Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nice Girls


This is week 52 of Wicked Wednesday. I can't believe that it has been so long since Rebel started this meme and I have tried to participate every week since then. The prompt this week is 'Promiscuous'. 

The nice girl is always easy to spot. She is the one in the demure dress with the conservative neckline. Her skirts are never too short and whose jeans are never too tight. When you chat with her she smiles politely and looks demurely downwards. She is alluring in the 'I want to marry you and live in the country and make beautiful children' kind of way.

She is always in the coffee lounge when you go there in the morning and sometimes you sit with her and chat. She laughs at your bad jokes. When you speak she leans forwards and if she is wearing them she touches the pearls around her neck. 

What you don't talk about is the way she presses her thighs together as thoughts of your cock flit thouh her mind. You never mention that when she smiles all you can think about is how those perfectly made up lips felt when she wrapped them around your cock. Even though you twisted her perfectly combed hair in your fist. You didn't have to encourage her to suck your cock because she was so greedy about it. As you chat and sip coffee in a perfectly polite way you see her eyes dart to the side. At the counter buying a brew is a young man in a suit. The fabric of his pants fits snugly over his ass. When you glance back to her she is sitting perfectly straight looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but you recognise the animal look in her eyes. You know that her panties are damp between her thighs. 

The young man pays for his coffee and turns towards you. He pauses for a moment to say good morning to her. She gives him the same demure smile that she gives you. Her face is exactly level with his crotch as he stands beside her seat. Her tongue is resting on her lips and you know she is thinking about wrapping her mouth around that cock and pushing her face against his body. For a second you imagine grasping that perfect round ass and plunging your cock deep into her hot wetness. You know she would love it to be filled from both ends. 

The young man says good bye and she looks back you you all perfect niceness and twin set and pearls. The two of you chat about the weather and the stock market for a few more minutes then another young man walks past in the street outside. She stops talking for a second as she watches him, her fingers twist a napkin together and you know under the table she is pressing her legs together as she fantasises. 

You finish your coffee and walk out of the shop together. On the street you go your separate ways. As she walks up the street you watch her neat round ass in her knee length skirt. She is going to her reception desk where she will smile at people all day and talk politely to the customers on the phone. Everyone in her office likes her because she is so nice. They don't for a second realise that sometimes she sits at her desk with a butt plug in her ass because she likes the feeling or that when she goes to the bathroom she touches herself. Hardly anyone knows that she carries a dildo with her and that she often fucks herself with it during her lunch break. 

Nobody at her work would ever know that she fucks at least one guy, usually two, sometimes three and a woman if she gets a chance, almost every other weekend. Nobody would ever dream of her sucking a cock like she was starving for it or putting her ass in the air begging you to fuck her senseless like the perfect slut that she is. Everybody thinks she is a nice girl. 


  1. often its the innocent looking ones that have the wild freak inside screaming to get out. Appearances are quite deceiving in this world.
    Wonderful write. Now I must be off to the coffee shoppe

  2. Now you know why I like coffee shops!!! Great read!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. I think there are many people out there who hide their true selves because they feel they will be judged. Great piece!

    Rebel xox

  4. I fell into this one and it kept me going. I really enjoyed it. Nice piece...