Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To Do List


The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was;


An envelope can hold many things, love notes, instructions, a roadmap for an exciting adventure.......

Millie shuffled sleepily into the kitchen. Propped against her coffee cup was a thick cream envelope. Her sleepy mind focussed on its first priority as she filled the kettle and turned it on. Then pressing through the fog of her morning brain the presence of the envelope registered in her consciousness. Her need for coffee overrode her curiosity for a moment  as she spooned the coffee and sugar into her cup. There was no mistaking that the envelope was for her, 'Millie' was written on the front in firm, decisive letters, His writing. A vague memory of a conversation late at night came back to her. The memory jolted her into consciousness faster than an intravenous injection of caffeine.  

She lifted the envelope to her face; the faint smell of his aftershave filled her nostrils as steam issued from the jug. A fleeting memory of his smooth, clean shaven face pressing against her as he kissed her goodbye that morning sprang into her mind. He had lingered a little slipping his hand under the warm covers to fondle her breast before he had left her to pleasant and yearning dreams.  Millie slipped her finger under the flap of the envelope and eased it open. As she took out the thick folded card the kettle shrilled startling her.
Quickly she poured the water, half filling the cup before adding the milk. Taking a sip she slid into her chair at the table to read the note he had left her,

Millie's To Do List

  1. Shave your pussy. I want it smooth and slick today.
  2. Take a shower. I want it to be as hot as you can stand. Make sure you wash yourself well. When you wash your pussy I want you to finger yourself and imagine me licking you but you are not to climax. 
  3. Get dressed into the dress I hung on the front of your clothes rack. You may not wear any panties. I want that freshly shaved pussy to feel the breeze. You may touch yourself after you are dressed to feel how smooth you are but you are not to allow yourself to orgasm.
  4. Put your Lelo bullet in your handbag. The one we used last night. You are not to use it or anything else to pleasure yourself with before you leave the house.
  5. Take the bus to that cafe we went to on Saturday. When you are on the bus I want you to sit near the aisle where people can see you. I want you to make sure that the skirt of your dress is pulled up so that everyone can see your thighs. If you see a man that you want to fuck I want you to show him your bare pussy. Let him know without words how much you want to fuck him
  6. When you get to the coffee shop you are to go into the bathroom, take the vibrator out of your bag and put it inside yourself. You must not turn it on and you are forbidden to touch your clit. YOU MUST NOT CUM. If you do there will be consequences. 
  7. When the vibe is in place go out and sit in the coffee shop. Sit somewhere that people can see you as they walk past in the street. Place the remote control for the vibrator on the table and wait. You must be there by 10am.  

A frown creased her brow as she read the last instruction. She turned the paper over and looked at the back. There was nothing else. She sipped her coffee. It had cooled as she had read the note. She looked at the clock. The time was 8.30am! Quickly she drank the rest of the coffee and made her way to the shower. Her morning lethargy had evaporated quickly and was replaced by the adrenalin of anticipation. She picked up her pink razor and fitted a new blade. With practised strokes she sliced through the hair leaving her skin smooth. Her fingers moved over her mound checking for stray hairs that she had missed. Her cunt was aching already but she resisted the temptation to slip a finger into her slit. She was afraid that one touch would send her uncontrollably over the edge. Giving herself a little shake she turned on the shower. The bathroom filled with steam and she eased herself under the stinging needles of the shower. 

Millie poured soap onto the loofah and began to wash herself. The hot water stung her back but it distracted her a little from the rough cloth soaping her labia. Without thinking she pressed hard against mound sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. She dropped the loofah onto the floor of the shower and smoothed her fingers over her pussy. With a small moan she leaned against the glass and allowed herself the luxury of slipping a finger inside herself. Despite the shower she could feel the slick wetness of her arousal. The pressure of his instruction weighed against her. For a fleeting second she wondered if she could disobey him. He wasn't here, he wouldn't know. Then she imagined the deep brown pools of his eyes boring into her. She knew she couldn't lie to him.

The bullet weighed on her mind as she climbed the steps of the bus. A draft funnelled up the stairwell as she handed over her change and caressed her bare, freshly shaven pussy sending a shiver through her. About halfway down the bus, on the seats facing outwards, a young student sat with his head buried in his iPod. He looked like a whippet, lean and built to run. Millie got a fleeting mental picture of him naked above her, energetically fucking the life out of her. With a fluttery feeling she knew he was the one. She took her seat directly opposite him. She sat carefully setting her handbag down beside her and making sure the hem of her skirt rested across the top of her thighs. Inside she was in agony. It felt as if everyone in the bus could see her nakedness underneath and they knew that in 30 minutes she would be sitting in a coffee shop with a vibrator inside her cunt, waiting. The sudden end of the note played on her mind. It wasn't like Him to give an incomplete instruction. Whenever they had done things like this there had been a goal. Instinctively she knew there was more to this than a friendly coffee. Other scenarios played through her mind but nothing seemed obvious.
The student opposite her coughed. Millie looked up into a pair of impossibly blue eyes. Her heart lurched and then, as if she was a puppet and someone else was controlling her actions, she felt her knees fall apart. She forced herself to maintain eye contact with him. For a split second his eyes slipped downwards. Millie felt heat in her cheeks but his eyes snapped back to hers almost instantaneously. She felt her legs closing again and inexplicably the heat disappeared from her cheeks. A tiny satisfied smile played at the corners of her mouth as she waited for a reaction. Hours seemed to pass as he looked into her face. Then she noticed a slight movement of his hands, her eyes were drawn to his lap. His finger moved in and out of a ring he had made with his other hand. A shudder of pleasure went through Millie at this crude gesture. Her smile widened slightly as she gave him a thumbs up. The bus lurched jolting Millie back to reality. She realised that her stop was very close. With surreal calmness she gathered her bag and pressed the red button next to her. As she stood to leave the bus the student pressed a tiny piece of paper into her hand. Millie's mind had started to focus on the next item on her list but she graciously took the paper and tucked it into a corner of her bag before shuffling forward with the other passengers and making her way down the steps.


  1. A morning like this would certainly get the blood flowing more than just coffee.

  2. Oh, but I do want to know what happens at the coffee shop! What a marvellous story :)

    xx Dee

    1. A second installment will be posted this weekend!

  3. Oh no! I wanted it to go on and on. I want to know what happens next...

    Rebel xox