Wednesday, July 10, 2013



This week I have elected not to use the prompt for Wicked Wednesday. This little gem popped into my head earlier in the week inspired partly by a conversation I had with someone and my own experiences recently.

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In the corner of a bar, two women sat snuggled into a booth side by side. On the table in front of them their drinks sat, almost untouched.  

"So do you think he suspects?" Jo's eyebrow arched at her friend.

"Maybe," Emma shrugged. She reached for her drink and took a sip looking at Jo over the rim of her glass. "The question is though; what do you want to get out of this?"

Jo squirmed on her chair under the piercing gaze of her friend. As the blue eyes bored into her warmth spread through her belly. Under the table she pressed her thighs together to supress the shiver that went through her body. Suddenly she couldn't look Emma in the eye anymore.

"Maybe it is more about what I want than what he wants," she whispered, looking down at the table. 

The feel of a hand on her thigh made Jo jump. Startled, she looked up to see Emma leaning closer to her. 

"I think hanging around here is wasting time then," Jo was startled by the lust she could see in Emma's eyes. The hand under the table travelled higher sending electric shocks through Jo's body. 

The two women left the bar quickly and made their way to the elevator. On the seventh floor Jo led the way down the corridor before stopping in front of a door. Her hand was shaking as she slid the card into the little slot before leaning on the door to push it open. Calmly Emma followed. Without speaking the two women entered the bedroom,

"Well this is it," Jo gestured around the room. 

Emma sat on the bed, "Yep it is a hotel room. It has a bed," she patted the crisp white cover beside her, "Come sit here," she smiled.

Jo took a deep breath and sat tentatively beside her. Emma reached out and took Jo's hand pulling her closer, "I won't bite," she said as she leaned in to kiss Jo, "Unless you ask me to."

The two women's lips met tentatively and softly before Emma put her hand behind Jo's head and pulled her deeper into a kiss. Jo marvelled at the softness of it. This wasn't the first time she had kissed a woman. Even so she marvelled at how deeply she could kiss Emma without even a hint of beard. The two women fell onto the bed facing each other. Tentatively Jo reached out and touched Emma's lips before she leaned in to kiss her again. Emma wrapped her leg around Jo and pulled her closer. As they kissed Emma slid her hands down over Jo's back and pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt. Hungrily she slipped her hands under the blouse and ran her hands over Jo's back before unclasping her bra strap. 

Source: The House of Wolf
Jo fell back on the bed as Emma neatly unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling away the bra Emma caressed the firm young breasts,

"I can see why Marcus always seems to be so keen to get your shirt off." Emma mused as she caressed Jo's nipple, smiling to herself as the pink bud hardened under her touch. 

"Lovely, she murmured." She leaned down and tasted Jo's nipple as she flicked her fingers gently over the other,

"So are you ready?" Emma's hand trailed down over Jo's belly to slip into her waistband, "Or do you want to wait a little while?" 

Jo arched her hips upwards and slipped her skirt down over her thighs before she reached up to unbutton Emma's blouse. Following her lead Emma slipped out of her office blouse and unclasped her own bra to allow Jo to fondle her. Jo pushed Emma down on the bed and reached for her mobile phone. Lying down beside Emma she held her phone up and took a photo of the both of them lying side by side semi naked. Under the photo she typed. 

Room 201. We will leave the door open for you.

She pressed send and then fell back onto the bed pressing her body against Emma, kissing and exploring her soft, sensuous curves. Her hands worked down to caress Emma's crotch through her panties. Emma sighed in pleasure as Jo's finger slid inside the leg to stroke the silky wetness underneath. She slid herself off the end of the bed and hooked her fingers into the waist of Emma's panties and slid them down over her legs. She looked up at Emma's face as she moved between her legs, pushing her knees apart. She reached out and touched Emma's outer lips before she leaned down and slipped her tongue into her slick wet slit.

There was a faint click followed by the sound of footfalls entering the room. Jo continued to lap at Emma's pussy, delving deeper into the folds sucking and nibbling as Emma writhed and moaned on the bed. She worked her way deeper until she found her hard swollen node. She sucked the tiny hard button into her mouth stroking it with her tongue. Emma writhed in pleasure, the husky sound of her moans filled the room, and her juice flowed freely down Jo's chin.  Jo paused for a moment and sat back, looking at Emma before sliding her fingers into her hungry, wet opening. At the sound of a cough behind her she turned.

"Well hello," she looked at Marcus with Emma's juices coating her chin, "I am so glad you could join us."


  1. Oh this is very sexy! Made me long to be with a woman again soon!

    Rebel xox