Friday, July 12, 2013

Guests - After Dinner

Something for the weekend

This week's Something for the Weekend is a continuation of last week's story featuring Declan. If you are a Declan fan you can read other posts featuring his adventures here and here

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When the kitchen was spotless the two men made their way into the lounge area, following the sound of laughter and conversation. As they entered the room Felicity and Sophia were making their goodbyes. Halle beckoned to Elliot who made his way quietly to her side where he folded himself neatly onto the floor next to the couch where she was seated. His eyes were downcast although he risked a quick glance and a cheeky wink at Declan who had stationed himself beside Mrs Smythe as she hugged her friends good bye,

"It has been so good to have the four of us together again," She reached out and grasped her two friends' hands. "I am wishing the four of us could have a sleepover together." 

"It would be nice but not all of us have husbands who are so understanding, "Sophia looked regretful.

Mrs Smythe squeezed her hand, "I know, but you are coming on Friday?"

"Definitely," Sophia smiled. "I will climb out the window and down the drainpipe if I have to." She hugged her good friend to her for a few moments. 

"I look forward to it then," Mrs Smythe glanced down at Elliot sitting demurely beside Halle.

 Her eyes narrowed a little as she noted his not quite flaccid cock. She glanced towards Declan standing quietly beside her with his eyes firmly fixed on the floor. His cock rested quietly against his testes. To any casual observer it looked perfectly relaxed. Mrs Smythe knew better. 

"Declan will show you out," she gestured to her friends.

Declan led the way to the front door where he paused to remove the women's coats from the hanger by the door. Without speaking he helped the women wrap against the weather outside, before he opened the door to check the cab was waiting in the driveway before he stood aside to let them pass.

"Travel safely ladies," he murmured.

"Have a good evening Declan," Sophia smiled at him. "Leesa is lucky to have found you."

They made their way down to the waiting cab as Declan closed the door gently. In the hallway he took a deep breath before retracing his steps to the lounge room. Mrs Smythe's glances at himself and Elliot had not escaped his notice. Experience told him that she would somehow have realised what had been going back and forth between himself and Elliot tonight. Experience also told him that there would be consequences.

 Declan stepped through the doorway into the lounge to the sight of Elliot bent over the couch. Halle stood over him with a cane in her hand. Thin bamboo hissed through the air as Halle brought it down over Elliot's butt. The sound of cane hitting flesh ricocheted around the room as the cane added another welt to the several already adorning Elliot's ass. Declan watched the scene impassively as the cane thwacked down again Declan felt his own buttocks twitch. Mrs Smythe did not usually punish with whippings or beatings. She preferred setting tedious tasks or forbidding him from touching himself while providing him with a constant stream of visual provocation such as watching her pleasure herself in the shower or entertaining other young men and women. He was unsure of how things would pan out tonight. 

The caning in front of him stopped. Halle pulled Elliot's collar to force him to stand in front of her before pushing him onto his knees on the thick rug. She beckoned to Declan to come and stand in front of him. Declan stole a glance at Mrs Smythe who sat on her chair watching impassively. She gave a small nod to Declan who then stepped forward to stand in front of Elliot and Mrs Smythe. 

The woman stroked Declan's cock with the end of the cane. Her full red lips smiled seductively at him. Despite his fears Declan felt himself becoming aroused. The smoothness of the cane stroked his length slowly, stirring his cock to fill with blood and heat. Halle tapped his cock gently with her cane and despite an initial flinch Declan felt his cock hardening more. 

"You are such a good boy," Halle murmured softly to Declan. He couldn't take his eyes off her lips as she spoke. Their full redness was mesmerising. She stepped closer to Declan and his nostrils filled with her perfume. She pressed her body against him but he stood unmoving, resisting the urge to lean down and kiss her shiny red lips. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his hard cock moving slowly up and down his length. A long slow sigh of pleasure eased out of Declan's lips as she pressed her body against his. He glanced down and was treated to a glimpse of her full breasts barely covered by the thin clinging fabric of her dress. 

"Is this what you wanted to do Elliot?" she spoke quietly to the man kneeling on the floor in front of them. 

"Yes Mistress," Elliot answered without looking up.

"Look at him," Halle purred as she continued to stroke Declan's cock. Her body pressed against his exciting him more. She rubbed her finger across the top of his cock smearing a drop of pre cum that had formed there. Declan had not been permitted to orgasm for several days. The caress of the woman was exquisite torture. "Is this what you wanted to taste?"

Elliot looked up at Declan's cock being caressed by his mistress. He nodded wordlessly. Declan gritted his teeth he could feel his pleasure building and he worried that he would not be able to control himself. 

Halle bent down and caressed the tip of Declan's cock with her tongue. Looking at Elliot she licked her lips, "Is this what you wanted to taste?" She looked hard at Elliot whose only response was a mute nod.  His eyes were glued to the sight of his mistress' hand caressing the cock right in front of his face.

Halle continued with her torture of the two men, she ran her tongue down Declan's shaft looking all the time straight into Elliot's eyes. Declan let out a small moan as her mouth slipped down over his shaft for a moment.

"Do you want to taste him?" Halle released Declan from her mouth and stood upright again as she continued to stroke. Declan could feel the familiar pressure building. He concentrated hard on suppressing it but Halle continued to stroke him as if she wanted to pull the orgasm out of him. Then Declan realised Mrs Smythe was standing beside him, watching Halle's stroking. 

"Cum Declan." Mrs Smythe's soft voice was all he needed to tip him over the edge. With a loud groan he released his cum over Elliot's upturned face. He staggered slightly as the second jet left him to splash warmly over the face and shoulders of the man in front of him.

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