Friday, May 24, 2013


Something for the weekend

Life is conspiring against me at the moment. The story ideas are in my head but putting the words onto the page seems to be taking a very firm back seat. I took some Saturday morning time to get part of this little gem down. The rest will be shared with you during the week. 

"Good Evening, Declan." Mrs Smythe was immaculate as ever. Her gown fitted perfectly, clinging softly to her curves with a neckline that fell away giving just a peek at her breasts nestled beneath. Declan noted with a smile that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Alyssa will be joining me for dinner tonight seeing as everyone else is out or away," Mrs Smythe gestured towards the slightly younger blonde woman on her arm. Like Mrs Smythe, Alyssa was dressed in a softly clinging gown with a neckline that plunged to her waist. Clearly underwear was considered unnecessary between friends. 

Mrs Smythe's voice interrupted his thoughts, "We will eat in the nook. I think, there is no need for formalities tonight. Although I do expect you to be properly dressed." A familiar glint crept into her eye.

"Certainly madam," he bowed slightly and walked quietly away to make his preparations. He had expected most of her decisions and had prepared accordingly. In the kitchen he shed his daytime working clothes and donned his waistcoat and cuffs. The air around his ass and cock was titillating and slightly unnerving. He had never met Alyssa before and being exposed in front of her while he served her dinner was a little frightening. As a distraction he made himself busy arranging food on platters and ensuring that the plates and eating utensils were gleaming. When he was satisfied with the way the food sat on the plates and the cleanliness of the crokery and cutlery he began ferrying them out to the eating space. 

Both women reclined on the couch in the small nook off to the side of the main dining area. He set down the plates on the dining table and made his way back to the kitchen for the food. Although neither of the women acknowledged him he felt eyes on his bare ass cheeks as he made his way back to the kitchen. His nerves returned making his heart beat faster. 

The conversation between the two women flowed freely as Declan served their dinner from the gleaming silver platter. As he expected they seemed to ignore him, he kept his eyes averted as he had been trained. It didn't stop him from noticing when Mrs Smythe slid her hand up Alyssa's thigh or the look on Alyssa's face as she checked out his semi hard cock. The two women finished their meal and moved closer to each other. Declan filled their wine glasses and cleared away the plates and remaining food. In the kitchen he stacked the dishwasher and put away the food leaving the benches gleaming the way the housekeeper liked before returning quietly and unobtrusively to the dining area. He knew that his duties were minimal from here on but that Mrs Smythe liked him to be on hand in case she needed something. 

Sexy kissing girls.The women were oblivious to his return. Mrs Smythe wrapped her leg around Alyssa and she slid her hand into the neckline of Alyssa's dress as she kissed her. Standing quietly against the table Declan watched Alyssa writhe in pleasure at Mrs Smythe's touch. Mrs Smythe pulled away from the younger woman and looked into her eyes as she cupped her breast and pinched her nipple under the fabric of her dress. Alyssa whimpered in pleasure as her body twisted under Mrs Smythe's ministrations. Hesitantly her hand rested on the older woman's thigh.

"Have you ever felt a woman?" Declan could hear the excitement in his lady's voice.
"No," Alyssa's words were almost inaudible. Declan could feel his cock hardening in front of him. He clasped his hands behind his back to resist the temptation to touch himself. He was afraid to move in case he disturbed them. 

Mrs Smythe leaned back on the couch and pulled her dress up over her thighs. She spread her legs apart and gently guided Alyssa's hand towards herself. Tentatively the younger woman touched her allowing Mrs Smythe to guide her. The air filled with the musky smell of female arousal and Declan felt a throb in his cock. Alyssa's eyes opened wide as she relaxed and began to explore on her own. The women's eyes were locked together as the intensity of the moment seemed to fill the room to bursting point. 

Mrs Smythe panted slightly as Alyssa's fingers stroked her clit. "That is it," she encouraged. "Touch the places that you like to touch yourself." 

Alyssa slid her finger inside Mrs Smythe teasing her a little before sliding it out and continuing to stroke her hard node. 

"Do you want to taste me?" Mrs Smythe panted.

"Yes but I don't know how to… lick a woman," a blush rose in Alyssa's cheeks as she replied.

Mrs Smythe looked over at Declan standing quietly beside the table, "Declan will show you," she gestured to him. 

Alyssa looked startled to realise that he had been watching them the whole time. Her eyes travelled quickly downwards to his fully erect cock that was glistening a little with pre-cum.
"It is OK," Mrs Smythe reassured her with a gentle hand on her arm. He is completely trustworthy and will do anything you ask of him. 

"Anything?" Alyssa looked incredulous.

"Absolutely anything," Mrs Smythe assured her. 

Declan stood beside the two women, waiting for his instructions. Mrs Smythe reached up and pulled him downwards until he was kneeling in front of her. "He is an expert on pleasuring a woman with his mouth," She leaned back against the couch and pushed the back of his head towards her crotch. Declan didn't need to be asked twice. He leaned down to taste the saltiness of her. Conscious of Alyssa watching he began to lick Mrs Smythe in all the places she liked. He was gentle and shy at first but after a few strokes over her pussy she began to encourage him. He forgot everything except the taste and smell of her, the craving to hear her moans of pleasure drove him to probe deeper into her cunt with his tongue. She moaned her pleasure and her body writhed and contorted before she pushed him away.
He kneeled back on his heels with her juice coating his chin. 

"He really is very good," Mrs Smythe panted. She pushed Alyssa back on the couch. "Would you like to feel his tongue?"

"Maybe," Alyssa sounded a little hesitant. 

Mrs Smythe began peeling Alyssa's dress over her shoulders to display a pair of young firm breasts. She leaned down and took the nipple gently between her lips. There was a whimper from Alyssa as the lips and teeth began to tease her. Mrs Smythe sat up and looked into her eyes as she cupped and probed her breast, 

"You have the most fantastic tits," the crass word made Declan look up. He had only ever heard his lady speak that way when she was extremely horny. Alyssa's legs fell apart in front of Declan. Mrs Smythe looked down at her smooth honey coloured thighs. Slowly she ran her fingers up her inner thigh towards the blonde pussy. Almost excruciatingly slowly she stroked the lips of her labia before parting them to show the glistening pink flower underneath. 

"Look how pretty she is Declan," Mrs Smythe purred, "Doesn't she look delectable?"

Declan licked his lips, "Yes Madame," he replied softly.

"Taste her," the command was said in a gentle voice but Declan could hear the heat of desire underneath. He leaned forward and passed his tongue over her once, barely touching her. He sat back again savouring the sweet youthful taste like a fine chocolate over his tongue. 

"You want more?" The question hung in the air. Declan nodded, on the couch Alyssa whimpered.

Mrs Smythe nodded at Declan, "Show her how gentle and skilled you are," she encouraged her pupil.

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