Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Big O

I cannot believe that I have been participating in Wicked Wednesday for almost a year!!  Prompt no 50 is:

Again I was prompted to write something non-fictional. 

Often over the last couple of years I have considered writing a post on orgasms but I have actively avoided it. When I read Rebel's prompt this week it seemed to be daring me to bare my soul. I hope you are all gentle with me.

Orgasms are something that I have had a very on and off relationship with. I often find them hard to pin down and make happen. As I have said in a couple of recent posts I don't masturbate often. There are a lot of reasons for this and I don't need to go into them here really. Lately I have been practising the art of self-loving more frequently and enjoying the results. When I have sex I love the feeling of being filled with a cock but that in itself doesn't bring me to climax. Of course this is normal but there have been times, a few, when it has and I love it. 

Until very recently I was very envious of women who seemed to orgasm all over the place and have a grand old time. For me orgasms often took a bit of effort to achieve and a lot of the time I wondered if the effort was worth it. Jake and I embarked on a process a few years ago that involved me learning to ejaculate. While we deliberately read material and watched videos at the time I wouldn't say that we developed a technique per se. The journey was really about me becoming more comfortable with my body and somehow opening the window so the sensuality could come in.
Once I trained my mind to let my body ejaculate my whole view on orgasms and enjoying myself changed a lot. Basically I will ejaculate or have that kind of orgasm when I am highly aroused for some reason. It seems a little different with every person. Jake can make me ejaculate when he is fucking me. I sit on top of him and hold my hips a certain way and, provided he has done the leg work to get the arousal happening, he gets a bath, which he loves. A couple of other guys I have been with have amazing oral skills. Fortunately for them having their face covered in my juice is something that they love as well. I could sit on Mr Bunnings' face for hours and he would let me as long as I wore the right boots! Other men have been able to produce results with their hand and more recently Mr Fix it has discovered that taking his cock out when fucking me and using it to stroke and (gently!!!) tap certain places can also produce very pleasing results.
When I ejaculate I am one of those spasming women who melt into a heap of uncontrollable twitching, moaning and general pleasure. Lately I have tried to control the actual squirting while still achieving the orgasm. Things can get a bit messy and the clean-up can be challenging. I am making a bit of progress with this; in the meantime I have to take a lot of towels with me wherever I go.

Even though a session of ejaculating produces a great deal of pleasure often I feel a little 'unfinished' if I don't have a more regular orgasm. So if Jake and I have been out and soaked a bed or two with our fun he then needs to take me home and give me a proper orgasm so I can go to sleep. I don't ejaculate every time I have sex. It is more like a special occasion experience. Normal, everyday experiences involve the more 'regular' type of orgasm that make me want to roll over and go to sleep like any good man.
And now that I have shared all of that with you, I feel the need to go and 'attend' to myself. Or maybe I need to be attended to. You can never find a good sex slave when you want one. 

I almost forgot in my search for the slave. Make sure you head over to Wicked Wednesday and read some other orgasmic stuff. 



  1. Very candid; squirting is something my wife and I have just to really try much!

  2. I am glad you have found that place where you can let go and enjoy. I love to watch a woman explode and fall to pieces as her body shakes her to pieces...or a man for that matter. There is something beautiful and inspiring it in.

  3. Thank you for baring your orgasmic soul. :)

  4. Beautifully honest post.


  5. I love the honesty in your post! I too ejaculate a lot, but always need that one real orgasm that leaves me spent, otherwise I don't feel fully satisfied :)

    Rebel xox