Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TMI - Memorable Moments


The question for TMI this week is simple but surprisingly hard to answer. 

What are the five most memorable / amazing sexual moments. 

1. The first time I had sex with Jake. 
It has been a very long time since this happened (about 15 and a half years ago). I remember at the time I was still very idealistic about sex and relationships. I decided that this relationship was special and that I was not going to spoil it by jumping into bed with him at the first opportunity. He took me camping for the weekend, we spent the whole weekend doing everything but having sex and about 30 minutes after we got home we had the kind of sex you have when you are a horny teenager that has trying to pretend to be virginal for way too long!

2. The first time I had sex with Mr Fix It.
I will say here that these events are not listed in any particular order. But the first night that he laid down on the bed with Jake and I decided to climb on top and ride him was so frigging sexy. I just loved watching his face as he came and I still do.

He let her have control, it didn’t happen very often, he didn’t let her do this but when he did she loved to tease him.
Source: Bellatrix and Rodolphus

3. The first time I gave a head job
This was such a long time ago that most of the surrounding events are kind of hazy. I remember I was about 17 (I was a late starter and I didn't give head until well after I lost my virginity) and the guy I was dating and I were at the drive in. I don't remember a lot except I swallowed (and always have ever since!) and he told me it was the best frigging head job he had ever had. Looking back and knowing a whole lot more now I think it is likely that it was the first swallowing one he ever had and probably his oral sex experience was not much more than mine!

4. Our first full swap with a couple
We had at least one false start to swinging but our first full swap with a genuine couple was extremely memorable. It was kind of like being kids in a lolly shop and being able to have whatever we wanted. Jake ticked off a lot of long held fantasies that night and after playing in the room of the swinging club where we met the four of us went to their hotel room and fucked until about 6am. I remember driving home as the sun was coming up and feeling like a naughty teenager. 

5. Double Vaginal Penetration
Of course this one had to make it onto the list. You can read the whole story in detail right here. I bet there are some people reading this who didn't think that this was actually a true story but I am here to tell you that it is and it was and it was awesome!  

Bonus: What is one quality you appreciate in a lover. 
Honesty. There are a whole lot of other ones probably like penis size, oral skills, generosity and all the normal ones but at the end of the day honesty is one of the qualities that is essential. Being dishonest or cagey about something is a really efficient way for a person to get kicked out of my bed or completely ruin their chances of getting in there in the first place. This extends to people who are lying to their spouse or partner about their extra curricular activities. I won't say I have never slept with someone who I knew was cheating. I did have a more liberal view about it for a little while but recent conversations have led me back to my orignal rule. "Permission note required from spouse"  

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  1. I am still at the double vaginal penetration!! *crossing my legs ever so tight*
    wowsers and yummy!!!


    Happy TMI

  2. So glad you work from your slumber to do TMI Tuesday ;p

    1. great1!

    5. I have never fantasized about vaginal DP or wanted that but just maybe I should add it to my list of 100 Things to Do Before I Die.

    Happy TMI Tuesday.


  3. Wow, double vaginal! I'm terribly distracted by that idea. I'm curious yet frightened. First step: find another man with whom I am comfortable.