Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After Hours.


The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was this;


While I was pruning my hedge this little gem popped into my mind. 

"Are you going home soon?" Rebecca peered over the partition that separated their work spaces.

"Soon, soon," Jo didn't look up from her screen. "I just want to get this finished tonight so Grumpy Arse doesn't get on my case in the morning."

"You work too damned hard," Rebecca admonished her friend. "Grumpy Arse doesn't appreciate you enough."

"I know, I know." Jo waved her hand absently. "I promise I will come out for drinks with you guys tomorrow night." She looked up from her scree for a few moments to smile warmly at her friend. 

Rebecca looked unconvinced. "All right," she answered reluctantly "I will believe you just this once." She turned ad picked up her handbag. "Make sure you aren't here too late."

"I won't." Jo traced a cross on her chest. "Cross my heard and hop to die."

As the lift door pinged and Rebecca left the building a hush descended. A feeling of relief came over Jo. She actually liked working in an empty office with no ringing phones or colleague's conversations to distract her. In no time she was absorbed completely in her work. 

The first thing that alerted her to his presence was his scent. Her body registered the aroma before her mind registered his presence. The familiar smell filled her nostrils and sent a warm jolt straight to her groin.

"You always work so hard Jo," his voice whispered against her neck as his lips brushed her hairline. Gooseflesh rose along Joe's arms and her nipples hardened against the lace of her bra. In front of her the cursor blinked, demanding the next word in the report she had been writing. Nothing could convince her mind to make a coherent thought as his hands slipped down her shoulders and slid forwards towards her breasts. 

She pressed her legs together as she exhaled. His hands slipped further downwards into her bra to cup her breast.

"I missed those breasts," his voice was a hot whisper in her ear as his fingers pinched her nipples a little harder than gently. The whispering lips travelled down her neckline as he pushed open the neck of her blouse and he eased her breasts out of her bra. He straightened up and turned her chair around so that she sat facing his groin. She looked up into his eyes, pleading silently. Just centimetres from her face his cock strained against the fabric of his jeans, throbbing almost painfully. 

For a few seconds he considered unzipping himself and freeing his cock. He knew that if he did she wouldn't hesitate to open those beautiful lips and slide them down around his aching member. His hand twitched at his side as he resisted the urge to twine his fingers into her hair and hold her head ready for him as he unzipped himself. He knew that once he started down that road there would be no turning back and he had other plans for tonight. 

He reached down and took her hand to pull her upwards into a standing position facing him, "and which office belongs to Mr Grumpy Arse may I ask?" He looked at her quizzically. 

"That one," Jo pointed to the office in the corner. "Why?"

Still holding her hand and pulling her along Marcus began walking towards the open door, "Because I am going to fuck you over his desk," he announced casually. 

Once inside the office he pulled the door closed and guided her towards the desk. He silenced her protests with deep kisses as he hitched her skirt up around her hips and sat her on the desk in front of him. She watched silently as he kneeled between her legs and hooked his fingers into the leg of her panties. For a moment he studied her perfect wet pinkness before he slid his tongue into her wet musky folds. He lapped at her wetness greedily as her protests turned into sighs of pleasure. When he slid two fingers into her greedy cunt her sighs turned into little whimpers that crescendoed into deep moans as he continued to pleasure her. Only when her moans peaked as her hips bucked against his face did he stop his ministrations. 

He stood up and looked at her sprawled across her detested supervisor's desk drunk with pleasure and lust. Only then did he reach down and open his trousers to ease out his aching cock. His hand wrapped around his shaft, "You want this?" he asked.

"Yes, yes," she didn't hesitate.

He only paused long enough to rip open a condom wrapper before he plunged his cock into her hot hungry wetness.

"Joanne," the familiar voice drifted through the open office door. Even though this morning he didn't sound angry Jo still felt a stab of dread at the sound of his summons. 

"Yes Mr Newton," she responded as brightly as she could.

"Would you come in here please?" This was a new thing. Normally he would return her work by email covered in highlighting and scathing comments. She hoped that he wasn't about to berate her in person. 

Like a meerkat on watch Rebecca's head popped over the partition to give her a quizzical look. Jo replied with a shrug as she stood and made her way to her supervisor's office. Once inside the door Jo had a vibrant flashback to the previous night when Marcus had sat her on the desk in front of where Mr Newton now sat and knelt on the floor where Mr Newton's chair now resided to lick her pussy. 

"I just wanted to tell you that the standard of the work you submitted this morning was excellent," Mr Newton stood up to face Jo as she stood on the opposite side of his desk.

He was standing right were Marcus had stood as he slammed his cock into her while she sprawled across the jotter that she now found herself staring at. Her screams of pleasure rang in her ears as her boss continued to praise her. 

"Sit down," Mr Newton settled back into his chair, the one Marcus had sat on last night before she impaled herself on his cock. "I think maybe it is time to talk about your future here," 

Jo took a deep breath as she tried to clear the disturbing images of her debauchery from her mind. She turned to pull a chair up to the desk. Sitting there, right on the seat of the chair, large as life was an opened condom wrapper!  

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  1. Oh how many times I have wanted to do something like this on the desk of my yukky supervisor! Great story!

    Rebel xox

  2. Bloody brilliant! What a fantastic write.

    Rachel x

  3. Was "pruning your hedge" a code for something?!

    Excellent write!

    1. Actually no. I was pruning an actual hedge.

  4. Thanks guys for the great feedback. I enjoyed writing this post and it is always encouraging when people write nice things back to you.