Friday, July 5, 2013

Guests - Part I

Welcome back Declan for another weekend installment. 

Declan fussed over the folds in the corner of the bed. Like everything in this house, Mrs Smythe expected the guest bedroom to be perfectly prepared. Not for the first time Declan thanked his mother for her insistence on perfect hospital corners throughout his childhood. Thick crisp sheets stretched tightly across the bed as Declan spread the luxurious bedspread over the top and plumped matching pillows. He stepped back and checked the room fastidiously to see if he had missed anything. Once he was satisfied he allowed himself a few moments to admire his handiwork before he turned to make his way to the dining room. 

Mrs Smythe had been very specific about the preparations for this evening. The guests were three of her oldest and closest friends. Declan had met Sophia and Felicity at other gatherings that his lady had held. He was comfortable with them but Halle Grey was unfamiliar to him. She had been living abroad for several years and the last time Mrs Smythe had seen her in person was well before Declan and she had met. This was the woman who was to occupy the guest room that Declan had just prepared so carefully. Her and her companion would be staying with them for a week. The mention of the companion, Elliot, had piqued Declan's interest. Unlike Mrs Smythe, Halle was unmarried. Not much detail had been given about Elliot except that he would be expected to help Declan with the serving that evening, the same rules applied to Elliot as Declan in that regard. With everything else Elliot was to be under the direction of Halle. 

Halle arrived without incident and Declan was introduced to Elliot. As he had been told Elliot presented in the kitchen dressed in a waistcoat similar to Declan's. There was not much time for socialising. Declan explained where everything was and how Mrs Smythe liked things to be presented. Then it was time to serve dinner and drinks to the ladies. The dinner went smoothly. Four elegantly dressed women chatted and laughed as the two boys unobtrusively ensured that glasses were filled and plates were removed promptly. Declan loved this part of his job, being able to cater to his Lady's needs promptly gave him more satisfaction that anything he had ever done. 

Having someone to help him was not unusual to Declan but not being directly in control of his helpers was something he wasn't used to. Something else he wasn't used to was the obvious way that Elliot seemed to be checking him out. Even though he didn't say anything Declan noticed Elliot looking at his cock more than once. What surprised him even more was his own reaction. It excited him that another man appeared to desire him. Once or twice Declan even found himself looking at Elliot, wondering what his cock would feel like in his hand and even his mouth. His cock stirred and Declan felt the beginnings of an erection. Across the table Elliot must have noticed and gave a tiny smirk. Declan couldn't be sure but he thought he noticed Elliot's cock growing as well. 

Back in the kitchen Declan placed coffee cups on a tray as Elliot made a pot of coffee. As he passed by Elliot brushed against Declan. A tingle went up his thigh as the feeling of bare cock seemed to burn into him. Despite his best efforts to hide his reaction he felt his cock stiffening. 

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"If my Lady allows I would love to taste you," Elliot whispered in his ear before the pair of them carried the coffee things into the dining room. 

As he tried to focus on serving coffee Declan could feel his erection between his legs. None of the ladies seemed to notice or pay any attention, until he came to Mrs Smythe. Their eyes met for the briefest of seconds, long enough for Declan to notice her slightly arched eyebrow. 

"I must say I am impressed by the standard of service tonight. It is definitely hard to get good help sometimes." Felicity smiled at her friend. Mrs Smythe looked from Declan to Elliot standing beside him. Declan's butt cheeks twitched. He knew that any transgression would be punished. 

The women took their coffee into the lounge area leaving Declan and Elliot to clear away the table. The worked quietly removing plates, cutlery and table cloths. In the kitchen Declan began to stack the dishwasher. He paused as he felt a pair of hands stroking his ass.

"I do love a good ass," Elliot murmured in appreciation. 

Declan did not reply. The look his lady had given him as he served her coffee was still firmly implanted in his mind. When he straightened up to take some dishes from the tray Elliot moved closer. He pressed his hard cock against Declan's butt cheek and reached around to grasp Declan's erection. 

"I know you want to feel my mouth on you." Elliot's voice was hot in his ear.
Declan took a deep breath to steady himself against the feeling of the hand stroking his cock.
"My lady has not given me permission," his voice was quiet, his hands were braced against the bench as he resisted the urge to reciprocate. 

Elliot removed his hand, "Of course," he murmured looking chastened. Declan stood for a few moments breathing heavily, calming his desire before he continued with his task.

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