Friday, March 15, 2013

To Do List Part 2

Something for the weekend

For this week's Wicked Wednesday prompt I started a story about a young lady with a to do list. You can read the first part of the story here. As I wroted the story it grew too long for one post so here is the next bit. 

A quick glance at her watch told Millie that she had about 20 minutes until her rendezvous time at the café. The sun shone on her face as she strolled along the footpath quietly observing the shoppers and office workers making their way along the footpath. A slight breeze swirled up her legs, and caressed her bare crotch making her acutely aware of the smooth feeling of her legs caressing her freshly shaved skin as she walked. Her entire consciousness focussed on her crotch as she walked, the movements sent shivers through her body.  

Turning the corner she caught sight of the coffee shop. Suddenly she had an overwhelming urge to run away. She stopped in the middle of the footpath and looking nervously around herself imagining that everyone could all see the nakedness under her dress. People walked past, oblivious. Slowly she convinced herself that no-one could see under her dress and continued to her destination.  

In the bathrooms she closed the door of the stall and sat down on the closed lid. She retrieved the vibrator from her bag and held it in the palm of her hand for a moment. Aware of the minutes ticking by she opened her legs and pressed the tip of the vibe against her wet opening. The pink plastic bullet slid inside her easily. For a moment her fingers rested against the wetness of her labia. The temptation to stroke her swollen aching clit was almost too much for her. The capitals in the note played on her mind. She looked at her watch, 9.57. Quickly she straightened her dress and opened the door.

The café was filling up with office workers seeking a caffeine shot and morning shoppers meeting with friends. Millie managed to find a table near the front of the cafe right next to the opening onto the street. Her hand trembled a little as she placed the round remote control on the table next to her. Looking around she took a deep breath to calm herself. A quick glance at her wrist told her that the time was now 10am exactly. Just then a younger man dressed in an expensive suit sat down opposite her. Millie looked up opening her mouth to protest when he handed her an envelope with her name written on the outside with a familiar firm hand. 

She looked into the eyes of the man opposite her trying desperately to look calmer than she felt as she held the envelope to her nose and inhaled the faint smell of his aftershave that lingered there. With trembling fingers she lifted the flap of the envelope and pulled out the note.  

I am unable to make our appointment this morning. Please accept my apologies. My colleague, James, will keep you company until my meeting has finished. Please follow any of his instructions as you would mine.

His name was signed on the bottom of the note with his customary underline.
Millie looked up at her companion and smiled uncertainly. "Hello James," her voice sounded loud in her ears, "I am Millie." 

He smiled and it seemed that the world lit up for a moment, "Thank goodness! I was a bit worried I had sat down with another woman with a pink remote sitting on the table next to her." He reached forward and caressed the pink plastic. Millie clenched her muscles around the vibe buried deep inside her. 

She lifted her chin, challenging him to do his worst, "So how do you know Simon?"
James left the pink control on the table but his fingers caressed it, circling the buttons absently. He seemed lost in his thoughts for a moment before he raised his head and looked at her, "We work in offices opposite each other. We had known each other and had worked on several projects together before we discovered that we had some more obscure common interests so to speak." 

James clasped his hands under his chin. The pink control sat on the table between them. It was like the elephant in the room. Both of them were acutely aware of its presence but neither of the willing to say anything about it.  

Millie was a little surprised about this. She knew He was acutely protective of his privacy. So far James was the first "friend" of His that she had met. 

"How did you make the discovery?" she asked simply.
James thought for a moment. "Actually it was kind of funny." He replied. "I was seeing this woman and I arranged for her to visit me in my office one night. I didn't realise Simon was working back until he walked out of his office just when she stepped out of the elevator. We were both standing there looking at her and she stood there for a moment looking at us. Simon said something like "I wasn't expecting you," and she replied with "Actually I wasn't here to see you."" James smiled as he remembered. "It was a little awkward but she was great, at her suggestion the three of us went for a drink and then we shared her later."
The waiter came back with their coffees. The conversation paused for a moment and James reached forward and picked up the pink controller. "We have shared several women since then," James placed the controller close to him but still on the table. Millie sat almost on the edge of her chair with her eyes glued on the controller. She was oblivious to her coffee. "It is actually a buzz to watch a woman with two men. They seem to go onto another plane of pleasure," his voice was a little distant as he mused. Millie felt that his talk was just as much for his own benefit as it was for hers. 

