Friday, May 17, 2013

Morning Massage.

Something for the weekend

A little while ago I had a small adventure which inspired the following story.

Sun glinted off the water as Declan neatly scooped a leaf from the surface of the pool.
"Good morning Declan," the familiar cheery voice greeted him.
Turning Declan allowed himself a few moments to enjoy the sight of Mrs Smythe as she reclined her bikini clad body onto the sun lounge. "Good morning Madame." He responded politely. He glanced over the surface of the pool checking that it was completely clean before he neatly stowed his tools. As he made his way inside he paused beside the sun lounge and looked down at her, admiring her smooth skin showing just the faint hint of a tan, "What are your plans for today Madame?" he asked.
Mrs Smythe shaded her eyes as she looked up at him, "Well, it seems everyone else has gone out for the day so we have the place to ourselves." Declan wasn't sure but he thought he detected the hint of a smirk at the corner of her mouth. His body responded with a quick surge, today could be interesting. Her melodic voice continued, "You know I think I pulled something in my shoulder at the gym yesterday," she flexed her arm for emphasis, "A massage might be nice."
Declan hid his smile carefully, "Of course your wish is my command." He responded exactly the way he knew she liked, "Would you like the table inside or outside?"
"Oh it is such a nice day I think outside would be perfect." Mrs Smythe terminated the conversation by pulling her hat over her eyes and settling into a more comfortable position on the sun lounger. Declan made his way inside and efficiently began clearing away the breakfast clutter in the kitchen. Through the window he could see the back of Mrs Smythe's chair. He was a little eager to skip to the task she had requested but his neat nature didn't allow him to walk away from a sink of dirty dishes. 
When the dishwasher was humming quietly and the benches were wiped clean he made his way to the hall closet and retrieved the massage table. He set up the table with his characteristic quiet efficiency making sure he had a bottle of her favourite oils handy. When everything was ready he stepped over to the sun lounger and stood waiting patiently with the sun warming her. He took the opportunity to admire her further, the bronze of her skin blended almost perfectly into the dark beige of her bikini. From a distance she looked almost naked. After a few minutes she stirred and moved her hat to look up at him.
"I am ready whenever you are," Declan spoke quietly keeping his eyes averted. 
"Well then perhaps we should get started." She unfolded herself and stood in front of him.

