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Vintage Gemma - In the Dark

Something for the weekend

A while back I published a collection of short stories that were based on sexual fantasies both my own and some shared with me by people I was friends with at the time. The following story is one of those included in the collection. 

I am sitting on the bed, waiting, listening. The fabric fits snugly over my eyes.  The ties on my wrists are firm. I cannot move and I am waiting. Every tiny sound in the room is magnified to me; I hear the sound of the refrigerator humming quietly, the sound of the air conditioner working. Outside in the hallway I hear very faintly the sound of the lift door opening, is it him? I hear footsteps. 

Without realising I strain to hear the sound of the key in the door. The footsteps coming closer but they pass by my door and I hear them fading away down the hallway.  I feel a tiny bead of sweat on my forehead as I sit waiting.  Every nerve in my body is straining to hear the arrival of him. The footsteps come back, slowly.  They stop at my door.  My heart beats faster and I feel my breathing increase, the sound deafening in my ears. The door clicks as the key opens the lock. Suddenly I want to run away. What am I doing here!!!!

The door opens, and then closes.  The silence seems to stretch for eternity. I breathe heavily and then I smell him, subtle musky aftershave. He is here!!!!! My heart almost beats out of my chest, I feel my nipples harden; there is a trickle of wetness between my legs. Is that sweat or something else?

I feel the air move as he comes towards me, almost silent. My whole body is jangling with the awareness of him.  It is as if the room is filled with him. He stops in front of me sitting there on the bed, blindfolded, bound, and helpless in my underwear. 

“You are so beautiful.” He whispers in my ear. His voice is seems deafening to me. I remember the tones from the phone, husky, deep. The scent of him is stronger now, musky, mixed with mint and in my heightened state I smell his maleness. There is a throb in my groin.

I hear the sound of him undressing, the jangle of a belt buckle, and the sound of a zipper. His footsteps come back to me. I feel his breath on my face. He places his lips on mine softly, kissing almost like a butterfly, tasting my lips. His hands touch my shoulders,

“Lovely, lovely.”

His hands travel over my breasts, tracing the outline of the nipples through the fabric of the bra. I gasp in pleasure at the fleeting softness of his touch. He kisses me again, harder, probing my mouth with his tongue.  I savour the taste of him. As he pulls away from me I lick my lips desperate to absorb every detail that I can without the use of my eyes or hands.

“Are you thirsty?” he asks me in the same soft tones.

I cannot speak, I nod.

I feel his face against mine and I open my lips to him. I feel the coolness of the ice slipping from his mouth to mine. I suck the moisture from the ice and his lips before passing it back. He breaks away for a moment and then returns. I open my mouth a second time and I taste the sweet liqueur that I told him I love so much. It trickles slowly into my mouth.

We kiss some more, his hands keep exploring my body stroking in circles down my back. His hands unclasp my bra and my breasts fell free. I felt the warmth of his mouth on my nipples. My breath escapes me in a long slow sigh. He sucks my nipple gently teasing the tip with his tongue.

I arch my back towards him as my knees fall apart. He moves to the other nipple while his fingers tease the first one. His mouth moves slowly down my body, trailing little kisses over my ribs. His fingers trace around my nipples and under the curve of my breasts.  When he reaches my belly he pushes me gently down on the bed.

I lie back. He pushes my bound hands above my head. My breasts are fully open to his scrutiny and touch. My belly is exposed for whatever he desires.  He puts his fingers into my panties and slips them down, without thinking I raise my hips and he slips them free.  I lie on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge. 

He pushes my knees apart so that he can see all of me.  I feel the air between my legs teasing my pussy.  Blind and helpless I feel more naked than ever before. I hear him moving away from me for a moment and then he returns. I gasp as he places an ice cube on me. The sensation of the cold moves over my stomach and towards my naked shaved pubis as the ice melts in his mouth and on my skin. His lips are warm but his tongue is cold and he places it onto the outer lips of my pussy. The coldness shocks me. I want to close my legs but he holds my knees apart with my hands. His cold tongue probes into my pussy stroking over each fold lovingly.

He holds me firmly with my legs spread apart as he keeps licking deeper and deeper. His tongue is warm now and he stops for a moment and then I feel his breath against my pussy. Then the shock of the tip of an ice cube against the entrance of my pussy.  I feel the muscles tighten and I moan in pain, or was it intense pleasure.  I can’t tell anymore.  All I know is that I don’t want him to stop.

He slips more of the ice into my pussy sucking it in and out, fucking me with the melting ice cube. Even though the cold is shocking I love the feeling. When the ice is melted away he pushes his cold tongue inside me stroking my G-spot. I moan and writhe as I feel my pussy swelling under his tongue.   I want to clamp my legs around his head but he holds them open with his hands. 

