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Vintage Gemma - Virgin Peach - Bazinga

Something for the weekend

Welcome to the weekend. I am deep in the midst of a mathematics assignment (yes you read that correctly) and about to depart for a workshop on Old Testament Theology (yep you read that right as well) so I have found a story from my past that I hope you all like. This story started from a game I was playing with my Facebook followers where I put together an unlikely string of words and turned them into a story. I had great fun with this one. Enjoy and have a great weekend. 

Morning joggers made their way through the inner city park as Sophie and Josh watched through their hotel window. Sophie reached out and picked up a peach from the platter in the centre of the table. Absently Josh watched her perfectly manicured fingernails as she sliced the fruit neatly into quarters. With a flick of the small knife she split a segment away from the pit and slid it into her mouth. 

"God you are a neat freak," Josh teased her. "You even eat peaches neatly."

"So?" Sophie frowned at him. "I don't want to drip juice all over my uniform."

"Yes but it is a peach." Josh's little finger raised slightly as he spread marmalade precisely over his toast. "What is the point of eating something so luscious if you don't get juice all over your chin when you bite into it?" 

"Says the guy who practically weighs his marmalade and spreads it to a uniform depth over his toast." Sophie flicked her knife a second time before she opened her full red lips to slide a second segment into her mouth. She passed the rest of her fruit across the table to him. "Do you care to show me how to eat a peach properly then?" 

"Are you crazy?" Josh's eyes opened wide. "Firstly, I don't do fruit." Josh raised a finger. "Secondly I don't want to mess up my uniform, and thirdly I am a guy. It just won't have the same effect." 

An exasperated look crossed Sophie's face. "What effect would that be?"

"You know that sexy thing. Luscious lips like yours biting into that firm juicy flesh, juice running down your chin into that gorgeous cleavage of yours. So fucking hot!" 

"I thought you weren't into girls." A third segment disappeared between her lips. Sophie wriggled in her chair unconsciously lifting her cleavage a little higher. 

"Of course I'm not darling," Josh exaggerated his "gay" speech mannerism "But as you know every gay man is an expert on what makes a woman sexy."  He drank the last of his coffee in a neat swallow. "Now get your prissy neat ass off that chair we have to get to work." Sophie finished her tea and hurried out of the restaurant after Josh. They picked up their bags from the concierge and stepped into a cab that was waiting in the driveway of the hotel. 

They arrived at the airport with a few minutes to spare. Sophie smoothed her hair and pulled at her skirt. "Do I look OK?" she asked nervously as they walked through the Virgin Airlines doors.

"Darling you look amazing. If Sir Richard Branson himself were on our flight today he would drag you off to one of those staff junket things." Josh quipped.

"And you would be so green with envy." Sophie smiled at him. "Good morning Lucy." She greeted the stewardess at the check in desk. 

"Hi guys." Lucy waved them through the gate. "Everything is on schedule and you have Mike as your pilot today so it should be a good flight."

The flight was uneventful, Sir Richard did not grace his underlings with his presence and the passengers were well behaved. As they walked down the gangway after all the passengers had left the plane Sophie sighed hugely. "I can't wait to hit the hotel and have a soak in the tub."

"Don't soak too long," Josh commented as they passed through the gates and made their way towards the cabs. 

"Why?" Sophie was a little bit concerned, she wasn't sure that she was up for one of Josh's famous nights out tonight. 

"I just got a text from Kurt. He wants to hook up tonight." Josh was beaming. "Such a cutie this one."

Sophie sighed. "I dunno Josh. I am so tired and you don't need me to hold your hand."

"Oh but I do." Josh put his arm around Sophie's shoulders. "Please, please, please. It won't be the same without you. Besides what you gonna do? Sit around your hotel and watch Japanese television." 

Against her better judgement Sophie let herself be persuaded and by 9pm she was seated in a bar in the middle of Tokyo drinking shooters while Josh and his friend flirted outrageously with each other. She looked around the bar but didn't see anyone or anything that was really interesting enough to go and investigate further. Suddenly Josh grabbed her arm,

"C'mon." His cheeks were glowing and Sophie was sure that if she looked down she would see his zipper about to burst open. 

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Back to mine," Josh wrapped his arm around Kurt who reciprocated by slipping his hands into the back of Josh's jeans.

"Isn't he just the sweetest thing," Kurt beamed at Sophie. "I could just eat him."

"You will get your chance soon enough darling." Josh cupped the front of Kurt's jeans. "Ohhh there is a nice package in there." He grabbed Sophie's hand and placed it over Kurt's zipper. "What do you think?" 

Sophie realised with a jolt that Josh was right. Kurt gave her a knowing look and leaned over to whisper into her ear, "There is more than enough for both of you in there." Suddenly the night became a whole lot more interesting. Kurt pressed his pelvis against Sophie's hand and despite herself Sophie felt the familiar throb between her legs. 

The trio made their way back to Josh's hotel room in a haze of lust and alcohol. As Josh fumbled with the card entry to his room Kurt and Sophie kissed frantically as their hands roamed over each other's bodies slipping inside each other's clothing at every opportunity.

Suddenly the door opened with a click and they were inside the room. Josh claimed Kurt's mouth from Sophie and the two boys began ripping clothing off each other. Spurred on by the sight of their athletic bodies pressed against each other Sophie slipped out of her dress and placed her hands on her breasts tweaking her nipples and pressing her thighs together in anticipation. 

Josh kneeled in front of Kurt and slipped his boxers down to his feet. Kurt's cock stood out in front of him firm and proud. 

"Oh my," Josh exclaimed as he reached inside his own boxers to grip his cock. "This is even better than I thought . I think I might need your help Sophie."

Shaking her head at the surreal situation she found herself in Sophie knelt beside Josh, still wearing her bra and panties. Josh opened his lips and slid them down over Kurt's cock. Fascinated Sophie cupped Kurt's balls in her palm opening her mouth slightly as Josh pulled away from Kurt releasing his cock.

"Taste this," he whispered in Sophie's ear.

Without a word Sophie leaned down and slid her lips where Josh's had been a few moments before. Her eyes looked into Josh's as she worked her head slowly up and down. At the top of her stroke she released Kurt straight into Josh's mouth for a few more strokes before claiming it back.

She was so caught up in the sensuality of sharing Kurt's beautiful cock with Josh that she didn't notice the hands slipping inside her bra to cup her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. She moaned in pleasure against Kurt's cock and he responded in kind. The hands moved downwards to slip inside her knickers. Automatically her knees opened and allowed a finger to slip inside her. 

Releasing Kurt's cock with a moan she looked down at Josh, "What are you doing?"

Josh removed his finger and sucked her juice from it, "Tasting the pussy of the hottest Virgin Airlines stewardess in Australia." He looked at her innocently.

"But I thought you only liked cocks." She was a little perplexed.

Josh smiled at her, "That is a commonly held misconception my dear." Josh pulled aside her panties to slip two fingers deep inside her. "The truth is that I swing both ways and I have wanted this pussy ever since I set eyes on its owner."

"So why did you let me go on thinking that you were gay all this time?" Sophie still couldn't quite get her head around what was happening.

Josh gave her a sly smile, "Bazinga!" He turned to Kurt who had watched them while he stroked his cock. "Now you cute thing what do you say we give this air hostess the once over?" 

Kurt took Sophie by the hand and led her to the bed. He sat beside her with Josh on the other side. "I think that is a stellar idea. Let the pleasuring begin." 

This post has been included in Heelsnandstocking's Something for the Weekend. Make sure you click on the link and find out what everyone else is up to this weekend. 

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