The top of her head was exactly level with the bottom of his chin. She tilted her head to look up at him as she reached behind her neck and untied her bikini. The triangles of fabric fell away from her body to reveal a set of soft round breasts topped by impressive dusky nipples. Declan inhaled slowly remembering how those nipples loved to be pleasured. It was all he could do right now to stop himself from reaching down and taking one in his mouth. 
"Declan you know the rules," she chided.
He shuffled awkwardly, "Oh yes," he stepped aside and began removing his shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the table beside the oil bottle. Still wearing her bikini bottoms, Mrs Smythe walked past him to lay herself face down on the table. Keeping in line with the rules Declan left his own underwear on and took up his position beside the massage table and oiled his hands making sure the oil was warm before he placed them on her smooth skin. He started slowly moving his hands in long strokes over her back familiarising himself with her body again. With a slight frown he began working on the tension in her shoulders. As time passed he became completely absorbed in his task, moving his body in time with his strokes and admiring her brown skin and the firm suppleness of her body. She spent a lot of time and money keeping herself fit and it paid off. 
He moved his position so that he could work a little on her lower back. He felt her fingers brush past his cock. Instantly he stood to attention inside his briefs. His ministrations continued without missing a beat, as he worked her fingers became bolder and began to stroke him encouraging his cock to harden further. Almost accidentally his fingers slipped down her back and into the waistband of her bikini. He held his breath for a moment, worried that he had misinterpreted her signals and overstepped the mark. She opened her legs slightly and tilted her hips invitingly upwards. Inwardly he sighed partly in relief and partly in anticipation. 
Not wanting to disappoint Declan moved his hands down to massage her thighs. She moved her legs further apart and tilted her hips a little higher. Between her legs there was a dark patch of moisture. Slowly his fingers slid up her thigh and slid under the elastic of her briefs. He watched her shoulders move as she sighed in anticipation. He slipped his finger into her warm wet slit, teasing her lips for a few moments before sliding his fingers out and continuing with his ministrations of her thighs.
Several minutes passed before he paused briefly. "Would you like me to do the front of your legs now?" he asked quietly.
Without speaking she rolled on to her back. She looked him straight in his eyes as she slipped her fingers into the waist of her bikini and slid it down over her shapely thighs. Declan was mesmerised by her smooth freshly shaved mound before the mood of her eyes changed. It took a few seconds before he noticed but when he did he was quick to rectify things sliding his briefs down over his ass and stepping neatly out of them. His cock stood out in front of him proudly. Mrs Smythe's eyes opened a little wider as she looked at him,
"That is better," With a sly smile she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to move her hand slowly up and down. Declan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A little shudder of pleasure passed through him. She pulled him closer to him so that she could put him in her mouth. Looking up at him teasingly she slid her tongue under his foreskin and stroked the silky smooth skin underneath. Declan's sigh turned to a soft grunt of pleasure. His body twitched and he clenched his fist beside him. 
She let his cock slide from her mouth and lay back on the table. Without prompting he moved forward and placed his hands on her breasts. For a few moments he gently kneaded them, pinching her nipples between his fingers. He resisted the temptation to put his mouth on her. When her nipples were like hard little buds under his palms he slid his hands down over her belly stroking the soft skin above her mound. She was writhing in pleasure now, arching her back slightly and pushing her hips up towards him with her knees apart. 
Teasingly his fingers trailed down over her smooth mound entering the top of her slit before grazing further downwards. Wetness streamed out of her as he gently explored her folds teasing in the places that he knew she liked all the time watching her face and the contortions of her body. He took his time, teasing each little place at his leisure before he slid his fingers into her hot wet cunt. She arched up to him with a moan. His gaze shifted from her face and those magnificent heaving breasts to her swollen pussy that was glistening with wetness around his hand as he fucked her slowly with his fingers. He bent down and touched her hard node with his tongue. Her reaction was almost instant. Her body arched off the table and she gave a sharp cry of pleasure. He continued applying a little more pressure with his tongue all the while keeping the motion of his fingers slow and steady. The courtyard filled with her cries of pleasure and the juice of her orgasms flowed down over his hand and filled his mouth with her sweet saltiness. 
Declan continued to pleasure her with his fingers and lips, fucking and sucking on her clit. He slid all of his fingers inside her pressing her hot wet cunt wide open while he watched her thrashing her head from side to side in pure animal pleasure. Finally she reached down and pushed his hand away. Small shudders passed through her as she reached out for his cock and shoved her mouth down on it. She sucked hard and fast bringing him to the brink quickly. He ached with the desire to fill her mouth but he held back, wanting to make the moment last. 
She pulled back from him and sat up on the table panting. Declan's cock was like an enormous rod throbbing with desire. Despite this he knew what she wanted. Without speaking he retrieved her favourite dildo and passed it to her. As always he worried that he had made an error of judgement but she took the silicone from him with a greedy smile.
"Show me how much you would like to fuck me right now," she murmured to him as she slid the black silicone inside her wet cunt. She began moving it in and out of herself while her eyes were fixed on his cock. He reached down and wrapped his hand around himself and began to stroke all the while with his eyes fixed on the black plastic fucking her. 
"You want to feel this pussy around your cock?" she asked breathlessly. Her fingers pressed against her clitoris and moved in small circles as she moved her dildo rhythmically in and out of herself. 
"Yessss," he hissed. His hand moved faster on his shaft. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer.
Mrs Smythe's brow furrowed a little in concentration. The dildo moved faster and her fingers on her clit became a blur. Declan's hand shuffled up and down his cock and he braced his legs as the familiar pressure began building up. He stepped a little closer to her before he felt the familiar warm waves washing through him. White hot cum jetted out of him coating his fist and splashing on her leg. He groaned before a second spasm hit him and more cum covered his hand. He placed his hands on the edge of the table beside her panting in pleasure as small aftershocks shuddered through him. 
Mrs Smythe continued to fuck herself slowly allowing him time to rest before he moved to wipe his hands with a towel. She lay back on the massage table with her legs spread wide and began to fuck herself hard. Declan knew she was close and he watched her intently willing her pleasure. He didn't have to wait long. She screamed so loud he worried the neighbours would hear. A jet of liquid shot out of her as her body writhed in pleasure. After what seemed like minutes, she collapsed in a panting heap on the table. The dildo fell to the side and she curled into the foetal position as aftershocks shivered through her. 
Declan smiled with pleasure. He loved seeing her like this. She smiled weakly at him and he began tidying away the towels and oil. "Would you like a shower now?" he asked as he picked up her bikini from the tiles where it had fallen.

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