Friday, June 28, 2013

Serving Part II

Something for the weekend

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called 'Serving' some people took me to task because it ended abruptly as things were starting to get warmed up. At the time I promised a follow up. And so here it is. Better late than never right?

Declan didn't hesitate. He bent down and tasted her more deeply with a long slow stroke of his tongue, Alyssa responded with a small moan. Encouraged, Declan tasted her more deeply. He stroked her pussy with his tongue, exploring her folds and sliding into her opening to tease the sensitive opening. Alyssa slid down the couch opening her thighs further to encourage him. Not wanting to be hurried Declan sat back on his heels and studied her pussy spread before him. Wetness glistened around the smooth lips. Declan watched her face as he stroked her lips with the tip of his finger. Her brow creased and her hips pressed towards him hungrily. Unperturbed, Declan continued to stroke slowly and deliberately coating his finger with her juice before he teased her swollen node barely touching it despite her wriggling towards him.

A small noise from the couch beside him attracted Declan's attention. He took his eyes off Alyssa and focussed quickly on Mrs Smythe. She had shed her dress and sat on the  couch naked. Her legs were splayed wide and her finger slid in and out of her pussy. For a moment their eyes met. The raw animal lust in her eyes sent a jolt through Declan's body. He turned his attention back to Alyssa. Slowly and deliberately he slid two fingers inside her, teasing the rough skin at her opening before he returned his lips to her pussy. He pressed them against her hardened node sucking it into his mouth like a penis. Alyssa's whimpers turned to little moans of pleasure. Declan continued to suck her into his mouth while fucking her with his fingers. Juice flowed over his fingers and down his chin.
Her moans increased filling the room as her body convulsed in pleasure. Her hands reached down and twisted in his hair. He continued to suck and probe her before a hand on his shoulder stopped him.
"I think she has had enough." Mrs Smythe stood above him. Her shaven pussy was tantalizingly close to his face. He could smell her musky scent above the juice on his face. Mrs Smythe moved closer to him, spreading her legs, teasing him. He knew better than to give in to the temptation and knelt looking up at her without moving. She smiled fondly at him as she held out her hand to help him up from his knees. In front of them Alyssa sprawled on the couch, with glazed eyes and her chest heaving.

"She really is delectable," Mrs Smythe mused as she fondled her own breast.
"Yes," Declan agreed.
Mrs Smythe stepped forward and took Alyssa by the hand,

"Let's go somewhere a little more comfortable shall we?" She murmured to the young woman.

Alyssa roused herself and took the hand in front of her. Wordlessly she followed Mrs Smythe down the hallway. Declan spent a few moment straightening the furniture where the women had been sitting. He picked up the last of the wine glasses and took them into the kitchen before he straightened his waistcoat and then made his way down the hallway where the women had walked minutes before.
He heard the sound of pleasure coming from one of the guest bedrooms. A small smile crossed his face. His lady liked to think that she kept people on their toes but she was more predictable than she thought. Quietly Declan opened the door to the room she liked to use to 'entertain' some of her guests. Alyssa was sprawled across the bed. Her dress was dropped on the floor beside the bed. Above her Mrs Smythe kneeled. Declan allowed himself to take in the sight of the two naked women. The younger one lying on her back, her hair scattered around her head; her soft young breasts capped by pert erect nipples. Above her the older woman held her fit strong body over Alyssa. Declan was treated to a view of her firm ass as she bent to suck Alyssa's breasts.
Automatically he stepped forward and picked up Alyssa's dress and placed it neatly over the chair beside the bed. The two women paid him no mind, they were both absorbed in each other. Mrs Smythe held a long thick double ended dong in her hand. As she knelt between Alyssa's widespread legs she teased her with the tip. The movement of the plastic over Alyssa's opening made slick wet noises and the young woman moaned a little with each stroke.
"You like that?" Mrs Smythe whispered to her.

"Yes," Alyssa murmured back.
Mrs Smythe eased the tip of the dong into Alyssa's opening. Alyssa's back arched off the bed in pleasure. Declan held his breath, transfixed by the women's faces and the scene playing out before him. His cock throbbed almost painfully but he didn't move. The dong slid inside Alyssa and Mrs Smythe moved it in and out of her rhythmically for a few strokes. Then she moved so that her body was above Alyssa's again. She bent down and kissed the young woman passionately on the lips before she slid the other end of the dong into her own wet opening.
The women embraced, their breasts pressing against each other as they kissed. Their hands travelled over each other's soft skin. Alyssa wrapped her legs around Mrs Smythe as the older women thrust her hips against her driving the dong in and out of her pussy. The smell of their arousal filled the room along with Alyssa's moans and Mrs Smythe's grunts of pleasure.
Declan couldn't stop himself any more. His hand wrapped around his aching cock and began to move up and down slowly. He felt the tension easing a little as he continued to watch the women fucking. Mrs Smythe looked over her shoulder at him,

"I think Declan needs a little treat," she said to Alyssa.

Alyssa looked over at Declan standing with his cock in his hand, their eyes met for a moment. "Yes he was so good earlier," she said between thrusts.
"Come here Declan," Mrs Smythe beckoned to him.

Obediently Declan stepped over to the bed. Alyssa turned her head and opened her mouth,

 "I love the way Lynda is fucking me but the taste of your cum in my mouth right now would be hot."

Declan gave a grunt of pleasure as he slid his cock between her lips. He knew he wouldn't last long but he didn't care. Mrs Smythe increased the speed of her thrusts as Alyssa sucked greedily on his cock. Her moans of pleasure vibrated through his cock increasing his arousal. He felt the warm pressure building up until he couldn't stop himself any more. With a loud moan he spurted his cum into her mouth. She sucked him greedily, lapping it up. He felt a second jet pulse through him and then a third smaller one before a feeling of peace fell over him. His legs felt weak and he had to grip the chair beside the bed to keep himself from falling. Like a satisfied cat, Alyssa licked the last drops of his cum from his cock and then from around her lips watching his face the whole time.

"That was delicious," she smiled up at him. Although next time I want it in my pussy if it is allowed."  

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