Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Artist's Model - A Wicked Wednesday Post


This week's prompt was;


So I let the word rattle around in my head for a while and here is what came out. 

Jilly squeezed tubes of paint, mixing the colours on her palette carefully. For a moment she looked past her easel to Mark, reclining on the couch in front of her. She studied the lines of his chest and arms letting her eyes slide over his body slowly down wards to his belly. Her tongue touched her lips as she studied the dark line of hair leading downwards. As if he read her thoughts he turned his hips and adjusted his legs so that she could see his manhood resting flaccid against his manicured groin. She exhaled the tension out of her body and looked back to her canvas. Tentatively she began the first strokes of paint filling out the sketch she had completed earlier. As she worked her eyes flicked back and forth between her subject and her work. 

For a second their eyes met. His deep blue eyes dared her, and a smirk crossed his lips. Between her legs Jilly felt a throb in response. Her eyes were drawn downwards to his groin. The cock had grown, filling out and resting against his belly. A small bead of wetness glistened against the blonde hair of his belly. Deliberately Jilly placed her brush in the jar of solvent and placed the palette on the table beside it. She wiped her hands on her apron and reached behind her to untie the strings. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked across the room, dropping the apron beside her. She came to a stop beside the couch and stood looking down at him without speaking. He reached down and gripped his fully erect cock,

"It is all for you and your pleasure," he whispered.

"Only your cock?" she asked with her eyebrow raised.

"Of course not," he smiled. "All of me is here for your pleasure." He reached out and stroked the outer lips of her pussy with one finger.

"That is good," she replied as she straddled his face. "I need pleasure." She lowered her wet cunt so that he could just taste her. She let a tiny moan as his tongue stroked her folds. Her clit swelled and she felt her juices starting to run. She lowered herself further down onto his waiting tongue. Willingly he stroked her swelling node sucking it into his mouth gently as he slid his finger into her. The first spasm was small, Jilly clenched herself hard struggling to hold the liquid inside herself but a small trickle flowed down her thigh and over his cheek. Greedily he turned his face to lick up her liquid before returning his face to her twitching cunt. The second wave was harder, a jet of liquid covered his face and lips as she groaned in pleasure. His fingers teased her, mining the cum liquid out of her body and Jilly gave herself up to the pleasure covering his face and the couch with the liquid of her pleasure. The room was filled with the sound of her cries of pleasure and his slurping as he tried to drink all of the liquid that gushed out of her.

When her legs couldn't hold her any longer she collapsed onto his chest where she lay panting in pleasure but she wasn't spent. She had only just awakened the hunger in her. She needed more, much more. She slid off the couch and for a few moments she sucked his cock sliding the velvet skin past her lips and down her throat, enjoying the taste and smell of his hard rod in her mouth before her clamouring cunt made her straddle him once again. For a few moments she kneeled above him, teasing herself with his member, using it like a sex toy to stroke herself. Spasms of pleasure shuddered through her as she tapped her hard engorged node with his cock and her juice covered his body and her hand. She slipped the head of his cock into her opening, teasing them both as she continued to pleasure herself before slipping him out to stroke her hard node.

"Please..." he pleaded. 

For a second she stopped moving the smooth skin of his cock over herself. A sly smile crossed her lips. "Please?" she asked quietly. Slowly, deliberately she slid his member into herself a little further. She held him inside herself pulsing her cunt around his cock. "You want this?"

He gave a little whimper of pleasure, "Only if it gives you pleasure." 

She let his entire length into her hungry cunt and began to slowly ride him, grinding her hips against his pressing him as deeply into herself as she could. Her fingers worked her clit as she rocked back and forth. After a few moments she leaned down and he responded, as he knew she wanted him to, reaching up to take her nipples into his mouth. Jilly rocked harder, her finger worked her clit hard. She pulled away from him just before she came. Beneath her he looked up in awe at her parted lips and beautiful face contorted in pleasure. It was the most beautiful sight. She slumped over him for a few moments, spent and happy. He reached down and fondled her nipples, still buried in her his cock twitched in pleasure. She smiled against his chest.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," she responded dreamily. "But I am not finished yet." She sat up and allowed his hard cock to slide out of her. She reached for a dildo that she had left on the table beside the couch. 

"I want to watch you pleasure yourself," She pushed him off the couch and spread her legs wide. 

Obediently he kneeled in front of her and held his cock in his palm. She spread her legs wide and slipped the dildo into her slick opening. 

"Show me how you stroke yourself when you think about me." She commanded as the thick piece of silicone slid into her. 

He didn't argue, he began to stroke himself slowly, enjoying the sensation while he watched her pleasure herself. Watching the thick dildo sliding in and out of her was mesmerising. 

"Do you want to watch a cock this size fucking me?" she asked.

"Only if it makes you scream in pleasure," he answered. "If I could watch you be pleasured I would watch any number of cocks fucking you. 

Jilly pressed the dildo against the sensitive spot at her opening. A tiny orgasm twitched through her. In front of her Mark's hand moved faster. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer. The dildo slid in and out of her faster as she bit down on her lip. A little furrow of concentration formed in her brow as she watched him intently. Mark passed the point of no return and his hand became a blur of movement. 

"Come," Jilly whispered to him. 

With a loud groan Mark emptied himself. White cum covered his hand and fell onto the floor of her studio. Jilly smiled indulgently at him. "Does that feel better?" she asked kindly. Breathing heavily Mark nodded. Jilly placed the dildo on the table beside her and stood up.
"I think you need a little rest now." She helped him stand and led him to the couch. 

Obediently he lay down and closed his eyes. Gently she wiped the cum from his hand and then arranged his limbs in a pleasing pattern. For a few moments she stood looking at her handiwork before she walked back to her easel and picked up her palette.


  1. Another one that got me to rise to the occasion. Unfortunately without you. Thanks for the pleasure.

  2. I bet now she can concentrate on her painting too. Great story!

    Rebel xox

  3. Hot images! Hot writing! Thanks for sharing.