He teases me some more and touches his tongue to my clit. I am almost screaming and I want to shove his head into my clit. I want him to lick me HARD but he holds my legs open and my hands are bound. My pussy is swollen and wetness is streaming out of it. 

Then he stops. I can’t see him at all but I think he is standing above me still between my legs.  I imagine him standing there with his cock erect in front of him.  I have never seen this man. My friend introduced us. We communicated by email and once by phone. We never swapped photos or met.  I only know his voice.  In my head he is tall and muscular with dark hair. In reality I have no idea. 

He places his hand on my hips and turns me over.  I kneel on the edge of the bed with my head resting on my clasped hands. My butt is in the air and my knees are slightly apart. In my mind my pussy is fully exposed to his view. I can feel it throbbing and when he puts his finger in my opening I feel a small gush of wetness there. 

He puts his hands on my butt cheeks and pulls them apart as he teases the entrance to my pussy.  I push my hips back trying to feel his cock but he holds me firmly in place. He inserts his cock into me and I moan with pleasure. It slides in, slowly filling me. He feels huge to me I can feel my entire pussy filled with cock.

He withdraws from me as slowly as he entered me. I feel a sense of emptiness for a moment and then he pumps into me again. Without warning he fucks me hard and fast.  He grips my butt cheeks as he pumps his cock into me and I respond pushing back against him as hard as I can. We are both moaning in pleasure and I feel the tension building in me. He slows down and pulls almost all the way out of me.  I am gasping with need of him. 

“I am not ready for you to cum yet,” his voice is husky with exertion and desire.
I feel him lean down and then I feel him draw something across my butt. At his request I had left a riding crop on the bedside table. Now I tense in anticipation. He traces my butt with the soft end of the crop and taps it gently in one spot, warming up the skin.

He pushes his cock back into me and at the same time he slaps me with the crop. Not hard just enough to make a noise and leave a small warm sensation on the skin. There is no pain, just pleasure. I ache for him to do it again.

“You bad girl,” I hear a smile in his voice. He seems pleased. “You bad dirty girl, you like that don’t you.”

He slaps me again in the same place, harder this time but I feel no pain just a throb in my pussy and the ache for more. He fucks me harder and slaps me with the crop as he fucks. It drives me crazy; the feeling of the crop on my skin and the sound of the slapping. 

Again I feel the orgasm coming and again he stops with his fucking. The wetness is streaming out of my pussy now and I can feel some sweat forming between my breasts. I moan as he pulls his cock out of me. I want him so bad. My butt is burning from the crop and I want to feel it on me again. 

He puts his fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot. I writhe and moan in pleasure at his touch. He slaps me again with the crop as he fucks me with his finger. I am lost in the sensation of the crop mixed with his fingers. The sharp pleasure / pain of the slaps mix with the warm urgent pleasure his fingers are creating in my pussy.  The feeling is intense and I almost scream through my clenched teeth. 

“How much do you want me to fuck you?” He stops slapping and leans down to whisper in my ear. His fingers are still in my pussy stroking and probing that spot.
I moan in response.

“Answer me!” His voice is insistent 

“A lot,” my voice is a whisper.

“Ask me nicely,” his voice is still in my ear, insisting.

“Please, please, please,” I whimper. His fingers are fucking me hard now. I am like a woman possessed. I MUST have a cock.

He takes his fingers away and then turns me over, lying me on my back with my hands above my head. He kneels between my legs and puts my feet against his shoulders so my hips are raised a little off the bed. 

His cock slides deep into me,

“That is what you wanted isn’t it?”

I nod in response.

“You have such a fucking hot pussy.” He pumps into me so hard. His cock fills me completely.  I moan in response to him. My pussy muscles clamp around his hard cock as it pumps into me. Oh god this is the best sex that I have ever had.

It feels as if we are fucking forever. He pounds into me, pushing me into the bed. I feel the orgasm building in me again.  It is big I can feel it coming harder and faster. My teeth are gritted together and I am almost screaming in pleasure.

“Yes!” he encourages me. “Feel that cock fuck you! I want to hear you screaming when you cum!”

“Ohhh Gooooodd!” I cum so hard. The sound of my voice rings in my own ears filling the room.

“Fuuuuck!” He joins me pumping his cum into my pussy.  I feel his climax twitching him well after I have quieted my own breathing slightly.

He rests his weight against me and with one hand he reaches up to release the bonds around my wrists.  It feels strange to be freed from this bond but I still cannot see him. My hands travel over his body feeling the muscles on his back and squeezing his firm buttocks between my fingers. 

“Did you want to look at me?” his voice is gentle. 

My mind is racing. After being in the dark for so long I am used to the smell and the feel of him. I am not sure if I want to see him now. I am torn between curiosity and the safe feeling of not really knowing. If I look at him then the fantasy will be over. If I don’t see him the fantasy can continue. He can be whatever I make him in my mind. 

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