," Tim took her hand and pulled her up so that she stood in front of him. Tim spent a good chunk of time at the boxing gym most nights. Standing so close to him now Meryl became acutely aware of the athletic body under the designer shirt. She inhaled a shuddering breath.

Tim used her hand to turn her towards the desk, "Bend over," he pressed her gently downwards so that her breasts were resting on the papers she had just been working on. He kept one hand on the middle of her back as the other hand reached down to pull up the hem of her skirt. 

"What are you doing?" she asked him again.

Tim's hand caressed her round ass through the white silk of her panties. "Someone is horny today," he commented absently.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Meryl's irritated voice came from her desktop.

"Women only wear knickers like this when they want to be fucked!" Tim leaned down and whispered the last word in her ear intently. His fingers slid down to the space between her legs. "And when they are fantasising about getting bent over and FUCKED they get wet like you," He slid his fingers under the elastic of her panties to stroke her silky wetness. "Do you want to get fucked?" he asked quietly. 

"No!" Meryl was defiant. 

Tim pressed his fingers into her soaking wetness and stroked her slightly, "Really?"

Meryl whimpered a little and bucked her hips against him. 

Tim's hand released her back and there was a jingle of a belt buckle, "I will take that as a no,"

Meryl's reply was a small groan as Tim's fingers pushed her panties further aside and his hard hot cock replaced his fingers. Despite herself she could feel more wetness forming around his cock. The hard hungry knot that had been forming inside her loosened to release warm waves of pleasure. 

Tim withdrew slowly and then slid his length into her again pressing her hips against the hardness of the desk. His fingers reached down and stroked her hard node making her whimper in pleasure. 

"Tell me this isn't what you have been aching for." His voice seemed to fill her head the way his cock was filling her hungry wet cunt.

Meryl moaned louder. Tim's fingers pressed a little harder against her node stroking and teasing her as his cock slid in and out of her. She was grateful that the desk was holding her up because her legs felt like jelly. She felt the familiar sensation building around his cock. 

"That's it baby," Tim whispered to her, "Let it go you will feel so much better," 

Underneath him Meryl whimpered, completely at the mercy of his fingers and cock and the sensations in her body. 

The orgasm hit her hard. A long groan came out of her mouth that was pressed over her paperwork. Her whole body shuddered in pleasure for what felt like minutes before she went totally limp on the desk. Tim eased himself out of her and gently replaced her panties over her crotch. 

Lying, panting on the desk a feeling of peace and complete relaxation came over Meryl for the first time since she had entered her office that morning her head was clear. Suddenly her ideas from this morning came flooding back. She stood up and began straightening her clothing eager to finish her presentation.  

"Does that feel better?" Tim smiled at her. Meryl looked at him with a smile on her face. 

"Yes," she whispered. Thank you."

Tim zipped up his pants and tucked in his shirt. "Any time," he replied. "I always want to make sure my team mates are able to work at their full potential.

…..Over desk is sooooooo much better

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  1. What a way to encourage your team mates! May I join the team? ;)

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