Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week of OHHHHHHH - Nipplegasm

Of late I have had many other less sexy things consuming my time. I apologise to you all for the lack of original inspiring in posts these last few weeks. 

As an olive branch I offer you the week of OHHHHHH. A week of stories about orgasms, some I have experienced myself and others I have witnessed personally. 

If you want to share you own stories feel free to contact me and I will post here or, if you wish publish a link to your blog. So welcome to the week of OHHHHHHH and all the delights it has to offer.

 Let's start from the top with the nipples;

All rights to this image belong to Jake Jones
I am pretty sure I have stated here that I am a bit funny about people touching my nipples. Almost every time I take off my shirt I get told I have amazing nipples. These oohs and aahs of appreciation are often followed by a set of fingers that are itching to explore. My nipples were used for breastfeeding as nature intended for many years. My daughter was quite reluctant to let me have 'her' nipples back and I think this has conditioned me to cringe and pull away whenever I am in this situation. Combine this with an on / off relationship with orgasms in general that I posted about here and I thought that a nipple orgasm was not ever going to happen for me. No matter how many accounts I read or heard of other people who could have them.
Then along came Mr Fix It. At first he got the same drill as everyone else "The nipples are for viewing only. Touch at your own risk!" He is a good by and generally does as he is told. But like many men in this world he loves his boobies. Having something so tempting dangling so close to his face or being exposed for his viewing pleasure proved to be too much of a temptation and he touched. Sometimes he got pushed away, other times he got told "more, more." He is a patient man and over time he learned his way around. 

On night he was feeling a bit adventurous and after sneaking in through my bathroom door to slip into bed with me he gave one of my nipples a nice firm tweak as he kissed me hello. I was surprised as my body responded in the complete opposite way that I would have expected. My insides went to mush and I felt like I had melted into a puddle of desire. I don't know if the anticipation of waiting in bed for my lover to make his clandestine way into my bed made me more receptive or if he just got lucky with the cycle of hormones but I told him later that it was the closest I had ever come to having a straight out 'nipplegasm'.

Since then we have mucked around with nipple play but it has only ever been an appetiser. There are always many more tempting main courses on offer for us to dally with that one for too long. However quite recently when the Fix It's came to visit the Joneses for some adult only time he did linger over the nipple. I am very glad he did. Within a few moments of some very nice sucking and some firm but not too firm pinches from his fingers I was squirming and moaning in pleasure. I felt the excitement that I had felt before but it continued and built up to a much more intense level than I had ever felt before. I felt my pussy muscles clench together and even though he wasn't touching me there. I felt an intense urge to hump something. Then when I thought I was going to turn inside out I felt the release. 

It spun me out so much. It was almost like the time I did a proper squirt. I can't wait until the planets align and he does it to me again.


  1. I am a man with very sensitive nipples and I enjoy having them pinched, kissed, twisted and bitten followed by a soothing wet tongue. I have had one or two organisms from nipple stimulation alone. But swinger wife has conditioned me to cum when we are fucking and she gives them a twist

    1. I do love playing with a man's nipples while he is fucking me. Even better when he responds.