Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Navigating Sex


1. Answer Yes or No.
a) I regret my first kiss - I am actually struggling to remember this event so I guess I can safely say that I am either getting way too old, it wasn't that fantastic and or it didn't scar me for life!

b) I miss my first love - My first love and I stayed friends for quite a while after the relationship officially ended. We did have a few sexual encounters in between subsequent partners but the romance wasn't officially re-kindled. Oddly when I informed him of my engagement to Jake we had a brief argument and haven't spoken since. I used to miss him but not so much anymore.

c) I married my first love - Clearly the answer to this one is no given my response to the above.

d) I loved someone that didn't love me - I don't know if love is the right word. Had a crush on yes. Loved, probably not. 

2. Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamourous or some other category which you will explain or define for us now.
Jake says that he must be monogamous because he only has one dick and can only fuck one person at a time. I don't know how he explains the time that he was being fucked by someone while he was fucking me or the times he has had a pussy on his face while his cock was inside a different pussy. Clearly he isn't a very good monogamist. 
Neither am I. I don't think that either of us would define ourselves as polyamourous either. 
I have described myself as a swinger in many posts here. Right here right now that is probably the best definition of what we are. The other definition that could fit from time to time would be ethical slut. 

3. Your partner is in the mood for sex and you are tired. What do you do?
a) Start snoring, there is no way I am giving it up tonight.
b) Trade... you give me a massage and we will see what happens.
c) That would never happen!
Definitely b). I am a mum etc etc. But Jake knows all the magic buttons to press. 

4. Does your partner mind if you masturbate in bed when they are there?
Jake does not mind if I masturbate while he is in bed wether he is asleep or otherwise. I feel a little self consious masturbating in front of him and I guess as I commented last week I also have other things that seem like more fun if I have a living breathing attentive partner. 
Jake felt that I should also answer this question in reverse because my opinion is slightly different from his. I do sometimes mind if he masturbates when I am in bed with him. Mainly because if I am not participating then he is most probably keeping me from going to sleep. If that is the case he needs to refer to the previous answer.   

5. Describe your typical sexual romp.
a) You are playful and tame.
b) You have occassionally introduced a few things like outfits and toys.
c) You love trying new things and shocking your partner. 
I don't think I have a typical sexual romp. Anything sexual that I do that would be defined as a romp is different every time it happens so sometimes it would be a) sometimes it would be b) and sometimes it would be c) and then other times it would be something else altogether like 'I get a couple of guys together and I fuck them, tag team style until they are either broken or I can't stand up' 

Bonus: What was your best ever masturbation experience? why was it the best? Describe. 
I don't have a story to share here because I have not really had a great relationship with masturbation. I asked a couple of my Facebook friends if they had anything they wanted to share and here is what they said.

Rod The first time I used my masturbator sex toy and lube. It was basically an early version of the fleshlite toys and was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I took things slow so I didn't finish too early because I was still young and had no control. It just felt so smooth, soft and had a great texture that hit all the right spots. I think it is memorable mainly because it was a first and early experience  
 Deacon: The tme I wanted to test myelf and not masturbate for a while. I lasted  two weeks. Afer a while everything around me became sexual. One day I got out of the shower and I started stroking. I couldn't stop and when I blew it was like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. The load I blew could have filled a shot glass. 
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  1. 1. a. Lol...i know I don't remember mine either.

    2. Hahaha...someone explain the current meaning of 'monogamy' to Jake.

    *grinning* Ethical Slut it is.

    Thanks for sharing TMI and the TMI of your friends.


  2. You know, SilverHubby remembers the first 3-4 girls he kissed, and regrets none of them. But he doesn't remember which one was actually first. :)

  3. Monogamist with benefits!!
    Thanks for sharing!