Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lunchtime Liason


It is Wednesday again and time to be wicked. Rebel's prompt this week is. Make sure that you head over to the Wicked Wednesday page to check out who else is being wicked.


I was inspired by an experience I had recently and a text that was sent to me afterwards to pen the following. I hope that I have been accurate in surmising his thoughts. 

Marcus held his fingers up to his lips as he listened to the development manager drone on, this meeting was so frigging boring. The scent on his fingers permeated his thoughts making him inhale more deeply. The meeting faded into the background of his consciousness as images rushed into his mind jolting him back to where he had been not even half an hour earlier. 

In the thirty minute break between meetings he had arranged to meet her in the foyer of the five star hotel next to his building. She had been everything he had hoped for, sexy, confident and unafraid. He had bought them a drink but after two sips he had known they were wasting time. He needed to take her somewhere to touch her and explore her body. 

He put his drink on the table, "If you dare," he started, not entirely confident that she would take the challenge but driven by an irresistible urge to see those breasts in person, "I will walk out of here and I would like you to follow me a little way behind." They had talked about this scenario in the flood of texts in the previous weeks, he knew she was up for things like this but still there was a risk in asking the question. It was the risk that gave this whole thing the edge he craved. He stood up and walked out of the room, past the concierge. 

She followed. His heart beat faster as he pushed the door open and stepped inside the bathroom, she followed a few seconds later closing the door behind her. He wasted no time, he stepped forward and kissed her on the lips, pressing her back against the sink as he fumbled with her dress, sliding his hand into the neckline of the dress hungry to feel her body and stroke her skin. His hand slid down over her ass and he inserted his finger into her panties. 

"You are so wet." He whispered into her ear as he pressed his fingers into her stroking hungrily. His cock throbbed in his jeans Right now he would do anything to have her, ideas of blowing off his meeting and spending the afternoon in a hotel room fucking began to creep into his mind. Underneath his body she made little whimpering noises and fumbled with his belt seeking to release his hard throbbing cock. 

Obligingly he helped her, easing himself out of his jeans and his briefs. It was almost blissful allowing his member out of its confinement. There was a brief pause as she stood admiring him for a second before she wrapped her hand around him and stroked gently. He watched intently aching for more than her tentative touch but she wasn't to be hurried, she bent down and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. Slowly she slid her lips down over him, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. She sucked him for a few strokes still standing and bending down to reach him before she kneeled down on the tiles of the bathroom floor. 

He looked down at her as she licked his balls, taking them one by one into her mouth before she licked the length of his cock. She looked up at him as she licked the tip of his cock before sliding her lips down over him engulfing him pressing down on him until she gagged on his length. The sound of other patrons entering other parts of the bathroom combined with the urgency of his schedule combined increasing his excitement. He wanted this to last but he knew he didn't have the luxury. 

Reaching down he twisted his fingers into her hair, "Suck me like a good girl," he whispered. He wished that he had time to bend her over the sink and bury his cock into her hot wet cunt. The sight of her face in the mirror as he fucked her from behind was something that her craved but he knew he didn't have time. 

"Let me fuck your mouth," he whispered. Pressure was building in him, The intense rush was almost too much to bear. She kneeled obediently letting him press his cock into her mouth. The pressure of his orgasm pressed at the corners of his mind, he let it build even though he wished he had time to toy with it. He paused for a moment and looked down at her,

"Suck me until I cum," he whispered to her. Obediently she sucked him deeply. He threw his head back letting the sensation and excitement build in him. He knew it wouldn't take long. 

"I am going to fill your mouth with my cum" He whispered urgently. Just as he felt the first surge pulsing up she pulled his cock from her mouth and held him in front of her face. The first surge of white cum welled up and splashed across her face. Time seemed to slow as she slipped him back into her mouth to take the second pulse over her tongue. He grunted softly in pleasure as a third pulse shot through him. 

Automatically he reached for a towel to wipe her face. She stopped him to reach into her handbag before handing him a camera.
"There is someone else who might want to see this."




  1. a fun trip to get freshened up I would say. Wonderful write, thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a great way to use a 30 minute break :)

    Rebel xox

  3. A lot can happen in 30 minutes!