Friday, March 1, 2013

Under the Table

Something for the weekend

This has been a week of ups and downs in a lot of ways. My studies have recommenced and in a moment of insanity I decided that I would be able to cope with an extra subject this year. I am still committed to blogging. I don't know what I would do without it so If my posts are a little fewer and further between I hope you all understand.

A little while back I had a conversation with someone that inspired the following piece. I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. 

Cindy looked into the frothy top of her coffee. Around her café buzzed with conversation. For a moment she stepped out of herself and looked around, behind her a young lobbyist was talking passionately with his colleague about gay marriage. To her left two businessmen discussed the finer points of financial reporting. Her own conversation was a jarring point of difference in this sea of conservatism. Under the table she felt Michael's hand on her knee and she was quickly jolted back to the present. 

"I love the way that dress clings to you," Michael's voice was hot in her ear. Cindy pressed her thighs together as her nipples hardened against the lace of her bra. She leaned a little closer to Michael, thanking the gods that they had been lucky enough to get a booth. Michael's hand travelled up her thigh to the hem of her dress. He slid his finger under the fabric to stroke the bare skin of her thigh just above the lace of her stockings. This time she was unable to stop the shudder.

She put her own hand on Michael's thigh. Underneath the table Michael's fingers continued their journey upwards to the valley between her legs. Ever so softly he touched the crotch of her panties with the tip of his finger. Cindy clenched her hand, digging her nails into Michael's thigh as she struggled to stop the moan coming out of her lips. Nervously she looked around. But no-one in the busy cafe even paused for a moment. She and Michael were completely invisible to them. 

With his other hand Michael moved her hand to his crotch. Underneath the fabric of his trousers she felt his cock. Automatically she gripped it's hardness. In her mind's eye she remembered the last time they were together, how he had pushed her down onto the bed and kneeled above her with his cock, the one she had in her hand now, jutting out in front of him before he had slammed into her making her scream in pleasure. 

"Feel how hard you make me," Michael's voice in her ear interrupted her thoughts. "It was like this the moment you sat down." He pressed his fingers harder against the fabric of her knickers. Cindy felt warm wetness seeping out of her. In her ear she heard Michael chuckle softly. "You dirty girl. Your knickers are soaking." His finger slipped around the edge of her panties continuing to explore her. She felt her swollen clit give a throb as her knees fell further apart. She began to stoke him through his trousers but it wasn't enough. She wanted to feel the hot velvet of his skin against her palm. 

As if he read her mind he quickly unzipped his fly and eased himself out for her. For a moment they sat looking into each other's eyes as her hand moved up and down the silky warmth of his shaft. She slid her thumb over the tip of his cock smearing the slickness of his pre-cum over the sensitive head. Michael closed his eyes and sighed.

"You make me want to cum all over your hand, right here, right now." She could hear the urgency in his voice. Cindy looked around again. Life in the café continued. It was as if the two of them were in a bubble. No one took the slightest notice. She looked back at Michael, his eyes were boring into her hungrily. Her strokes on his cock under the table became firmer and a little faster. She smiled seductively at him, leaning forward so that he could see her cleavage, straining against the clinging fabric of her dress. 

"You like it when I stroke your cock?" She asked quietly, giving him a little squeeze to emphasise her words. 

Michael took a deep breath through clenched teeth. Cindy was relentless. She continued to stroke him firmly enjoying the power her touch had over him. Her own cunt yearned to be filled with the cock she held in her hand right now. She ached for him to fill her. He leaned forward and slid his hand under her dress once again. His fingers pulled aside the crotch of her panties and slid easily inside her. He fucked her with his fingers for several hard strokes. His thumb smeared her juices over her hard swollen node as his fingers stroked her. She continued to stroke him, increasing her pace with her own excitement. Without warning an orgasm shuddered through her. It took all of her effort not to cry out in the crowded café. 

She sat back against the seat breathing heavily. Her hand released its grip on his cock slightly as she let the warmth of the afterglow pump through her body. 

"I want to fuck you right here, right now." Michael's voice was hard and urgent. "I want to bend that sweet body of yours over this table and slam my cock right into that sweet wet cunt of yours."  Cindy gripped his cock feeling the excitement pulsing through it. They sat for a few moments without speaking before Michael pulled away from her.

"I will be back shortly," he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. For a few moments he adjusted himself underneath the table. Cindy heard the sound of his zipper before he slid out of the booth and made his way towards the bathroom holding his jacket strategically. She smiled to herself and reached for the cappuccino that was sitting untouched on the table in front of her. For a few moments she sat sipping her coffee and musing about life. Then, deep inside her handbag she heard the ping of her phone. Her heart skipped a beat but she tried to stop herself from hurrying too much as she delved in to her bag. She opened the screen and an image flicked up. 

Transfixed she sat staring at the familiar thick, veiny cock held in the hand that, a few moments ago had fucked her to orgasm under the table. Cum coated the head of the cock and dripped down over his thumb. Cindy gave a sigh of satisfaction. She reached for her coffee and took another sip. The phone pinged again. 

See what you made me do you dirty girl. I want you to meet me in my office as soon as you finish work tonight so that I can fuck that dirty wet cunt properly.

Signed Michael Costello MP.


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  1. The thought of having a private moment in a public place is one of the hottest taboos. You've managed to create a great scene, Gemma, and as for the person you spoke to that inspired this piece? You need to hang out together more often...


  2. Such an eloquent writer, and such a hot scene.Hope you continue to find the time to write: you're brilliant at it!