Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Tickle My Funnybone

funny bone

This week's TMI questions come courtesy of Bi and Bi.

1. Have you ever laughed during sex? Tell us about it.
Well I have been having sex fairly regularly now for 20 years. There isn't a particular time that stands out for being the time that I laughed when I was having sex because there have been many times that I have done that. Something that did spring to mind when I read this question was a couple that Jake and I were very close with a few years back. One of the things that really clicked between us and them was the number of times we laughed when we got down to business. We hadn't really thought about it until then but a sense of humor is one of THE most important things when choosing someone to fuck. 

2. How important is a sense of humor to you?
There are three things that are guranteed to make a man seem irresistable to me.
  1. Intelligence (this can be the geeky kind of intelligence or the streetwise kind either appeals)
  2. Being able to fix stuff. If I witness a guy who makes something broken go or takes something that had been discarded as trash and turn it into something useful I get all hot and bothered.
  3. A sense of humor. I tell my son regularly that the best way to win a girl's heart is to make her laugh. If you want to win my vagina brush up on your deadpan humor. 

So to answer the question; extremely important.  

3. Have you ever thought something was funny when your lover did not? Tell us what it was. 
I am sure there are many many moments that fall into this category but they are not springing to mind at the moment. The thing that does pop into my head is an incident that happened during my honeymoon with Jake. I can't remember if it was a serious attempt to be sexy or not but Jake decided one night to put on a piece of my lingerie. I cracked up much to his chargin and he got very upset at my insensitivity. 

4. Are pranks funny? Have you ever fallen victim to a prank? Tell us what happened. 
They can be sometimes. Usually they not nearly as funny for the victim as the perpetrator.  I have been both a perpetrator and a victim of pranks over my lifetime. I once worked with a gentleman who pranked me continuously for several weeks. His pranks ranged from mildly annoying, to extremly frustrating and on to downright embarrasing. Given that I was the main victim of his pranking and a couple of other things that came to pass I am reasonably confident that his pranks were an extremely immature way of getting my attention because he wanted to get into my pants. Some men never graduate from primary school.

5. What is your favourite type of humor? For a complete list click here
I am a huge fan of dry / deadpan delivery. I am somewhat sucessful at it particularly with my children. I get a huge kick out of saying something completely outlandish to an unsuspecting young victim with a completely straight face and watching them as they look at me trying to work out if I am serious or not. I also love highbrow style humor.  

Bonus: Tell us an embarrasing or funny moment you experienced with a lover.
So this one night Jake and I went to a swinger's party and hooked up with the Fix It's. We were getting naked and enjoying ourselves happily when something happened, I don't remember exactly what, but it wasn't too serious.  Mr Fix It said in this robot type voice 
"Malfunction! Malfunction!" That in itself was amusing but what was really hilarious was the speed at which Mrs Fix It's head whipped around because she thought there was a malfunction of a different not so funny kind happening with Mr Fix It's equipment. We quickly reassured her that everything was more than fine and got back to business. 

Reader Bonus: I asked my Facebook Followers if they had a question they wanted to add to my post. Deacon added this weighty question

How did it all begin the who, the where, the when and the why?
That is a lot of stuff and I could probably write several posts before I answered this properly, especially the why part. There isn't a defining moment when we started on this journey. After chatting with Jake we think the who, where and when part goes a bit like this.
After doing some internet research (so technically we had already started before this) we decided to visit Couples International as our first step down this path. We didn't have sex with anyone else that night but we met some interesting people and I kissed a girl for the first time. We were so impressed with the club that we joined up that night and went back many more times for many more very interesting nights. I cannot remember the exact date but it was somewhere in the later half of 2009.
Sadly CI is closing it's doors very very soon. Jake and I are planning one last visit to this place that really changed our lives forever. It will be sad to see it go.


  1. I totally agree that the ability to fix things, or make something out of nothing is a HUGE turn-on. Huge!

  2. I love the story of the "malfunction!" That sounds like a really fun moment. Being able to joke like that during such an intimate moment is, for me, essential.