Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Resisting Temptation

We are into the third week of lent and this week TMI Tuesday is focussing on temptation.Tempting isn't it? 

1. What did you give up for lent?
Despite being a practising Catholic I haven't officially given up anything for lent this year. To be fully honest I have never successfully given up anything for lent. Usually I start out with all the best intentions and then by the end of week two I have weakened and given in to temptation. 

2. What, sexually, could you never give up?
As boring as this may sound the one thing I could never give up is plain straight out fucking. There is something about the feel of a beautiful cock inside me that just does it for me. There are a lot of nice things but that is definitely the one thing I could not give up. 

3. What act would you like to do for forty days and forty nights?
You know those diets where you are limited to eating one or two things only? The trick with them is not the combination of foods but rather the fact that after eating the same thing over and over again we would rather go without food than eat some more of the same thing. I would like to think I would like to be orally pleasured to the point of ejaculating every day and night for forty nights but the reality is that I would be very much over it by the end of forty days and forty nights so I would rather not spoil something that I enjoy so much. 

4. What sexual sacrifice have you made and why?
Of course all the time I make sacrifices. I suck cock purely for the pleasure of the owner, I bend over and offer my cunt for the pleasure of many men, sometimes two or three or four in a night. Of course it is all for other people's pleasure, not my own. Honest.

5. Have you ever been tied to a cross or anything?
I have never been tied to a cross but I have been tied to the posts of our four poster bed once or twice. I think I have posted about it before but just in case here is a quick image to remind you. 
Image remains property of Jake Jones

6. Which part of your body do you like worshipped?
I love to have my back stroked with fingertips. Jake does this really really well and it always makes me feel especially sexy. 

7. What can your partner do that makes you feel true bliss?
This is more of a romantic thing than a sexual thing but the one thing that we do that makes me feel truly blissful is when his cock is inside me, his arms are around me and my legs and arms are wrapped around him and we are looking into each other's eyes. The ulitimate cuddle. 

Bonus: Tell us about a time you were tempted. Did you give in or resist. 
Just recently I had made a 'date' to have a lunchtime shagfest with The Toyboy. circumstances conspired against me and he was prevented from meeting up with me. I was dissapointed. A few days later he contacted me and asked to make up for it. I had a lot of other things that I really should have been doing and I hadn't really discussed the encounter with Jake. I hummed a haad a bit over his request but I really am terrible at doing the right thing and getting study done or what ever. So he came over, we got naked and within about five minutes he had me sitting on the kitchen bench so he could worship my pussy! 

Thank you to Heelsandstocking and Hedone for their great questions this week. Make sure you head on over to the TMI page for more great confessions. 

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  1. #4 ... that's hilarious. You're such a sexual martyr ;-)