Wednesday, June 5, 2013



This week is the first anniversary of Wicked Wednesday. In honour of the occasion Rebel has chosen the following prompt.


Jake and I had our introduction to swinging at a club called Couples International. This club was where we cut our swinging teeth and had many, many nights of debauchery. Much of our swinging journey would not have happened if it were not for this club and it's owners. Sadly the club has been forced to close its doors because of a problem with the local council building code. Jake and I attended their last bondage night there as our way of saying goodbye to a place that had changed our life so much. Of course we had an adventure along the way. 

We climbed the steps that we had climbed so many times before. The furniture was the similar to the last time we had been there. There were two beds, one at each end of the long room with walls made out of square steel mesh, in the middle of the room the swing I had always loved was filled with a body that was being attended to. In line with the theme the stocks had been brought out.  A lot of people were standing along one wall of the square mesh watching the action inside like spectators at the zoo. At the end, in front of the bed a man was being whipped by his wife. I recognised him, we had chatted to both of them earlier in the evening. His jeans were down around his knees and his cock poked through the square mesh. I took my husband's hand and stood in front of him, watching his wife whip him. I couldn't take my eyes off of his hard cock and the jeans down around his ankles. The whipping stopped for a moment and I glanced up to see his wife watching looking at me. With a small nod she showed that she knew what I was thinking and that she would allow it. I stepped forward and kneeled in front of him. 

"Stand closer to the wire," she commanded him as I gripped his cock and slid my mouth over him. The thick metal of the wire was cold against my face as I pressed my nose against his body with the wire forming a barrier between us. The whip lashed his bare ass as I sucked. He moaned, I don't know if it was in pain or pleasure so I sucked him deeply, teasing the head of his cock with my tongue. I didn't even consider the people around me; my whole attention was focussed on the cock in my mouth. I took my time to explore his whole member; sucking him, exploring his skin with my tongue and teasing him with little flicks of my tongue before I cupped my hand around his balls and moving my head up and down in time to the music pulsing in the background. His wife continued to lash him as I ministered and I could hear his moans of pleasure as well as tasting his pre-cum. 

I stood up and kissed my husband before I turned back to him. With my hand wrapped around his cock I kissed him through the wire. He reached down and slid his fingers inside my panties gently probing into my wetness.
"I think you need be on this side with us." He whispered. I looked at my husband silently asking for consent. He gave it with a nod and so we walked through the crowd, past a woman kneeling in the stocks sucking a cock while she was fucked from behind and towards the bed where our new friends were sitting.  The man took my hand and pulled me down on top of him as he lay back. He guided me to lean over his face and pulled my panties to the side to lick me gently, exploring me with his tongue before he began to tease my hard node. Spasms of pleasure began to shudder through me. I looked over my shoulder and saw my husband being taken care of well. When I turned my head back I could see the people downstairs drinking and talking, on the cross a woman was being flogged, on the stage, a woman was being tied with rope. None of the people down there seemed to care or pay any attention to the seething den of sex on the floor above them.

In front of my face I felt a cock resting against my lips. Automatically I opened my mouth to accept him. At first I didn't realise who it was, I didn't care, I was hungry for cock and I would suck anyone right now but after a few moments I recognised the wide girth. Inside I rejoiced at tasting an old friend.  I couldn't take this whole cock into my mouth, he was too wide and too long but I didn't care. With my new friend lapping at my cunt I opened my mouth wide and sucked down on my old friend. Waves of pleasure washed through me. I felt a trickle of wetness dripping down my thigh and I held back the flood that was threatening to drown the man underneath me. He lapped more fervently and for a moment I forgot about the cock in my mouth taking the time to enjoy the moment I felt a small gush escape and run down over the face of the man between my legs. I refocussed my attention on the cock in front of me, sucking hard and craving someone to fill my hungry wet cunt.
I pulled back and looked up at my old friend. His beautiful cock was long and proud in front of him. I wanted it inside me so much right then. He knew exactly what I was thinking,
"Are you ready for some cock now?" he asked.

I didn't answer I just stood up and slipped my panties down over my boots and kneeled on the bed in front of him. He took a moment to press a condom down over his shaft before positioning himself between my feet, gripping my hips and pressing himself against my opening. His width filled me the way I remembered and I moaned in appreciation. He slid slowly in and out of me as I delighted in the feeling of fullness. I gripped him hard with my cunt muscles crying out in pleasure as he fucked me. My husband was beside me, touching me and stroking me as I moaned in pleasure.  I was dimly aware of the people standing near the bed and on the other side of the wire. In particular a man I had met before, dressed in a dark suit watching me intently. I cannot remember how long we fucked but I needed to take a break from the intensity so I leaned forward easing my friend's cock out of me.
I lay down on the bed resting my head against my husband's thigh. Our new friends sat around my head. As my large old friend lifted my legs and kneeled against me to press his cock into me again they cupped my breasts and teased my nipples. My old friend filled me again with his glorious cock as the leaned down and sucked my breasts. It felt as if every person in the room was focussed on me. Everyone there was pleasing me with their hands and cocks and mouths. Those that weren't were watching and enjoying my pleasure. My cries were louder than the music; I couldn't stop screaming in pleasure. It had been a long time since I had been so thoroughly fucked and pleasured in this way.
When I had enough my old friend slipped out of me, stroking my thighs gently before he stood over me. He took his leave, and so did our newer friends. The audience dwindled as I lay on the bed, snuggling with my husband. His cock was hot and hard against my thigh and I wasn't ready to finish the night at all. I pulled my man onto me and his cock slid inside me instantly. It was like coming home after a trip. Everything was comfortable and right and better than all of the exotic sights. I love this cock, even if I never felt another one I would not be unhappy about fucking this one.

We were so totally focussed on each other we forgot the people still watching, the crowd downstairs milling about, the scenes being played out on the stages and everyone else we had met that night. There was just two people there and that was all that mattered.  


  1. That sounds like an incredible evening. I hope you find a new venue that works as well in the future.

  2. This sounds like a lovely evening full of fun and sex(iness). A pity that a place where you had so much fun has to close.

    Rebel xox

  3. I do love being watched and I really love how this ended too, the focus on the two of you but still in the public setting


  4. Oh what a night - I so love your account of our steamy interaction.... xxx
    hugs from the husband whipper xxx L

  5. a wonderful evening and a great way to say farewell to a loved place. Thanks for sharing