Friday, May 10, 2013

Cherry Red Lips

During the week I found myself at a meeting watching an extraordinarily dressed woman give a presentation that she was clearly passionate about. Even though I was very firmly in 'Non Gemma' mode this little image came to mind.

I noticed her as soon as I walked into the meeting room. It was impossible not to nice her really. She dressed like a rockabilly style icon right from the top of her perfectly coiled hair down to the points of her patent leather kitten heels. But the thing that stood out the most was her lips. They were full and impossibly cherry red on her perfectly powdered face beneath a pair of wide brown eyes framed by horn rimmed glasses. 

She was seated at the front of the meeting, my first management meeting at this company, waiting to give a presentation. At first glance she seemed calm and collected the perfect professional but as I watched her for longer I began to notice the little signs of her tension in the way she sat perfectly upright and kept pressing those impossibly red lips together. I found myself fantasising about those lips. I wanted desperately to taste them to discover their luscious sweetness. 

When she stood up and started her presentation my heart raced. I don't really remember anything that she spoke about, instead I remember her passion, the way her perfect lips framed words that woke the sleeping managers out of their bored stupor. I remember the way those deep brown eyes sparkled with life and the way her chest heaved when she breathed in excitement. Under her demure dress her small round breasts strained against the fabric. I wanted to unbutton her dress and let them fall into my hands all the time covering those lips with my own. 

My first week of working for the company ended. I celebrated in a style that would have made the conservative women who shared my office swoon. I visited my favourite fetish club. I loved coming here; the pulsing music, the women dressed in corsetry and leather, the play on the stage area and the titillation of seeing people teasing and experimenting with different devices in every private little corner. Tonight it seemed a little busier than normal, there were even people dancing in time to the writhing, pulsing music.

Everywhere I looked breasts were bursting out of corsets and thighs were clad in leather boots. The throbbing music reverberated through my body, echoing through my groin.
The first thing I noticed was her lips, their full redness was unmistakable. It was the only thing about her that was the same. She had swapped her rockabilly dresses and cute button up shoes for a vinyl dress and shiny thigh length boots. The small round breasts that had been muted by cotton fabric were pushed proudly upwards by the tight bodice of her dress. If it wasn't for the lips I would never have recognised her. For long moments I watched her talking with her friends. Her lips moved in animated speech, her breasts heaved against the tight bodice and I felt warmth spreading through my body. A warm wetness formed between my thighs.

She turned and our eyes met across the noise and music of the club. There was a flicker of recognition followed by raw animal lust. I felt my own nipples harden against the leather of my corset as she turned and walked towards me. She stopped when she reached me, her body was almost touching mine as we stood toe to toe and breast to breast looking into each other's eyes. My gaze fell downwards to her full red lips. My fingers twitched beside me and my teeth caught my own lip. I was so close to them now, the urge to kiss them was almost overwhelming. For long moments we stood looking at each other oblivious to the throbbing music and the pulsing bodies around us. Lust coursed through me, those full red lips parted slightly and I caught a glimpse of her neat perfectly aligned teeth. Her tongue stroked her lips before she leaned towards me.

The first kiss was like a stroke with a feather. Our lips barely grazed against each other. As she pulled away from me a little I licked my bottom lip, searching for the traces of sweetness she had left there. I leaned towards her, she remained perfectly still with her mouth slightly open, daring me to take what I had lusted for. I didn't hold back, my lips pressed firmly against hers, my hands wrapped around her tiny waist and reached down to grip her firm round ass. I bunched the tiny skirt of her dress upwards as my hand sought out the smooth round skin of her ass cheeks. I pressed my tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth willingly inviting me in. Her breasts pressed against mine as I drank in the taste of her mouth like someone who is dying of thirst.

When we pulled apart we stood, looking into each other's eyes. Our chests heaved with desire as we looked at each other without speaking for long moments. She broke the silence by reaching forward and putting her hand over my crotch. The lust in her eyes was unmistakable. Suddenly I was thirsty for more than just her cherry red lips. 

Source: Its All Here Right Now


  1. Wow!

    So well written; I felt as though I was with you in the club. I am always attracted to someone by their smile first. The lips and eyes really are gateways to the soul ;)

  2. Love the look across the room of immediate raw lust, the coming together is much more intense. Beautifully done