Sunday, June 23, 2013


I posted recently about my feelings on BDSM. Since I wrote that post Jake and I have ventured a little further into that world. We are currently journeying very slowly and cautiously down that road and are playing with different ideas and learning our way around that lifestyle and the people who live in it. We have made a couple of friends in the 'scene' and we are getting a feel for what we like and don't like. 

During a long chat with a friend recently I came to understand the concept of a 'kinkster' as opposed to someone who is fully participating in BDSM either as a Dominant or Submissive. My friend was of the opinion that I am not really a submissive which I tend to agree with. The idea of being collared or under the direction of a dominant is not something I can imagine myself really doing. On the flip side though I cannot imagine myself being arrogant enough to truly dominate someone.

There are kinks that I like to play with including being spanked, spanking, administering wax, being tied and perhaps tying, scratching and biting (both giving and receiving). This isn't a complete list but these are the ones that spring to mind immediately. The thing that has had the greatest impact on me as I have read, watched and considered trying is the number of kinks that are submissive. I was dicking around on FetLife a few days ago and in their list of fetishes I came across "being told good girl while sucking his cock" 

I have always liked giving oral. I consider myself reasonably good at it with both men and women and it gives me an enormous buzz to bring a person to climax that way. When I was in the Myers change room with Aqua man he held my hair and whispered to me what a good girl I was for sucking his cock so well. It was the first time a man had ever done that to me and contrary to everything I ever thought about myself and the way I like to perform that particular act I found it extremely arousing. So much so that I pursued this man and sought out sex with him more than I would normally have. I just wanted to kneel at his feet and hear those words again. Sadly we had to go our separate ways. 

Recently I have found someone else that does the same thing. It has the same effect. Just hearing those words of encouragement while he holds my head and fucks my mouth is so erotic. I want to suck his cock and taste his cum but then I also want him to take me and fuck me into the middle of next week.

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