"Drink your coffee," he commanded her unexpectedly. Millie jumped a little and then picked up her cup. There was a silence as she sipped and James watched her. "Simon really does have fantastic taste," his voice was smooth like silk. It sent little flutters through Millie. Then the moment she had been both aching for and dreading since he sat down happened. There was a buzz deep inside her. She gasped in surprise as the vibrations shook through her. Her cunt throbbed in response and the desire for that touch on her clitoris that would send her over the edge was over powering. 

"Do you like that?" Simon's voice was soft. Millie could barely hear it over the noise in the café. 

Millie nodded, she was concentrating hard on not making a sound of pleasure and drawing attention to herself. 

"Did you follow Simon's instructions?" James increased the speed of the vibrations with another touch of the controller. Millie arched her back slightly and pressed her thighs together, trying to get enough pressure to soothe the ache inside her.

"Yes," she managed to whisper. She slipped one hand under the table and pressed it firmly against her mound. She could feel her orgasm building inside her. 

Suddenly the vibrations stopped. A sense of loss flowed through Millie and she sat gripping her cup and panting slightly.

James smiled, looking pleased. "Yes Simon does have fantastic taste. As soon as I sat down here I wanted to see how you would react to pleasure." He leaned forward and touched the side of her face, "Right now I want to lay you down on a bed and bury my face in your cunt. I would drink your juice for hours." His breath was hot and his eyes glittered with desire. Millie whimpered in longing. 

James sat back suddenly inhaling sharply as if he were clearing his head. "Is your coffee finished?" 

Millie sipped the last of her cup and nodded.

"Good," James stood up and helped her to her feet. "Let's blow this popsicle stand then."
They made their way to the register and James paid the bill before leading her into the street. Millie walked obediently beside him. The fact that she was following a stranger to a place he hadn't even told her about yet didn't bother her at all. After a few blocks James turned and led her into a car park. Trustingly Millie followed. James led her past the attendant to a row of cars parked against the wall. He lifted her up onto the bonnet of the car and pressed her legs apart. 

"How much did you want to cum back there?" The desire was back in his eyes. Millie looked down and saw the bulge of his cock straining against his suit pants. 

"You have no idea," she whispered. 

James' fingers stroked her outer lips before sliding inside to stroke around her swollen aching clitoris. "Hmmm it feels like someone needs a good fucking," he murmured. With his other hand he reached into his pocket. The buzz of the vibrator started again but this time his fingers stroked her aching swollen nub.

The orgasm was hard and fast. Millie pressed her mouth against his shoulder to muffle her moans. When the waves slowed and she was slumped against him he reached into his pocket and switched off the vibrations. She knew that the relief was temporary. After a build up like that she was going to need cock and lots of it. James grasped the loop and slipped the vibrator out of her. For a short moment he held it to his lips and licked a taste of her juice.
"Mmmmm, you taste as sweet as I thought you would," he murmured. He placed the vibe in his pocket next to the control and slipped his fingers inside her cunt. He fucked her for a few strokes making her need for a cock even more desperate before he slipped his fingers out of her and placing them on her lips. Obediently she sucked them clean. 

They were interrupted by a ping from a phone. James turned as he flicked open the screen and read the message. 

"Simon's meeting is finished," he told her when he turned back towards her. "It is time to take you somewhere and for us to fuck the life out of you." 

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  1. Damn, now I want a cup of coffee too.

    Great installment, and a wonderful setup!